Freelance IT Engineer: Data Scientist is Red Ocean


Looking at Saikin Twitter etc., I get the impression that there are quite a lot of people who want to become data scientists. This is also my personal impression, but I expect that there is some kind of spark, but in reality, data scientists are a red ocean.

What is a data scientist?

Data scientist is a profession that has emerged in recent years, so many people may not know much about it. A data scientist analyzes data using statistics and mathematics, and uses the results of the analysis to provide advice on business content and management policies. In recent years, companies have become able to accumulate a large amount of data, but it has been difficult to analyze this large amount of data and apply it to their business activities. It is expected that it will be done.

data scientist

Data scientist aspirants who stand out on social media

Looking at Twitter and other sources, I feel that the number of data scientist applicants has increased considerably in the last few years. Of course, there is also the aspect of aiming because it is a high salary, but I feel that the atmosphere is quite overheated.

Data Scientist is a Red Ocean

The number of people who want to become data scientists is increasing, but it is actually quite difficult to become a data scientist. This is for the following reasons.

Knowledge of mathematics and statistics

In Japan, there are a small number of humanities data scientists. However, even so, a background in mathematics and statistics is absolutely necessary. This is because data scientists are themselves experts in statistics. For this reason, many people who want to feel like a programmer are frustrated.

the gate is narrow

A data scientist is like a society of scholars. Compared to programmers, the door is obviously narrower. When it comes to data scientists, it doesn’t make sense to hire dozens of people at one company. As a result, the number of people hired is limited, and even if you change jobs, it is difficult to enter unless you have experience as a data scientist in your work history. It’s a small world, so there are many cases where people are hired through connections.

programming skills

For data scientists, programming skills are also required. Some people say they want to become data scientists because they can’t program, but in practice they write code even if it’s not as good as a programmer, so it’s tough if they can’t.

database knowledge

A data scientist will also need knowledge of databases. Since you will be working with databases, SQL is a must. So you should know that it’s never going to be easy anytime soon.

How to become a data scientist?

So what should I do to become a data scientist even if I have the above things? I have worked in this field at a pharmaceutical company, and I think one of the following methods would be more realistic. Compared to programmers and system engineers, there are fewer job openings, so please know that it won’t be easy.


One way is to enter a dispatch company called SME IT. This kind of temporary staffing agency has very low hurdles to hiring, so there are plenty of opportunities. Of course, it is premised that there is a company that has a chance to work as a data scientist as a business partner. It is the most likely, but it is also a black company, so there is also a risk. It is also introduced in the following articles.

acquaintance’s connections

The reality is that data scientists are pretty narrow to hire. There are many job openings, but rather than actively recruiting, it is at the level of wanting to hire good human resources. In that case, it is quick to hit the data scientist’s connection with the connection. In this world, the element of connection society is very strong, so it is more reliable to go to an acquaintance than to go to an interview head-on.

Acquiring qualifications and changing jobs

If you want to apply for a data scientist job head-on, it is better to challenge after obtaining a statistical test level 2 or higher, or a qualification such as Python or SAS. If you do not have experience as a data scientist, you will basically not be hired.