Freelance IT engineer: Emily Engineer’s characteristics, reviews and reputation, thorough explanation of advantages and disadvantages

Emily Engineer is one of the freelance agents and introduces many projects for IT engineers. The feature is that there are many projects with relatively high unit prices, but the number of projects may be a little less than others. However, there are many jobs that can make a lot of money, so you should consider registering.

Freelance IT Engineer: Tecgate Features, Reviews and Reputation

Techgate will be an IT engineer's agent in Osaka. This company will be a freelance agent, but since it also supports emp...

Freelance IT Engineer: Features, reviews and reputation of Ability Cloud Project explanation

Ability Cloud will be a freelance agent that is not well known to freelance engineers. Since the operating company itself has just been established, it is not a very famous agent, but it is highly recommended for experienced engineers and consultants because there are so many high-priced projects.

Freelance IT engineer: Features, reviews and reputation of Techfuri Project explanation

Techfri is a freelance agent with a large number of projects. He holds more than 10,000 projects at any given time, and he is an agent who is very familiar with not only development but also infrastructure. Therefore, if you want to work as a freelance engineer, we recommend that you work with Techfri.

Freelance IT Engineer: Features of Freddy


Freelance IT engineer: Midworks has jobs for people in their 40s and 50s? Recruitment of mid-career to senior engineers

Midworks is a freelance agent specializing in IT engineers. Midworks offers a wide range of welfare services, including compensation guarantee services, leisure and insurance. The number of registrants is also very large, but can middle-aged to elderly people get job offers?

Freelance IT Engineer: Is Midworks bad reputation? notorious rumors

Midworks becomes one of the most famous freelance agents. Therefore, there are many registrants, and there are many users who have registered for the purpose of a side job. There are rumors that Midworks is notorious, so I will tell you the truth.

Freelance IT Engineer: Is IT Pro Partners dangerous? Rumors of notoriety and reasons for no contact

IT Pro Partners will be an agent that has a lot of jobs available for 1 or 2 days a week. As a result, a large number of users have registered, and many office workers have registered as side jobs. Is it true?

Freelance IT Engineer: Leva Tech Freelance is dangerous? Reason for refusal of registration

Levatech Freelance is probably the most famous freelance IT agency in Japan. It is known to have a large number of registrants, but some people have a bad reputation, so you need to be careful.

Freelance IT engineer: Is Mitsubishi UFJ Bank dangerous? Project characteristics and unit price explanation

Mitsubishi UFJ will become one of the most famous city banks in Japan. As an IT engineer, there should be many cases where Mitsubishi UFJ is a client. In the case of a job in a financial system, how much can you get a job for?