Freelance IT engineer: Can you become a freelancer even if you have a communication disability? SE’s communication skills


Engineers are asked to communicate in their jobs such as system engineers, but they often have communication difficulties. Communication skills are also tested when changing jobs. This is true not only for freelance engineers but also for corporate IT engineers, but there are many people who have communication problems. Is it possible for such a person to make a living as a freelancer or engineer? I’m summarizing it as an article.

What is communication disorder? What kind of disease is it?

A communication disorder is a communication disorder. The definition of a communication disorder is a person who is unable to communicate well with others. This is because when you talk to someone, you don’t get the reaction you expected, which leads to a situation where interpersonal communication doesn’t go well, and this causes problems in your daily work. There are two types of this disorder. When changing jobs, companies also place emphasis on recruitment.

Downer type communication disorder

This is a type of communication disorder where people tend to struggle with self-assertion, are quiet and inconspicuous, and tend to read too much into the atmosphere around them. This type is exactly the type that there are many IT engineers, and most of them will fit here. This is the type of person who has programming experience. Even if you have no experience, you will be able to do this.

Upper communication disorder

Although he likes to stand out and is very assertive, he is unable to read the atmosphere around him, which causes problems in communicating with others. Since I have a hard time listening carefully to what others have to say, I tend to only assert myself and have difficulty playing catch-up with others. This is exactly what happens in the web industry, where people are always boasting about their qualifications and knowledge and are unable to work on computers. In my image, if you talk a little, you won’t be able to stop talking.

Is Communication Skills Essential for IT Engineers?

In the case of engineers, there are many people who have communication problems. To be honest, there are fewer people without problems. However, even if that is the case, it is preferable for those who feel communication problems to be in charge of the following occupations. If you are in the following occupations, you can do it regardless of whether you are a freelancer.


Programmers need the ability to write code, but if you train your skills, you can live without problems even as you get older. Programmers are not required to speak, so you can work without any problem even if you are silent. As long as you do your job, you won’t be told anything. This is not the case with SE. To be successful, you may have to ask questions and give your opinions. It’s difficult to get by unless you understand and talk about what’s going on.

system monitoring

System monitoring is simply monitoring servers that are running 24 hours a day. This may be a very tedious job, but since all you have to do is raise an alert and escalate when a problem occurs, you can work without any problems even if there is a communication wall. However, if the report fails, it will be a big problem, so accuracy is required. Your level of communication skills will not be questioned during your career.


A tester is a job that quietly tests systems implemented by programmers. In the case of a tester, your main job is to test various patterns in a casual manner, so conversation is not a very important position. Initially, many people do this as a side job, but depending on the job site, communication skills are required. This is true if you are in an environment where you manage, make proposals, and check specifications. It’s a good job for beginners in their 20s who don’t understand system development. If you continue to learn, you can step up to become a programmer, in-house SE, or AI field.

Recommended working conditions for communication disorders

If you have a communication disorder, you should want to reduce the chances of conversation as much as possible. Therefore, it is preferable to work in the following environment. For this kind of type, register with many agents and get as many deals as possible. And it’s important to choose your ideal environment.

work remotely

Working from home is basically stress-free because there are no opportunities for physical contact with others. This kind of environment is just perfect, so it’s better to make it an absolute condition. At least it’s clearly better than permanent.

minority project

If you have a communication disorder, you may have communication problems, so it would be good to have as few people as possible working on the project. One person is best, but a project with a few people is less stressful.

long term project

If you have a communication disorder, we recommend working on a long-term project. When it comes to long-term projects, there are many cases of six months or more. This often makes communication less painful, so I recommend working over a long span.

Work without customer negotiation

Those who have communication problems are often those who are not very good at dealing with customers. If so, you should choose the opposite. For example, programmers, testers, etc. are exactly this. Of course, there are many cases where skills are also questioned, but the ideal position is one where you can complete the work to some extent by yourself, and you can continue working for a long time, so it is highly recommended.

Negotiation skills essential for engineers

However, there are certain skills that engineers must have. This is bargaining power. Negotiation power is classified into the following: No matter how difficult your communication may be, the following negotiation techniques are essential skills, so be sure to acquire them.

Negotiation of division of duties

Basically, most jobs are done by teams, except for small-scale jobs that are done by one person. In that case, the important thing is whether or not you can work backwards from your schedule. The last thing you want is to be delayed in your work, so if there is a problem, your only option is to discuss it with your leader and ask them to share the work. It is suitable for people who are working in sales and other fields because they have confidence from the beginning.

Negotiations with clients

If you get to a certain level of upper-level work, you will often have to negotiate with the client. What is important here is negotiation skills with the client. It is important to coordinate schedules with the client, make additional requests such as specifications, and complete the work by the deadline. If you are sloppy in these negotiations, the project will end up in flames.

unit price negotiation

Although it has nothing to do with work, engineers’ wages do not increase even if they simply complete their work. You need to take action yourself. If you learn how to negotiate the unit price, it will be beneficial for you and will give you an advantage. Please refer to the article below.

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