Freelance IT Engineer: Is it possible to return to work and receive work orders even if there is a vacancy? Is it possible to change jobs? Recruitment trends


Can a freelance IT engineer who is currently unemployed find a job? I will explain it in the article. As those who have worked as freelance IT engineers for many years may know, there are many events in life. This includes things like getting married, giving birth, and raising children. In such cases, you may have to quit your job, even if only temporarily. However, is it possible to return to society even if a blank is created?

Why there are gaps in your career history

This may not be very relevant to people who have never been married or have parents in their lives. However, for most people, some kind of event occurs in themselves or their families. When do you find yourself with a gap in your work history? You can also leave a blank when your work style doesn’t suit you or the search conditions are not good. In order to sign a contract, it is necessary for individuals to take other measures such as freeing up time to obtain qualifications. Later, even if you win the number on the free management service, it will not be well received.


Many people become dependent on their partner’s income after marriage. There are many people who live a retired life after getting married. However, after that, many people return to work because they are worried about their income. If you have the knowledge and skills, you can continue to do good work, and since the skills match the required skills, you can take on the challenge and respond even if there is a blank.

childbirth, child care

Of course, it is necessary to assume that the couple will have a child. Raising children is like starting a big business, so it takes a lot of energy. It is quite difficult to return to work after that, but as long as you have no experience, it is possible to get a job with a high unit wage while receiving support depending on the environment, and you can significantly improve your skills.

Job change

There are a certain number of people who temporarily switch to another industry and then return to work as freelance IT engineers. In this case as well, there will be a blank in the carrier. If you have a proven track record, the number of remote full-time employees is increasing, and there are many environments where you can work freely. Those who can use Java and PHP are in high demand.

treatment of illness

Mental illness is common among IT engineers. Depression is particularly common, and many people end up withdrawing from society due to this, and many of them end up seeing a psychiatrist. By the time he returns, there will be a gap of one to two years. Recently, there are more opportunities to work from home, and the hurdles to returning to work are lowering. If you are confident in your abilities, there is no problem even if there are blanks.

Is reintegration possible? Is it impossible?

Due to the reasons mentioned above, many people withdraw from society. And if you decide to return after leaving, there will be a blank period, which increases the possibility that it will be difficult to return. Is it possible for an IT engineer to return to work? Industries such as the web and infrastructure operations are not mentioned in interviews as much as I expected, but compared to that, when it comes to system development, there are cases where people forget things like python and javascript due to a long hiatus, which affects the evaluation. . Additionally, in many cases, employees are skeptical about whether they can work full-time overtime or work remotely.

depending on skill

In conclusion, freelance engineers are a position that is easy to return to society even if there is a blank. However, this presupposes a certain level of skill. The skills of IT engineers are the skills that have been used at one site and are useful at another site as they are. Many clients don’t mind blanks because they have highly versatile skills. However, as the skills decline, the hiring rate will decline, so rehabilitation will be necessary.


There are clients who question the common sense and attitude as a member of society when a blank period occurs. If there is a period of not working for a long time, it may be doubted whether you can do it as a member of society. As a countermeasure, instead of saying that you didn’t do anything during the blank period, you need to tell the client that you were unable to work because you were concentrating on childcare or treatment.


Many clients are concerned about their motivation to work when the blank period is long. When the state of not working becomes the norm, even a little work will cause your body to reject it. If this happens, it will be difficult to return to work, so it is important to be involved in some kind of work during the withdrawal period. If you can maintain your motivation for work, there is no problem even if there is some withdrawal period.

Take advantage of freelance agents

However, the latter is not a little disadvantageous for those who have no blanks and those who have blanks. And people with blanks are nervous when returning to the IT industry after a long time. In such a case, we recommend that you register with a freelance IT agency company. The agent company’s sales and coordinators are also familiar with how blank engineers can return, and they will also send you appropriate advice. If you talk to them about your situation, they will be able to introduce you to companies that match you.

There is a blank job offer

If you register as a freelance agent, they will introduce you to various jobs. Even if there is a blank, the agent will select and introduce you to an OK job, so we recommend registering even if you have a blank. If you have the skills you have so far, you should be fine. We recommend that you start with a simple job rather than suddenly applying for a ready-to-work job.

Work from home

If you register as a freelance agent, there are many jobs that allow you to work from home. This makes it possible to work from home, which is highly recommended. It is also recommended that you get used to working from home and try a full-time job. Working from home is less stressful, so it is a highly recommended work style for those who have blanks.

Possible from 1 day a week

If you register as a freelance agent, it is possible from one day a week. You can also say that you can get used to it from about 1 or 2 days a week. Freelance agents have a large number of job openings, so if you request such short-time work or work only on Saturdays and Sundays, we recommend that you register.

If the period gap is too long

Be careful if there is a blank period of 3 years or more on average. This is because there are risks such as the following. Whether you are dispatched or part-time, you will be at a disadvantage. Even if you have experience in design or construction in the past, you may be viewed as having an interest in learning, working in a specific location, or as if you are missing the basics.

I forget

After a gap of 3 years or more, it’s easy to forget how to operate languages, frameworks, and databases. Since it is almost the same as being blurred out, a period of rehabilitation will definitely be necessary. Therefore, no matter how much experience you have, you need to start by regaining your senses.

Start with easy tasks

If you have been away for more than three years, you will no longer be able to work at the rhythm you used to work at. Rehabilitation is required first, so instead of taking on difficult work right away, if you are free at first, try doing simple work such as tests as much as possible. This will gradually change and your senses will return. From there, let’s try languages such as ruby and go, which are currently in demand. I need to start building my career again.

questionable social skills

Is it really possible to survive as a member of society after a gap of 3 years or more? There is a risk that the client will ask this question. Your social skills will be questioned, so it’s best to work as cooperatively as possible.