Freelance IT engineer: Demand and future prospects for C# programmers Not popular? Explanation of reasons for high annual income


C# engineers have a high annual income, and if they have good skills, they have a good future in the game development field and are in high demand, so it is known that there are quite a lot of programmers who work as freelancers. So what does the future hold for C#? Is it possible to continue doing this in the future?

What was the history of C#?

C# is a language that was born in 2002. The language was developed by Anders Hersberg, a software development engineer born in Denmark. In 1996, he moved to Microsoft. Then he developed this C#. C# is a language created by Microsoft.

As you can easily imagine from its name, C# was originally derived from the C language, so we designed it based on the C language. Taking advantage of the characteristics of the C language, which has great versatility, it is now used in a wide range of situations, starting with business applications. Since C# is used in various situations such as smartphone applications, desktop applications, web applications, etc., the amount of work has become quite large, and many engineers have been born.

What are the characteristics of C#?

Explains the features and contents of C#. There are many jobs where advanced technology can be utilized to a great extent, including large-scale game development. By learning ruby, javascript, etc., you can increase your market value and have the possibility of receiving orders under a wide range of conditions. When building your career, we recommend that you not only gain project experience and learn about platforms, but also make time to acquire qualifications. Since there is a shortage of supply in the market, there are many people who find jobs through free services and are successful compared to other companies.


C# incorporates object orientation. Object orientation is a way of thinking that can also be seen in C++, which is the base of C#, and Java. Programming languages that use object orientation do not affect other programs when adding or modifying programs. There is a library and we will make full use of it. It is essential for your goal. Compared to trendy development such as Android, there is more development on traditional Windows.


Java and C# are very similar. It has a wide range of grammar and types, and has characteristics that are very similar to Java. If you learn Java in advance, you will be able to learn Java much more smoothly. Once they acquire advanced skills, they also try their hand at difficult fields such as Kotlin, AI, and product development. Working well as a team may be the secret to success.

For beginners

C# is one of the simplest software programming languages and is easy for beginners to use. Since C# is a language developed by Microsoft, its development is supported by tools provided by Microsoft. Therefore, even beginners in programming can easily get used to it. Many people can also do VBA. Some remote work has also been introduced.

C# Average Salary

How much can a C# programmer earn annually? Take a look at the summary below. This is the average annual income for all programmers by type of employment. Salaryman programmers should be able to understand that it is surprisingly low. However, if you become a freelancer, your salary will increase significantly.

Source : 求人ボックス

As I said above, C# is in extremely high commercial demand, and the unit price is also high. Monthly income is often around 500,000 to 700,000, and in terms of annual income, it is fully possible to aim for 7 million or more. Therefore, if you have a lot of practical experience, you can earn more by becoming a freelancer. On the other hand, it is expected that the unit price will probably be significantly reduced for those who are inexperienced or have little practical experience.

The future of C# programmers

C# is said to be safe in the future. This is because of the following reasons. Skills are necessary to build an important career, but learning a variety of the latest technologies is recommended. In the future, specialized skills will be increasingly required. Let’s catch up with the demands of the field, such as app development, to improve your skills.

Compatible with multiple platforms

C# was developed by Microsoft and was a programming language for Windows, but it can also be used on MacOS. As a result, it is now being used not only by Windows users but also by a wide range of engineers.

Compatible with Windows

C# is developed by Microsoft, so it is very compatible with Windows. Many major companies are using Windows, and the number will continue to increase. The market value of C# will increase accordingly. There are also people who have gained useful experience by self-studying themselves in fields such as robots and smartphones, and they tend to dabble in various fields. In addition, many are also compatible with open source OS such as Linux.

game industry

C# has a strong image of being used for business applications, but in recent years the game industry has started using C# for development. Looking at job openings related to Unity, the world’s No. 1 game engine, there are many cases where they are recruiting a wide range of people with C# experience. This trend is expected to continue in the future. If you’re interested, try any of the details or types.

What skills do you need?

To work as a freelance C# programmer, you will need at least the following skills: The difficulty level of the basic part is not that high. Of course, it is important to learn and understand upstream processes in order to advance your career. In addition to coding, it is even better if you gain experience as a team leader and, depending on the category, obtain a national qualification from the Information-technology Promotion Agency.

Windows application development experience

As I explained above, C# and Windows are very compatible. Engineers with development experience in Microsoft’s development environment will be more likely to be evaluated. If you have experience developing in VB, it would be a good idea to appeal to them as well.

Knowledge of business systems

Since C# is often used in business system development projects, those with knowledge are often given preferential treatment. If you also have business knowledge of a specific industry such as retail or manufacturing, you tend to be more evaluated.

Experience with Visual Studio

Visual Studio is often used to develop business systems and smartphone applications in C#. Having this experience will basically make it easier to get hired. It’s good to have specialized technology. Furthermore, if you can master areas such as swift and go, it will add even more value to your business. Depending on their age, some people try to advance their careers through school.

Experience with Unity

In recent years, the demand for C# has increased significantly in the game industry. If you have experience with Unity, you will have a significant advantage and will be more likely to be hired. If you have an environment where you can put it into practice in your own project, give it a try. You can accumulate achievements and increase your income.

Demand for C# programmers

C# programmers are in very high demand. Since the amount of work is the same as popular languages ​​such as PHP and Java, people with experience can get enough work. In that case, we recommend using a freelance agent. With multiple registrations, you will never run out of work.

Java or Python

Although C# is an attractive programming language, Java and Python are more popular when looking at global demand. Therefore, although C# is still in high demand, it cannot be said to be the most popular language.

not compatible

This is likely to have an impact on the future of C#, but there are some points that are inherently incompatible. Although C# belongs to the C family of languages such as C and C++, the languages are not compatible. They cannot coexist.

high cost

In order to build a C# development environment, it is essential to purchase Visual Studio. The high cost of implementation is a cause for concern.