Freelance IT engineer: contract period short term or long term which is better? Advantages and disadvantages


The advantage of freelancing is that you can freely choose the project you want to undertake. However, the contract period is fixed to some extent. This contract period is important because it becomes quite important depending on what you want to do.

Recommended to register as a freelance professional agent

If you are already a freelancer or want to become a freelancer in the future, we recommend that you register with a freelance agent. A freelance agent will do business on your behalf. A margin fee of about 10% is required, but it saves the trouble of running the business. And by registering with multiple agents, you will be able to choose a job from a large number of projects.

Freelancing is all determined by project selection.

When you become a freelancer and register with an agent, you can actually receive job information, but it all depends on the job selection. If you end up doing something you don’t want to do, you often end up regretting it later. In addition, the following points should be taken into consideration when selecting a project: Choosing a project for a freelance engineer is very important and should not be decided lightly. The key is to find a new job where you can gain experience, even if it takes some time. Also, think about whether you can contribute significantly to the skills you are looking for.

short term and long term

A system project has a certain period of time. Some projects are looking for engineers for a short period of time, while others are looking for long-term employees for several years. When working as a freelancer, unless there is a big benefit, you should think carefully about whether you want to work for a short term or a long term before applying. If it’s a side job, it’s fine as long as you can do it, but if you’re a full-time freelancer, consider whether you can earn a high salary and contribute to the service, and whether you can continue to work in the environment.

Impossible to stop in the middle

Once you’ve been hired for a project and started working on it, it’s difficult to quit midway through even if you feel it’s not a good fit for you. It is not a work style that someone else can take over like a company employee. Contracts are often renewed for three months, and if you decide to quit, you can only do so after three months have passed. Of course, if you are planning to participate in a long-term project, be sure to check if the location and knowledge are suitable before taking on the job. If you are unsure, you can also use your personal connections.

If you forcibly quit

If you are forced to quit your job or quit your job without permission, the risk is much higher than others. Once you throw it away, your track record and credibility will be damaged. And the agent company that introduced you to work will no longer receive referrals. Once you give up, you will lose the trust of the agent company, so the risk is very high. Even if you are capable of using technology and tools, people will still look at you as a person.

What are the differences between contract terms?

Projects introduced to the management company’s freelance agents can be short-term or long-term, but what exactly is the time span? In general, there are many long-term projects lasting from six months to a year, but there are also quite a few short-term projects. Since you are not currently a full-time employee, consider at least your livelihood when searching for and securing a position. There are also remote opportunities.

short termlong term
period0 days to 2 months1 month to 1 year
Project detailseasy and simple workprofessional work

Many of the short-term jobs just need to be completed on the spot, and the content of the work is very often simple tests and corrections. And since the contract period is often over in about two months at the longest, there are many things that are very easy mentally, but you have to think about the following. On the other hand, long-term work tends to be more specialized and more rewarding. And the contract period is more than 1 year, and depending on the case, it may be 2 years or 3 years, and it will be in the form of 3 months renewal.

short term

In the case of short-term projects, it is better to work as if you are in a tight financial situation or work in between. Short-term projects will end quickly, so you have to keep the following in mind. That’s why you should start looking for jobs that you can start months from now. There is a hassle of looking for a job while working, so let’s throw sales to freelance agents as much as possible.

long term

In the case of long-term work, there is a lot of specialized work, and there is a possibility that you can be involved in work that will lead to skill improvement due to the long period of time. Therefore, in the case of long-term work, choose a job that you want to do or a job that you can expect to improve your skills. The contract will be renewed for 3 months and will be renewed automatically. In the long term, you can work stably, so you can work slowly and calmly. There is a risk that you will not be able to receive job introductions in the future.

case of contract termination

In fact, there are cases where the client ends up terminating the contract. This is unlikely to happen for short-term projects, but it is possible for long-term projects. Basically, it is dangerous if you are someone who is not good at interpersonal relationships and cannot continue working as a team, or if you are participating in cheap work such as crowdsourcing. Although beginners want to earn money, there are cases in which they are not successful. Depending on the situation, it can become difficult to continue and anxiety may increase.

lack of skills

If the client is clearly holding back the worksite in terms of skills, the client will often refuse to renew the contract. This often means that your skills are far from what the client expected. In this case, termination is often known one month before contract renewal. Even if the monthly income is high, very high skills are required depending on the category. You should understand it thoroughly before preparing for work.

Problems on the freelance side

There are many cases where contracts are terminated due to problems on the freelancer side. This includes cases where work is not progressing due to constant absenteeism, cases where the person is bullying or harassing colleagues in the project, and cases where the person has to take care of a family member, etc., making it difficult to continue work. There are also cases. In these cases, it is common to have regular discussions and reach a mutual understanding before terminating the contract. In the worst case scenario, the contract will be canceled if the employee returns to the company after taking advantage of the services and support provided by the employee, such as changing jobs.

budget shortage

Although it may be an exceptional case, there may be times when it is determined that the budget is insufficient and it is necessary to reduce the number of staff. There is nothing the engineers can do about this, as it depends on the client’s decision. Generally speaking, this is generally known one month before the contract is renewed. I feel sorry for you, but this is not the time to be depressed. You need to look forward to the next one soon.

How to avoid creating a blank period

In IT work, the project period is always fixed. Therefore, there tends to be a blank period between jobs. At that time, it is necessary to devise ways to avoid creating blank periods.

Check contract period

First, check your outsourcing contract. First, you need to check how long your contract lasts and whether it will be renewed. If you think there’s a chance you won’t renew, it’s important to start looking for a job behind the scenes. If you register with multiple freelance agents, you will receive many job introductions, so you won’t have to leave any blanks.

Check project duration

You should also check how long the project you are currently involved in will continue to operate. If you are at a project manager level, you will definitely know about this, so be sure to ask. This work will definitely end once the project is finished, so it is a good idea to start looking for another job before it ends. If you register with multiple freelance agents, you will receive many job introductions, so you won’t have to leave any blanks.