Freelance IT engineer: What is an evangelist? Explanation of company roles, average annual salary, job content, demands, and required skills


This article will explain the job description of the evangelist in the IT industry, the job description, notable roles, meanings of the words, and current trends. Titles serve as explanations, and are considered to be important for increasing profits by communicating services and products to companies.

What is Evangelist?

An evangelist is a person who provides easy-to-understand explanations, proposals, and support for new development services and products. In other words, regardless of the field, you will be in a position similar to sales or public relations. The term originated in 1984, when Apple created a new position called technical evangelist to explain and promote the necessity of personal PCs and their advantages over other companies’ products. is. Demand for Evangelists has been increasing since the 2000s. By becoming a high-profile role and playing an active role in something like human resources, the objective can help increase sales.

What kind of work is involved?

Evangelists are more likely to be placed in sales or public relations roles. There are jobs such as: Employees may provide various explanations in the company’s business, but as representatives, they research and understand the latest business technologies and explain to users how to use the products. Overall, you can always improve your presentation and communication skills in your career. Talent will have more opportunities to speak at organizations.


I mainly explain and promote my company’s products as an evangelist. Not only that, but you will also be giving presentations at events held regarding your company’s products and explaining your company’s products, support, and technology used to clients who are unfamiliar with the company. Through dialogue, we communicate to customers the value of our products and services and the benefits of using them in an easy-to-understand manner, and encourage them to purchase them. You need the ability to summarize and explain even difficult things in an easy-to-understand manner. The key is to communicate the appeal of your product more consciously than your competitors, increasing awareness and increasing your presence in the market.

Inner marketing

This refers to in-house educational activities and presentations held in conjunction with the launch of new products and services. One of your jobs is to add value, such as brand image and service value. We also use media to analyze and understand the market and find the next optimal theme. We also provide external training and human resource development programs to help our employees acquire clear specialized knowledge and be effective.

Information collection of our own products

In order to explain and promote your own product, you must first know the specifications and detailed functions of that product. You need to know not only the technical aspects, but also what kind of problems can be solved by introducing a product or service. We collect information from ordinary employees and others, and think about how to manage the company in a changing society.

Evangelist average annual income

Evangelists also have a sales side, so their annual income is a little higher. In recent years, there have been many job openings for this type of job, and the annual income is around 6 million to 7 million yen. When you become a freelancer, you are expected to reach a higher level. When hiring candidates, they are asked whether they know trending terms and whether they have the ability to explain things at seminars. It would be advantageous if you had the ability to demonstrate, create IT technology materials, and have experience in management.

Evangelist required skills

What skills do you need to become an evangelist? Generally, the following skills are required: As a specialized consultant, individual skills are of course required. There is a possibility that you will be responsible for responding to information dissemination and a wide range of strategies. In order to expand business opportunities both internally and externally, it is necessary to be able to convey the benefits to IT company listeners. For mission success, not only communication skills but also the ability to investigate system conditions, conduct interviews, and make improvements are required.

Presence skill

Evangelists must explain to their clients why their products are good: Since we have a strong sales position, we focus on the following aspects of how we can sell our products. It is important to actively promote your product and show your enthusiasm. In order to explain properly, it is necessary to obtain the latest information in a wide range of fields on a daily basis.

Knowledge of products

In order to sell a product, you need to know the features, specifications, etc. of the product in the first place. If you don’t know this point, you won’t know what points to make in your sales pitch. In order to increase the number of places that purchase our products, we need to expand our knowledge and know specifically how to increase productivity. As a result, our strength lies in becoming an indispensable human resource that is trusted by our customers.

communication ability

In order to sell a product, you need to understand through communication what the other person’s issues are and give appropriate advice. Communication skills are an essential skill for evangelists in order to have their stories accepted. How can we understand the needs and provide services to an unspecified number of people? You will be required to work like a specialist, such as a pre-sales engineer.

Freelance demand

Evangelist’s occupations and job openings are not so large that there is not much demand in freelancers, but it is known that it will increase in the future. If you register for a freelance agent now, you will be contacted by an agent when the job arrives. Some annual income can be expected to be about 7 million. The number of job openings is still small, so you need to take time.

Can you work from a neutral perspective?

The important point is whether the person in charge can work from a neutral perspective as a professional. It is important to be able to properly learn about, explain, and disseminate advanced, high-performance products to the world from a third-party perspective and perspective. In order to continue to succeed in business as an evangelist, being able to see things with a calm eye is an important factor. Motivation will also be important. As a result, it will lead to new customer acquisition.

Acquire product knowledge

You will need to explain the product, so you need to deepen your knowledge and become familiar with it. In order to raise awareness by educating outside managers and others, it is necessary to know the details of the actual product. You will also need to take the approach of going to specific training programs to gain know-how. You can also accumulate and improve your knowledge by speaking.