Freelance IT Engineer: Career Path Concept Is it possible to improve skills through projects?


I think many freelance IT engineers are wondering what their career path will be like. Even if you actually turn to freelance, there are many people who do not want to become a freelancer in the first place if they can not expect anything.

freelance career path

When it comes to freelancing, many people may have the impression that they only use their current skills to complete the task at hand. When becoming a freelancer, appropriate skills are required, but is it possible to further advance from there? This will also vary depending on the person’s skills and aspirations. If you want to work for a company, you will receive career path consultation within the company, but freelancers need to think about the type and direction on their own, which is important.

If you want to become a specialist

If you want to become a specialist, keep up with the latest languages for reference. You can learn a variety of things for free, such as swift, c#, go, python, java, php, javascript, ruby, etc., and there are many types available, so if you use it, you can do remote work or get a side job and do specialized development projects with high unit costs. It will be. Your motivation will increase, and you can advance your career to become a consultant or manager, so there are many fields in which you can be active. If you have time, it would be a good idea to consider acquiring important qualifications that will be of great help in the future.

If you want to change career

If you are currently a network or server engineer and want to receive an order as a freelance programmer with no experience, it would be quite difficult. This is a career change, and it is quite difficult for freelancers. This is because there are many cases where freelancers themselves do not assume inexperienced people, and they assume a certain amount of experience, so it is not possible to get a job in the first place. In this case, it would be better to go back to being a company employee instead of freelancing.

If you want to challenge upstream processes

For example, if you already have strong skills and have a track record as a programmer and want to challenge upstream work such as detailed design and basic design, freelance projects can be fully realized. This is also a job that makes use of the base skills, and from there it is possible to challenge the upstream process as an extra, which is advantageous for the engineer side and tends to be motivated by the client side.

If you want to become a company manager

There are many cases where people who are currently working as freelancers and are self-employed want to run a company. In this case, you need to stop freelancing. This is because skills as an engineer and skills in company management are different fields. When you become a business owner, you are required to take a more rigorous approach to management than when you were a freelancer. Therefore, continuing your freelance career will not fulfill this wish. The overall difficulty level is high, but some people have succeeded depending on the situation.

Is skill improvement necessary?

In the IT industry, new technologies are constantly being developed, so it is essential to improve your skills in order to survive as an IT engineer. In particular, from now on, we will not only be competing with humans, but we will also be competing with AI. The skills, technologies, and programming languages required of IT engineers are changing day by day. In the past, we only had computers, but now we have smartphones and tablets as a matter of course. We must be able to keep up with the changing times.

Is it possible to increase your annual income by improving your skills?

Freelance engineers can increase their annual income by responding to changes in the industry and expanding their range of skills. In particular, new technologies and programming languages have scarcity value because not many people can use them yet, so you tend to expect high rewards. However, your annual income will not increase indefinitely. Freelance engineers earn labor income, and even if they have a wide variety of skills, there are taxes and market prices, so their income is taken into account and reaches a ceiling somewhere. Let’s understand this point.

Career path in three directions

There are various paths left for freelance engineers, but there are three main categories: Do some self-analysis and think about what kind of work you want to do. There are so many options as there is a general shortage of manpower. Of course, you will always need to learn, and depending on your direction, you can find a concrete career plan in system development.


A specialist is an engineer who specializes in a particular field, language, etc. As you need to gain experience as an engineer and improve your expertise, your ultimate goal is to become an engineer who specializes in technical aspects. Especially if you are a programmer, you will be able to add high added value. The type of person who is willing to flexibly learn a new language, make use of it, and make an effort rather than maintaining the status quo is suitable. He is a person who lives based on his own abilities rather than age or connections.


The choice of a generalist is like a jack-of-all-trades. A generalist can have a wide range of knowledge regardless of the conditions, but they do not have the skills of a specialist. However, the strength of being a generalist is that you can work in a variety of fields, so there is no risk of losing your job. In addition to this, if you have experience in a position such as a project manager, you will not lose your job in the long term. You can insure yourself by increasing your practical level.


As the name suggests, management is a management position. However, this position requires excellent negotiation and communication skills, so it may not be suitable for IT engineers with a shy personality. However, if you aim for a career path that involves management, you can expect high annual income. This position is suitable for those who can support one operational project and those who can solve problems and produce results. This is the type of person who can secure a job through connections.

What are your thoughts on career paths?

There are several points to consider when considering career paths. Whether you want to become a field manager or be in charge of application development, there are tips and tricks you can use as reference. I have the impression that people who have been successful as individuals in recent years will lead to the next thing based on these things. Depending on the category, it is important for organizations to repeat the cycle of making their own decisions, making proposals, and receiving evaluations. You will see many results, whether it is effective or not.

own aptitude

Like everyone, even engineers have their own aptitude. Not all people are the same, such as people who like to create, people who like to check things, and people who like to build. First, analyze what you are best suited for and what your strengths are.

goal setting

Freelance engineers don’t have peers who inspire them or bosses who give them encouragement, so if they don’t have a clear goal, they tend to work with inertia, just completing the tasks at hand, and eventually get bored. Some people end up quitting. If you don’t set clear goals, you won’t be able to last long and you won’t be able to develop your career.

market value

Freelance engineers need to know their market value. You need to know how much you can get paid for this job, and how far you can go if you work hard. By knowing this, you will be able to see where you are lacking and be able to take countermeasures. You will be able to create milestones.


Participating in a community can open you up to a new world. Your skills aren’t everything in the world. By meeting new people, you can make new discoveries, and you may even want to try new skills. It is also important to receive external stimulation. And by absorbing the opinions of various people, a new career path may be born.