Freelance IT Engineer: Demand and future prospects for database engineers Explanation of future career path and qualifications


We will explain the future potential, demand, and job content of database engineers. Database engineers are known to have relatively high salaries compared to other IT engineers, so many people change careers. So, how much does a database engineer make?

database engineer annual salary

According to Midworks, the annual salary of database engineers is relatively high. In the case of a database engineer, the salary is about 5 to 10 million yen, which depends on the skill, but you can see that it is high. However, skills are important for database engineers, so annual income will change as much as you want depending on your skills. So it’s up to the engineer here. If you don’t have enough skills, you will be able to create a situation where your income is not stable in the first place.

Source : Midworks

Also, this trend is not limited to database engineers, but all engineers, but once you reach the age of 50 when your skills reach the level of proficiency, your annual income increases. By the time you reach your 50s, you will find that you are at the peak of your annual income. This shows that skills are important for IT engineers. In the middle generation, some people use their experience to become consultants, but what is important is how to make use of the skills they have acquired as a way of living in the future.

Experience in infrastructure field

Currently, it is even more useful if you can become a network engineer. In general, it will be easier to receive evaluations that indicate that you can do well in the infrastructure field in general. The unit price goes up, and so does the market value. It is even better if you have a qualification such as the database specialist exam. You can search for jobs advantageously from a wide variety of positions and projects. It would be a waste to end up just being in charge of support. If you go to a major domestic company, there are many jobs where you can utilize your specialized skills.

Programming language knowledge

If I could add value, it would be knowledge of basic programming languages. Depending on your aptitude and ambition, you may be able to develop systems in the latest fields such as Java or Python, or you may be able to work in a wide variety of ways. There is always a shortage of human resources, so you can increase your value as a human resource in business and play an active role. Let’s increase the skills and environment for constantly collecting and handling information on the web. This will be useful as the market value will increase and the conditions for finding a job will improve.

Manager experience

Basic project manager experience will be preferred as it will allow you to utilize your specialized knowledge. Salaries tend to be high for this role. If you can manage, you will be able to handle difficult consultations and negotiations. If you can come up with new proposals, a career in consulting will of course open up in the future. Although there are few essential skills such as tools and languages, there are many recruitments, so it is worth considering. This course is suitable for those who want to succeed in business management rather than learning specialized practices and processes.

Characteristics of the job of a database engineer

Freelance database engineer jobs have the following characteristics: Whether you change jobs through a job change service or become independent, the following points are always required. The skills that companies are looking for include security, system construction and maintenance in projects, and the ability to analyze issues and lead to solutions. Depending on the field, machine learning, AI, and large-scale big data analysis techniques are also required.

Work style

The job of a database engineer is basically a resident project. The more this is biased toward operation, the more likely it is that maintenance needs to be done and that a visit to the site is required. Therefore, if you want to work from home, you can say that programmers are suitable. In the case of database engineers, physical support is absolutely necessary, so there is a point where you have to go to the site.

Project type

Database engineers work in three areas: development/design, management, and operation. In development, we listen to what kind of data the client wants to manage and how we want to manage it, and design the optimal database design. Management optimizes the storage server for storing large amounts of data over a long period of time, and performs tuning to improve the efficiency of data retrieval processing. Operational tasks include managing access rights to running databases, monitoring performance, and backing up data.

Job trends

I know there are a lot of jobs for database engineers, but this depends on the agent company. For example, IT Pro Partners has nearly 200 database engineer projects. Communication skills are also mentioned as a common feature of recruitment. Since the information managed in the database is wide-ranging, there are many opportunities to communicate with clients and related parties in the company.

Required skills for database engineers

In order to work as a database engineer, it is absolutely necessary to understand the structure of the database itself. In addition, you can think that “Oracle”, “Microsoft SQL Server”, “MySQL”, etc. are essential knowledge for design and development. Without these skills, most jobs won’t even apply in the first place.

The Future of Database Engineers

In the case of database engineers, it is said that the number of orders for work is expected to increase in the future. This is because IT engineers themselves are in short supply in the first place, and the demand is expanding because the supply cannot keep up. However, even so, the client always requires certain skills, so it is expected that engineers without skills will have a hard time. Please remember that at least knowledge of Oracle and SQL Server is required.

Does it have a future?

In the case of database engineers, job openings themselves will not increase, but they will also not decrease. It is said that a certain level of demand will continue to be maintained because these will be the engineers who support the infrastructure. System infrastructure is gradually moving to the cloud, but even if that happens, demand itself will not disappear.

career path

As a career path, the first thing you can think of is starting your career with something that is easy to operate. The general flow is that after you get used to it, you start designing. After that, you are left with the choice of becoming a specialist, changing jobs, or becoming a manager. From here on, it will depend on your personal opinion.

Related qualifications for database engineers

Typical qualifications for a database engineer include: If you want to become a database specialist, be sure to obtain the appropriate qualifications. In addition to IPA qualifications, there are other qualifications that you can handle and utilize in your work. If there’s something you’re interested in, check it out before you go for it.

database specialist

One of the examination categories in the information processing engineer examination conducted by the Information-technology Promotion Agency, an independent administrative agency. The exam content tests knowledge of database administrators and infrastructure. The exam is divided into morning questions and afternoon questions, and the questions in the morning questions are the same as those for basic information technology and applied information technology.


ORACLE MASTER is an Oracle vendor exam, and although the exam fee is high, it is a highly recognized exam. The exam tests your general knowledge of SQL. There are also grades: Bronze, Silver, and Gold, which are exams with different difficulty levels.

AWS Certified Database

AWS Certified Database is an AWS certification that tests knowledge and skills in handling relational databases and NoSQL databases on AWS. AWS is often used these days, so having knowledge about AWS will definitely be useful in your work.