Freelance IT Engineer: Is Kokonara Agent dangerous? Features, projects, reviews and reputation Experiences


Coconala Agent is a recently founded agent company. This is a place where not only IT engineers but also freelancers such as marketers, directors, and even designers can use it. Coconala Agent is a service that has just started in 2023.

coconala agent company profile

Coconala Agent is a freelance agent company operated by Coconala Co., Ltd., which operates Japan’s largest skill market. Since it was just founded, there is not much information about it, but it is attracting the attention of many users. Mainly IT engineers, but other than that, we also support creative occupations.

Operating companyCoconala Co., Ltd.
representativeAyumu Suzuki
number of employees
locationShibuya Infos Tower 6F, 20-1 Sakuragaoka-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
number of cases
Introduction areaNationwide
Project typeSystem development, infrastructure, web designer, data scientist, marketer, director, human resources
Telecommuting project
Inexperienced project×
payment site15th day
Margin rateprivate
user age?
Unit price¥700,000 to ¥800,000

Creator occupation

Coconala Agent also supports creator occupations and is clearly differentiated from other agent companies. Designers, marketers, directors, and even HR freelancers are available for a variety of occupations.

Dedicated contact support

If you register with Coconala Agent, a full-time consultant will accompany you. Coconala, the operating company, is a company that develops IT businesses, so they provide technical consultations specific to engineers and career consultations. We are better off than job change sites because we can also negotiate your desired conditions, such as remote work or side jobs.

Unknown number of cases

Coconala Agent has just started, so we don’t know how many cases there are yet. Since the number of cases has not been disclosed, it is still unclear how much the number of cases handled will increase in the future.

no welfare

At other freelance agents, even freelancers can receive the same benefits as full-time employees, but Coconala Agent does not. If you want to receive benefits, let’s refer to other freelance agents.

Coconala evaluation and data linkage

Evaluations from companies on Coconala Agent are linked to Coconala. If you get a good evaluation at Coconala Agent, your evaluation at Coconala will also increase, so it will be easier for you to get projects at Coconala.

Characteristics of Coconara Agent projects

Coconala Agent introduces projects with the following characteristics. If you are considering free registration from now on, I hope you can refer to it.


Projects for IT engineers

Coconara Agent handles various types of jobs, but the most common one is obviously for IT engineers. Since there is a lot of high-paying work, I think it’s quite satisfying from an engineer’s perspective. There are also opportunities for independent work such as product managers, marketers, and consultants. My impression is that there are slightly more projects in Tokyo, Osaka, and Fukuoka. For some people, getting a job may be better.

Projects for inexperienced people

Coconala Agent has not been established yet, but there are almost no projects for inexperienced people. It can be difficult to get a job offer if you have no work experience. Jobs for immediate force account for most. Some people are in their 20s, but the majority are a little older.

Project type

Many of Coconara Agent’s projects are outsourced and run on a monthly basis. At Coconara, on the contrary, we mainly handle one-off projects that can be contracted out on an hourly or results-based basis. There are better jobs than crowdsourcing and Lancers. It seems that the annual income is likely to be average or below.

full-time work

In the case of Coconala Agent, there are many full-time jobs about 5 days a week, so it is a site suitable for people who want to earn a lot. In the case of Coconala, you can outsource work based on results without being bound by time.

Coconala agent payment site

The payment site closes on the 15th of the following month, so I think this is relatively early. For foreigners who have just arrived in Japan and have no income, or those who want money right away, we recommend registering with multiple agents. However, in the case of Coconara Agent, payment is quite fast, so there are few places faster than here.

Coconara agent reviews and reputation

I tried to gather reviews and ratings online. There were many opinions such as the following. Coconala Agent doesn’t have a lot of reputation, but I hope you can refer to the following opinions.


Direct projects from companies

Coco Nala Agent has direct requests from companies to users. This means that you are not exploited by a middle-man or obscure company. Therefore the unit price is high.

One-off and monthly operation

Coconala Agent offers one-time projects and monthly contract projects, so it is an agent that can be recommended not only for full-time freelancers but also for full-time employees.

few rivals

Coconala Agent will be an agent founded in January 2023. There are still many people who don’t know of its existence, so now is also a chance to get a good deal.

No projects for inexperienced people

If anything, Coconala Agent has a lot of projects for immediate force. Therefore, if you are a completely inexperienced beginner, it is difficult to receive an order for work.

lots of high paying jobs

Since Coconala Agent does not involve intermediary companies, it is characterized by many jobs with high unit prices. Skilled engineers can also receive orders for high-cost jobs and earn a lot.

Author’s experience

From here on, I will write about my experience using Engineer Factory and the actual introduction situation, so I hope that those who are considering registering can refer to it.


Registration interview

Coconara Agent can be used completely free of charge, and you can use all case support services after registering as a member. Therefore, there are no interviews. Registered users can immediately start looking for a job without having to continue. We can also negotiate terms. By matching, you will be able to have an interview.

Project introduction

Looking at agents as a whole, there are many high unit price projects. The project will be introduced along the registration form. The chances of getting the job you apply for are not 100%, so it’s better to apply for more than one job. Therefore, we do not recommend submitting only one application. It is better to consider including anti-slip. Also, please note that it is NG to apply excessively. In addition, it is also NG to apply for the same project from multiple agents. Projects can be contracted on a monthly basis or one-off, so it is recommended for full-time employees to work as a side job, as well as for full-time freelancers.

client interview

Client interviews are usually completed in one session. The interview format will be a web interview or face-to-face. In any case, plain clothes are NG. Wear a suit as much as possible. The content of the interview will be confirmation of skills, confirmation of career, business explanation, and questions. It takes about 30 minutes to 1 hour. Results can be obtained on the same day at the earliest, or within a week at the latest. There are rare cases where no results are obtained, but this is often decided by the client side with other candidates, so it is wise to give up.

After follow

Basically, there are one-time contracts and monthly contracts, so please check each time. The contract form is basically a business consignment contract. After-sales follow-up can be received by e-mail or telephone. If you have any troubles at work place, etc., please consult with the coordinator and they will solve it for you. After participating in the project, a dedicated agent will follow up so that you can work smoothly.