Freelance IT Engineer: Is it possible to balance childcare and work? mom’s childcare


In this article, I will explain whether it is possible for IT freelance engineers to balance childcare and childcare while working, or whether it is possible to make a career out of it. Many people quit their jobs when they get married, but there are many freelancers who continue to work even after getting married, and even after having children. Is it possible to continue working despite having to raise children?

80% of people are able to balance childcare and work

Hajimari Co., Ltd., which runs a freelance agency, announced the results of a survey in 2022, and this content was published as an article on Mynavi. For the 138 freelance engineers who are currently raising children, can they balance work and childcare? When asked this question, it was found that 80% of them were able to balance both. 82.1% responded that they were able to balance childcare and work. This includes freelance mothers who are on childbirth or childcare leave. Although there is a lot of controversy surrounding child-rearing, it seems to be going well for me personally.

Source : フリーランスの8割以上が育児と仕事を両立できたと実感!「子どもの急なトラブルに対応可能」「育児を前提にスケジュールを組める」 (

It has also become clear that freelancers have an easier time making time to raise children than office workers. In a free interview, we asked, Please tell us what you feel you can do as a freelancer when it comes to childcare.'' 78.6% answeredI can take care of my child in my spare time.” There is. If you are an office worker, you are restricted to a certain number of hours, so it is quite difficult to work while raising children. Freelance jobs allow you to earn money and have an environment where you can concentrate.

Source : フリーランスの8割以上が育児と仕事を両立できたと実感!「子どもの急なトラブルに対応可能」「育児を前提にスケジュールを組める」 (

Furthermore, we found that people who work as both freelancers and childcare workers are highly evaluated by their partners based on their performance. When asked, “Do you feel that your partner (spouse) evaluates your behavior in childcare by working as a freelancer?”, 40% of respondents found that they were evaluated favorably. Masu. Those who choose freelance work are well prepared and can attend education, events, and other activities at the same time.

Source : フリーランスの8割以上が育児と仕事を両立できたと実感!「子どもの急なトラブルに対応可能」「育児を前提にスケジュールを組める」 (

Conditions for balancing childcare and work

In order to balance childcare and work, you need a job and conditions that give you a high degree of freedom. In order to find such a job, you will need the following conditions: If you want to become a freelance engineer while raising children, it would be a good idea to look for a job that meets the following conditions. There are many people who are working hard after taking childcare leave. Web companies are also providing remote services.

work from home job

Working from home is a must for childcare. If it becomes a resident project, it is absolutely not recommended because you have to work on site. This is no different than being an employee. Therefore, it is necessary to put yourself in an environment where you can do both childcare and work as much as possible by working from home. For that reason, it is important to register with as many agent companies as possible and select projects.

do you have the skills?

If you want to work from home and raise children, you need to have the skills to be able to choose your job to a certain extent. The IT industry depends on your skills, so if you don’t have the skills, you will only be able to do a job with many restrictions. If you have the skills, you will be able to choose as many jobs as you want, which is clearly an advantage. If you are worried about your daily life, being an engineer is recommended because you can work even after giving birth, as it is not hard work. It is relatively easy to receive support and assistance.

recommended by programmers

There are many different types of jobs, but I highly recommend being a programmer. Programmers’ job is to write code, so they don’t need to be stationed there all the time. This is a great advantage because there is no need to go to the site and perform maintenance like infrastructure engineers do. Programmers have a lot of work to do, so they are in a position to choose. Even if the period and hours are long and difficult, you can do housework flexibly if you work remotely. As a programmer, you can easily change jobs and build your career. There are many languages that lack human resources, such as swift, c#, javascript, ruby, php, python, and java.

stable job

Speaking of work, it is also important to choose a job that is not under fire. Your body won’t last if you work until midnight every day. I have a job that requires a lot of energy, such as childcare, so I would prefer a job with short working hours if possible. If you register with an agent company and consult with them, the coordinator will prioritize the procedures and make adjustments based on your schedule. Freelance agents can also help moms.

Freelance from company employee

If you pay attention to the above conditions, it is fully possible to balance work while raising children. This is one of the perks of being a freelancer. In the case of a company employee, in many ways, you become a slave to the company, so you have less freedom and it is quite difficult to work while raising children. This tends to be tougher for older companies. A child does not become an adult instantly. It will definitely take more than a few years to get out of hand to some extent.

Schedule freely

As a freelancer, you are not necessarily bound to a certain time like a company employee. Freelance allows you to decide for yourself how to proceed with the work you receive and when to work on it. Of course, meeting deadlines is essential, but having more freedom makes raising children easier.

Troubleshooting possible

Freelancing gives you more freedom, so you can take care of yourself even if your child suddenly becomes ill. Children often get sick when they are young. If you’re a company employee, you don’t have much flexibility, but if you’re a freelancer, you can work from home, which makes it much easier.

Cases that are difficult to leave at nursery school

On the other hand, there are cases where it is difficult to leave children at educational institutions such as nursery schools and elementary schools. The reason for this is that the admission criteria may be different for office workers and freelancers, so you need to be careful. Freelancers are far inferior to company employees in terms of security. When finding it for the first time, look in various places.