Freelance IT Engineers: Infrastructure engineers will lose their jobs to AI The future


This article explains the possibility that infrastructure engineers will lose their jobs and skills to AI in the future. As new technologies emerge, engineers must learn and adapt. However, it is said that engineers may lose their jobs due to AI. AI may come to take over IT jobs themselves.

What is an infrastructure engineer? What is an infrastructure engineer? What kind of work is involved?

Infrastructure engineers handle the parts that form the foundation of IT services, such as servers and networks. Therefore, we handle the setup and operation for providing IT services. In the future, there is a possibility that things will change after the AI revolution occurs. Currently, if you search for a job online, you can obtain qualifications and get a job even if you have no experience, but this trend may change in the future depending on the project. For your reference, I will introduce the job details below. Although it is wide, it can be divided into two main parts.

Design and construction

When creating an IT system, we interview the client and listen to their requests, and formulate a specific plan that includes the selection of IT equipment, the required number of IT devices, the budget, and the operation method according to the request. The people in charge of construction procure equipment according to the design documents, and perform work such as connection, wiring, and setting work.


Regular work and alert response occur in the work of managing the system to operate stably 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Also, in this phase, it is necessary to monitor the system that is running all the time, so there is also a night shift. Routine work and version upgrade work are also required for the system to operate normally.

What will the future hold for infrastructure engineers?

The future of infrastructure engineers is bright. This is because, like development engineers, there is a serious shortage of infrastructure engineers. The labor shortage is expected to reach 800,000 by 2030. On the other hand, the demand is increasing, so it is said that it will be safe in the future. Therefore, just like programmers and system engineers, it is safe to say that the jobs of infrastructure engineers will not disappear. Furthermore, there is a possibility that the labor shortage will progress more than expected, so there is a possibility that the treatment will be better than now.


Infrastructure engineers such as network engineers and server engineers are required to be cloud-ready. All companies are promoting this, so knowledge is required. Regardless of whether you find a job, change jobs, or become a freelancer, this knowledge is commonly required. Acquiring this knowledge is the focus and method to be able to do without problems in the future. If you only do simple tasks, you will be swept up in the flow of automation and lose your job.

career development

In the case of infrastructure engineers, their career will not improve no matter how many years they continue working as a monitoring operator, which is the lowest level. Depending on the type of job, it is important to acquire specialized skills such as security, server construction, and network construction. This is the same for any other type of recruitment; to be successful, you need to have the technical ability to solve customer problems and satisfy them.

If you are unsure, seek career advice

Career change agents and freelance agents also accept free consultations. Although it is not necessary for IT infrastructure workers to acquire visible language skills such as Python like programmers, there is a lot to learn, and personal growth is essential even if you start in support work. If you have any doubts about your career, please consult with us.

Infrastructure engineers will lose their jobs to AI

Infrastructure engineers may lose their jobs. However, being deprived may depend on the following conditions: Technological innovations are constantly occurring in the industry, so as long as you have programming skills, you won’t have much of a problem. The easier the work and environment, the more likely the roles will be replaced. Learning technology is the secret to living in the future. It is important to acquire and improve skills that can compete with artificial intelligence.

easy job

This has nothing to do with infrastructure engineers; simple jobs will be taken over by AI. Jobs like surveillance operators, where you can work without any skills or experience, are very dangerous. Jobs like this that are easy and can be automated quickly are very dangerous. Be careful if you are working with tools or only providing simple support. If the field of activity is extremely limited, it is a red flag. They will be influenced by AI, and problems will be solved by AI.

other work

There is no possibility that AI will take away jobs that require a certain amount of experience or skills. The main job of an infrastructure engineer is to convert the various requests that users are asking for into a strict processing procedure called a program. It is impossible for AI to do a job where such requests change depending on the client.

No matter how much the technology develops, how to realize the request is a work that can only be done by a person with an ego. Infrastructure engineers are required to think about what they want and what the needs of the world are, and how they can satisfy the client.

Field experience

No matter how much AI’s processing power is higher than that of humans, analog support is essential. Field experience is always helpful. Surprisingly, there are many skills that can only be used in the field, such as communication skills and problem-solving skills. Try to do as many tasks as possible. As a result, experience tends to work better than AI.

future infrastructure engineer

Management skills are required for infrastructure engineers in the future. As I said above, AI does not take care of how the client’s wishes are realized. If you acquire the negotiation skills to coordinate and the management skills to supervise the development team, there is a possibility that you will have more work in the future, not less.

This ability applies not only to infrastructure engineers, but also to programmers and system engineers. As long as AI does not have an ego, it will not be replaced.

Become a freelancer

There is a huge shortage of infrastructure engineers, so there are a lot of people working as freelancers. You can expect very good pay, so it might be a good idea to aim for freelance work in the future. It would be a good idea to register for a trial. We cover a wide range of fields, so please apply when you have time. You will be able to work with a wide range of cutting-edge technologies.