Freelance IT engineer: common stories and scary stories from the industry


There are various occupations such as programmers, system engineers, and infrastructure engineers, but I will introduce common stories in the IT industry. By doing this, you will be able to learn a lot about the IT industry.

What are some common stories in the IT industry?

Now, I would like to introduce some common phrases and phrases that are often heard when working in the IT industry. I hope that people who want to work at companies in some categories such as games, AI, web, consulting, IT industry, service industry, etc., and those who are already working, will find this information as a reference for industry research. think. Please understand that this is a technological world that requires learning. Please take a look when you have some time.

thought to be smart

If you are in the IT industry, people often think that you are smart just because you work with a computer. Actually it’s not like that, but for some reason people around me see it that way. In reality, there are usually junior high school graduate programmers, but they seem to be seen as very high-ranking people by those around them.

seems to be computer savvy

In the IT industry, there is a strong image that we are always working with PCs, so it is true that people think that we are familiar with computers. It’s not wrong, but the knowledge you use in business is not limited to computers. Some people are knowledgeable like PC geeks, but there are cases where most workers only have the necessary knowledge.

Many people are surprisingly unfamiliar with computers.

In the IT industry, there are many people who have only the minimum knowledge of PCs. It’s a different story if you’re a PC enthusiast, but there are many people who don’t know much about hardware. Instead, IT engineers are often relied upon.

Employment without experience

Many people enter the IT industry without any experience. This may be due to a lack of manpower, but companies often welcome people with no experience, so the reality is that many people learn about programming after working on the job. Many people who change jobs without experience often end up having many problems because they are unable to solve them efficiently.

seem to be able to do anything

IT engineers are often thought to be able to do anything with a PC. People tend to think that they can do anything using a computer. However, in reality, many people have only the minimum knowledge necessary, so there are many things they cannot do or do not know. Especially when it comes to programming, people tend to think that you can do anything. When asked by their bosses, employees often study material behind the scenes in books.

poor communication skills

There are many people who work as programmers because they don’t want to talk for too long. That’s why many people don’t say a word when they come to work. I don’t have a chance to explain, so I don’t know. Also, there are many people who are shy and very quiet, so many people have no idea what they are thinking. Some people don’t want to be empathized with and won’t say anything else until you ask them the next question.

High income is overtime

Most IT companies are black companies, and the pay is often low. Among them, there are many high-paid people who receive a lot of overtime pay. If you work in development, there is a lot of overtime pay, so the reality is that you earn money from overtime pay. Of course, if you check, there are many cases where overtime hours exceed 100 hours. It is also a world where it is quite difficult to continue in this world compared to others.

I don’t know the source of the person’s writing

As a programmer, you create source code, but when it comes to modifying existing code, there are many cases where you don’t understand the reason. In some cases, it is often impossible to contact this predecessor, and the successor will see hell. People around her think that the problem can be solved easily and quickly, but she is desperately trying to find the answer.

I don’t know what I don’t know

It is common for beginners to not understand what they do not understand. There are many cases in which it is difficult to convey what you do not understand to the other party because you are confused by all the words you hear for the first time. So this is a common story.

Unreasonable specification change

The reality of the development site is that it often happens that even if such unreasonable requirements are changed, it will be troublesome. Due to the client’s request for insane specification changes, the number of man-hours increases, the site is confused, and it is usual to be forced to work at night or on holidays.

Delivery is this weekend

When I say the delivery date is this weekend, it doesn’t mean Sunday. In system development, the deadline for this weekend means Monday morning. In other words, there are many cases where you can stay overnight on Saturdays and Sundays.

no problems

If you are doing normal development, you are bound to encounter one or two problems, but for some reason, even when you test it, none of them appear. The worst case scenario is that defects are discovered after delivery. On the other hand, if there are no bugs at all, I get anxious. If a problem is expected to occur somewhere, but nothing is found, the problem may be discovered after release and make the news.

Experienced staying up all night

There are many engineers who stay up all night working on production releases and bug fixes. Especially if you are in a development position, when the deadline approaches, it is common to have to work on holidays or work at night. There are also cases where you may be required to work early, such as early in the morning, due to requests.

Schedules that do not meet deadlines

No matter how you look at it, unreasonable schedules are common in the IT industry. Many people get depressed because they know in advance that a project like this will cause a firestorm. That is why some people flee in advance, because the project is destined to flare up. There are cases where people who don’t usually take a day off may not have changed their mind today.

There is one skill master in the workplace

There is one person at work who is a skill master. In most workplaces, there is often at least one very talented engineer, who is relied upon by everyone. These people have the knowledge to solve any question in an instant, so they are generally given very preferential treatment. However, there are some people who always get it wrong, so be careful.

A company with an old constitution does not become a remote work

Even in this day and age, where remote work is becoming the norm due to security and other reasons, there are companies and industries where the style of coming to work remains the same. This is especially true in the financial industry and long-established companies that have been in business for over 100 years. There are similar cases in systems companies, and companies with many employees who complain to themselves should be careful. I understand how you feel.

Same person for development and testing

Normally, the developer and the tester are different people. However, if your workplace doesn’t have enough people to begin with, or if you don’t have the man-hours at all, you will often end up doing the development and testing by yourself. It is not recommended that the person who created it test it. The goal of the theory is to separate them if possible. Large organizations have strict rules to ensure that errors do not go unnoticed.

Google Teacher

Google is a god in the system development workplace. Google is the last resort for programmers when they don’t know what to do. The method is simple, just search on official SEO. Most problems can be resolved by consulting Google. I recommend it because anyone can use it. You can even find videos and images. Some people look for solutions on social media such as X (twitter).

Recommended by freelance agents

Many people become freelancers after gaining several years of experience in the industry. Freelancing is highly recommended as it pays well. If you are suffering from low pay or are interested, it would be a good idea to register. Also check the operating company’s terms of use. There are no fees involved.