Freelance IT Engineer: Average annual salary and demand for data engineers, essential skills and future potential of human resources explained


We will explain the future prospects and demands of data engineer jobs, required skills, and career paths. There is a difference between this and the big data data scientist position. Unlike data scientists, data engineers are in niche demand and are not well-known professions, so many people may not know about them. While introducing the role, future potential, and necessary skills of a data engineer, we also asked whether it is possible for a data engineer to become a freelancer in the first place. I have written an article including this.

What is a data engineer? What kind of work is it?

Data engineers create data for data scientists to analyze. A data scientist will perform statistics and analysis using data cleaned by a data engineer. A data engineer is, so to speak, a job to set up. A data engineer is a profession that creates a foundation for organizing and utilizing data. Data engineers have a wide range of work, and handle a series of systems from data acquisition and provision to construction and operation. Therefore, the required skills are also diverse.

programming ability

Programming is essential for data engineers. Programming languages such as Scala and Python are used to process data into a format that can be analyzed and are in high demand. Python is a language that is very strong in statistical processing, so there is no harm in acquiring it. Doing this will help your work run more smoothly. It would be good to have skills such as SQL. If it can be created using Java etc., it can be developed using tools, so it will be more likely to be adopted and will be useful. It also helps in increasing the way you work.

network server design

Data engineers are sometimes entrusted with the installation and construction of networks and servers, so they are required to have the same level of knowledge and skills as infrastructure engineers. Therefore, not only programming skills but also infrastructure knowledge and support are required. In the market, it will be advantageous to search for cloud services, security, AWS knowledge, support, and suggestions. As we improve, we are at an advantage because there is a shortage of manpower.

logical thinking

This is a mindset that is necessary not only for data engineers but for all professions. Data engineers have specialized skills, but the job is to provide the huge amount of data needed to solve problems faced by companies, so of course the skills to think about things logically and derive answers are essential. If you are only able to perform simple tasks such as data processing, you will be taken over by AI (artificial intelligence), so it is necessary to hone your value as an optimal business person in the field of advanced computer technology.

Average Annual Salary for Data Engineers

Data engineering is still a relatively unknown job, so it is not well known. The average annual income of a data engineer is around 4 million to 6 million in the case of a company employee. But when it comes to freelancing, there are more. Since freelance projects have a monthly income of 500,000 to 1 million, a simple calculation would be 6 million to 10 million or more. However, the point to note here is that it is a match for skills, so in the end it depends on the skill of the person. There are very few data engineer freelance jobs overall, so you may have a hard time finding a job.

Demand for data engineers

The demand for data engineers as freelancers is still low. Compared to system development and infrastructure engineers, the current situation is that the amount of work is overwhelmingly small. Therefore, it is possible to work as a freelancer, but having skills is an absolute requirement. If you are inexperienced or inexperienced, there is no job first. Sign up with as many freelance agents as you can to find work. Since the number of projects is small, it is important to get as much information as possible by having the sales representative as much as possible.

The difference between a data scientist and a data engineer

In the case of a data scientist, it refers to something like a general job related to the field of data science, such as machine learning and data analysis. On the other hand, in the case of a data engineer, the job content is different from that of a data scientist because the job is to create the foundation for data analysis. They tend to be confused because they handle the same data, but the areas they are in charge of and the skills required are quite different. Data engineers aren’t the star profession, but they are the underbelly of the green.

Is it possible to become a data engineer without experience?

Data engineers are required to have various knowledge and skills. At first glance, it looks like a pretty tough job for those with no experience, but it’s not a no chance. The demand for data engineers is increasing, and the opportunities to challenge even inexperienced people are expanding. It is difficult to start freelancing without experience, but it is preferable to gain experience as a company employee first. The reason why freelancing is difficult is as I answered above, because there are few projects and there are only jobs for immediate force.

Future prospects for data engineers

There is a lot of potential for data engineers. Depending on the development environment, they may play an important role, and there will be a high demand for people who are skilled at collecting and handling large amounts of data. Even if you change jobs, you can make full use of your specialized career, such as team management, marketing support, problem solving and decision making in business operations. In this way, you can have multiple options depending on the area.


Data engineer is a job with a very promising future. As the use of big data continues, data engineers who organize data are in high demand. As long as big data and data scientists attract attention, the demand for data engineers will never decrease.

career path

For data engineers, the career path is to first become a specialist. Other routes include moving into a managerial position as a manager, or even taking on a challenge in a different industry. If you are in a different industry, you can become a data scientist. Data scientists require a strong background in statistics, so they need motivation to explore new fields.

Data engineer qualification

If you are a data engineer, you should consider obtaining the following qualifications.

statistical test

A statistical test is a test that evaluates your knowledge and ability to utilize statistics. There are no qualifications for taking the statistical test, and there are 5 levels, so you can easily take up the challenge according to your level. Since a background in mathematics is required, we recommend that you obtain university mathematics level knowledge before taking the exam.

Professional Data Engineer

Professional Data Engineer is a qualification recognized by Google Cloud. The exam is relatively difficult and requires a solid understanding of Google Cloud databases and service combinations.

Basic information engineer examination

The Basic Information Technology Engineer Examination is a qualification conducted by IPA. The Basic Information Technology Examination tests your overall knowledge, and by aiming to obtain the qualification, you can acquire a wide range of IT skills and knowledge, such as the basics of programming and system development.