Freelance IT Engineer: Is being a freelance programmer too much fun? Explaining the actual situation


Are freelancers really having too much fun? Is it too difficult? I will explain the features as an article. It is said that the number of freelance engineers is increasing too much, but there is currently a shortage of manpower, and there is no hope that this will improve in the future. Freelance is free after all, so if you like this, it’s better to go independent.

Why freelancing is so much fun

The number of freelance engineers is increasing and is expected to continue increasing in the future. What kind of fun can you get from being a freelancer? Opinions will vary depending on your environment, the services you use, etc. It’s more likely that you’ll enjoy it than use your knowledge to change jobs. Many successful people in business are attracted to the following:

to be free

Perhaps the biggest benefit of freelancing is freedom. There are no restricted hours, so I can work whenever I want, which is great. I have free time to work, so it’s up to me. You can choose the time and timing of your breaks and the time and timing of your work as you like. On the other hand, if you are an office worker, no matter how quickly you finish work and have free time, it is difficult for you to go home early. My mental health is affected and my private life is not fulfilling.

easy relationship

When you’re a freelancer, relationships are easier. Human relationships are often cited as the overwhelming reason for leaving any company. Freelancers, on the other hand, can choose who they work with. If you think it’s not a good fit, you can simply decline the job order and it’s over, making it very easy. One thing to keep in mind is that specialized work has a deadline, so you have to stick to it. In order to receive a certain amount of requests and continue to participate, you will have to lean heavily toward improving your own skills every day.

increase income

Freelance engineers can significantly increase their income. As a freelance engineer, it depends on your skills, but it is possible to increase your annual income as much as you want. On the other hand, for office workers, the salary structure is fixed, so in most cases it will be difficult and slow to get a raise. Anything is OK for freelancers. You can find friends, and depending on the situation, you don’t really have to worry about it. Monthly income tends to be unstable.

you can decide

Freelance engineers can choose their own career. On the other hand, office workers are restricted in what they want to do depending on the company’s intentions. The strength of freelancing is that you can take on new learning challenges in order to increase your income. You are free to choose the location and earn money. There’s no need to worry about the content, and there’s no boss, so there’s no stress. The only worry would be money. Some people regret not being able to earn money.

you can decide your own business

Freelance engineers can do exactly what they want. If you are a company employee, you must comply with the company’s wishes, whether good or bad. Freelance engineers can choose their own business. Nowadays, you can easily communicate through the web and media, and you can enjoy your work. I don’t have many worries, and since I don’t have any colleagues or seniors, I have a lot of freedom.

People suitable for freelance programmers

The following types of people are suitable for freelance programmers: If any of these apply to you, you are probably a good fit. The following points are important when acquiring program development projects in the industry. If you are interested, please ask a freelance agent about free consultations. This is a key point when thinking about the future.

who like to do business

Freelance engineers have to do their own sales, but this job is perfect for people who like to work on their own. Or, even if you don’t work in sales, if you have a lot of connections, becoming a freelance engineer is suitable for you. Freelancers require a variety of skills. It is difficult to acquire clients with technology alone. In addition to application development, acquire multiple skills such as communication.

self contained type

Freelance engineers will likely be responsible for sales, work, and accounting all by themselves. If you want to do everything on your own, being an office worker will be a pain. Freelance engineers who have a strong sense of independence must feel very fulfilled. Those who have the know-how and are motivated will succeed. There are also beginners who learn system development at school. If you have fun, you can have as many outsourced jobs as you like. It feels like a hobby, and even if it’s a little difficult, it’s satisfying.

person who doesn’t care about appearances

In Japan, there is still peer pressure that says, “Working for a stable company gives you status.” However, if you don’t care about the opinions of those around you, becoming a freelance engineer is suitable for you. In many ways, you can work at your own pace without being distracted by others. Many people are stress-free and don’t feel lonely. People with high incomes work hard and produce results in the shortest possible time. It is most suitable for the actions and lifestyle of a sole proprietor. It is best if you are ambitious.

Active in improving skills

Programmers need to be proactive in improving their skills. You will need to learn various things such as new languages, databases, and operating systems, but freelancers are suitable for those who can actively handle these tasks on their own. You can also increase your income by acquiring new technology. If you are good at java, php, python, javascript, etc., the unit price will be higher, your life will be easier, and it will be easier to get a contract. Let’s learn how to code. It is important to set goals to improve each ability. You can outperform your competitors in a variety of situations.

Those who want to increase their annual income

If you are a freelancer and have the skills, you can earn a much higher and stable annual income than a company employee. Although you do need to have some skills, you can earn a significant amount of money. Furthermore, it can be carried on multiple occasions, so it is recommended for those who want to work hard. It’s better to use a community to search for something than to search for it individually every day using crowdsourcing. If you have connections, you may suddenly get a job that you are good at.

If sales are difficult, an agent is recommended

If you want to become a freelancer, you will have to do some sales, but if this is difficult for you, we recommend using an agent. The agent will do the sales for you, so you can receive job information just by waiting. We recommend registering with several agents. Recently, I have become able to concentrate on work at home or at a cafe, so it’s easier to take on the challenge. Starting while also obtaining qualifications will lead to spiritual fulfillment.