Freelance IT engineer: English, Spanish, French English proficiency required for projects and recruitment


Is English necessary for freelance engineering projects? We will introduce and explain job information and jobs in articles. Freelance engineers may also work for foreign companies. You may also work for an American company or a European company. In this case, it is not uncommon for all specification documents to be in English or other languages. What level of language proficiency is required?

Characteristics of freelance engineer projects that require foreign language

There are actually quite a few cases that require foreign language skills. Experience is often required for both web development and operational services in the infrastructure field, and is often required for consultants. There are cases where we have remote meetings with people overseas, and we will be communicating technical aspects of applications in a foreign language, so we are looking for ways to communicate our intentions well. English is useful for SE when searching for technologies other than Java. We can also provide support to foreigners.

英会話のための英文法 G4C

Business content

Core strength is almost certainly required for tasks such as “PMO for foreign-affiliated companies”, “negotiations with overseas customers”, and “response to inquiries from overseas”. By the way, if you say that English is fine, it depends on the company, and there are cases where you have to be able to speak French or Spanish. Language skills are often required for jobs such as project management and customer support, so you should at least be able to negotiate business.

unit price

Engineers who have both language skills and technical skills become valuable human resources, so their added value is very high. The details of the market price are often about 200,000 to 300,000 yen more than usual, making it very advantageous to acquire. Projects where the unit price exceeds 1 million yen include negotiations with overseas customers and upstream processes. If you want to earn a lot of money, it is better to acquire and utilize language skills as much as possible. You can also make use of your skills in developing tools, etc. If you have experience and qualifications, it’s perfect.

Service system

It depends on the outline of the operating company, but a characteristic of foreign companies is that the time axis revolves around the local time location. If you are in America, it is likely to be American time, and if you are in Europe, it is likely to be European time. Therefore, in some cases, meetings may be held late at night, so please be careful. For PMs, etc., working hours may vary due to management, communication, and system support. Of course, the materials will also be in foreign languages.

Level of language skills required for engineers

The level of language proficiency required of engineers depends on the position. Especially if you are a project manager or help desk person, you will also need strong negotiation skills. Even if it is a side job for which you have no experience, a reasonable level of language ability is required for outsourcing. With full remote and online communication, there will be more direct meetings regarding system development. There is also some translation work involved. As you learn, your average reward will increase. In addition to practical work, if you have additional skills, there are a wide range of fields in which you can play an active role.

management, helpdesk

In this type of job, there is a lot of actual conversation, so you need to have not only good listening skills but also a level where you can express yourself naturally in a foreign language. Since there is a lot of negotiation involved in teamwork, it is important to minimize mistakes in listening as much as possible. Of course, some local knowledge is also required. You can work by utilizing your experience in application development, etc.

programmer, system engineer

In many cases, language skills are not required at the programmer level. Although the specifications may be in a foreign language, there are not many cases where the language is spoken. For programmers, technical ability is more important. If you are a system engineer who designs specifications, etc., there is a high possibility that you will be involved in negotiations and requirements hearings, so you will need to train your skills to a conversational level. Additionally, it would be perfect if you could use python, php, ruby, html, objective-c, sql, javascript, etc.

infrastructure engineer

Server engineers, network engineers, etc. may work locally. In many cases, the person in charge of the client is a foreign national. If you can speak Japanese, there will be no problem, but if you can only speak a foreign language, you will have to respond in a foreign language as well. You will have the opportunity to talk with people around the world during work such as environment construction, operation, and maintenance. In some cases, the documentation is in English.

Benefits of learning a language

For engineers, learning a language has the following benefits: Learning English can have various benefits, such as being able to participate in some business locations and work fully remotely as a team, and increase your income. You will have more contact and interaction with native foreigners, and the basic documents will be in English. Feel free to get started. If you go to school and hire a teacher, you can learn efficiently. There are many benefits, such as being able to freely make foreign friends and watch movies without subtitles.

can work abroad

You will be able to undertake work abroad. Japan is a country where unit costs are very low, so there is no advantage for engineers. If you go to a European or American country, you will be able to get a very expensive job, which is a big advantage. Whether it’s software, front-end, security, marketing, testing, or apps, it’s an advantage.

I can get alots of works

If you can only speak Japanese, you can only work in Japan. If you can only speak Korean, you can only work in Korea. However, if you can speak a foreign language such as English or French, you will be able to receive work in many different countries, and you will not have any trouble finding work. There are only benefits because the possibilities expand.

business chance

As mentioned above, acquiring language skills can be a great business opportunity. You are more likely to succeed as a freelancer or business owner if you take advantage of opportunities rather than doing small business in a small country or area. Consider taking an exam such as TOEIC. It will also be possible to aim for a bridge. Programmers are not particularly good at languages. If you can learn languages such as swift, kotlin, go, c++, vba, c#, typescript, etc., you will have an advantage in finding employment in a foreign country.

Languages in high demand for business

When it comes to language, there are many different things. It goes without saying that English is the most important language, but what kinds of languages are often used in business around the world? If you are aiming to become bilingual in different languages in the future, please refer to each of them. If you can manage, you will be hired for high-paying jobs. Mastering it will be a big plus in your career.



Known as the universal language, English is the most used language in the world. If you have English proficiency, you will be able to work abroad, so you will have a wide range of options whether you are looking for a job or a freelancer, so it is recommended to learn it. If you can speak English, you will be able to travel around the world and have a happy life.


French is the official language of 29 countries around the world and spoken by over 220 million people. It’s used in France, North Africa, and even eastern Canada, so there are plenty of opportunities. It was recognized as one of the official languages at the Olympic Games and was selected as one of the representative languages in the EU. Being able to speak French along with English will come in very handy.


Spanish is spoken by about 400 million people worldwide. Spanish is spoken in Spain, the Philippines, and most countries in Central and South America, so there are many opportunities for success. In fact, Spanish is often used in the United States, and there are many opportunities to use it in the West. Spanish skills will be very useful if you have a desire to work in North America.