Freelance IT Engineer: Acquisition of Programmer’s Qualification Does bookkeeping make sense?


I have written an article on whether it is necessary for programmers and system engineers to obtain bookkeeping certification. When it comes to accounting systems, it is highly recommended for programmers to obtain a programming certification or qualification as it will be useful for their work, but some people also obtain a bookkeeping certification. When we think of bookkeeping, we tend to think of accounting, but what are the benefits for programmers?

What is Nissho Bookkeeping? What kind of qualifications will I have?

Bookkeeping is an essential business skill for properly managing a company’s business performance and financial condition, and acquiring management skills. 500,000 people take the exam each year. When it comes to bookkeeping, the impression is that there are many accounting jobs, but that is not the case. Bookkeeping is also being mastered by independent-minded freelancers and those who want to become managers. Therefore, it is the reality that various people are taking the exam. In the case of freelancers and managers, there is a final tax return, so knowledge of bookkeeping is useful.

What are the types of bookkeeping qualifications and exam fees?

There are multiple qualifications in bookkeeping, not just one. The 3rd grade of Nissho Bookkeeping is an introductory level and a basic level, respectively. Once you get the 2nd grade, it will be a material that you can appeal on your resume. Level 1 is even higher and is useful for management.


Organizing organizationtest timecontents of the testExam fee
1st classJapan Chamber of Commerce180 minutesCommercial Bookkeeping/Accounting/Industrial Bookkeeping/Cost Accounting7,850 yen
2nd classJapan Association for Accounting Education90 minutesCommercial Bookkeeping + Industrial Bookkeeping4,720 yen
3rd classNational Association of Commercial High Schools90 minutescommercial bookkeeping2,850 yen

Recommended from grade 3

First of all, we recommend taking the Level 3 exam, which is for beginners. The questions are easy, so depending on your situation, you may be able to pass the exam quickly. In order to be able to take this exam, it would be best to start with Level 3. Try buying books and selling countermeasures. By the way, if you don’t have time, there are also correspondence courses available. There are many effective study methods, so try finding one using media.

Programmers do bookkeeping? Is it a necessary qualification?

What is the meaning of acquiring bookkeeping for IT engineers such as system engineers and programmers? Bookkeeping may not be necessary if you are only concerned about work, but it is necessary in the following cases. Even if you don’t take the exam or don’t pass it, you can acquire knowledge through self-study and study. Recommended for SE users. There are also correspondence courses and schools for learning. This is an area where you can easily study as there are courses within the industry. When you have accounting knowledge as well as technology, your value increases as a human resource and you will have a good career.

Accounting system development

Knowledge of bookkeeping is extremely useful if you are involved in accounting systems. If you study bookkeeping, you will be able to find various deficiencies in system design documents. Knowledge of bookkeeping is also very useful when building a system. Of course, you can gain knowledge while building a system. So either is fine. The more skills you have, the more fields you can apply to.

freelancers and entrepreneurs

Bookkeeping is also very useful when you become a freelancer or a business owner. It will be most helpful to understand these cases when filing your tax return. White tax returns are easier in many ways, but blue tax returns are much more complex, so if you don’t have the knowledge, you may not be able to process them and will have to leave it to a tax accountant. Other than that, if you are a business owner, it is also useful for business management, so it is very convenient as a result. If you just want to study, you can do it for free.

When changing jobs

When changing jobs, obtaining bookkeeping certification will help you differentiate yourself from other competitors, which will give you an advantage. Having Level 2 or above is often designated as a highly sought-after qualification and will be given preferential treatment, giving you an advantage. It is not a plus for an accountant to have 3rd grade bookkeeping, but 3rd grade bookkeeping is OK for an engineer. If you have the money, try level 2 as well. If you are aiming for a position such as in-house SE, or if you are aiming for a clerical position, you will be given preferential treatment not only for experience but also for qualifications. It’s not that difficult, and the basics are useful in practice, so that’s the point.

Freelance agents are recommended if you are aiming to become a freelancer.

As mentioned above, bookkeeping is highly recommended for freelancers. If you do not have bookkeeping knowledge, it may be difficult to file your tax return on your own. Therefore, there are many advantages to wearing one. Or you may decide to entrust it to a tax accountant. If you study bookkeeping and have a qualification, your reputation in business will improve. If you acquire it and can write it on your resume, it will be convenient because you will be able to read financial statements etc.