Freelance IT Engineer: Are network engineers not good at Excel? Skills required for SE at work


We will introduce information about the Excel skills that network engineers use in their work. A network engineer is an infrastructure specialist. However, can’t network engineers who are not programming specialists be able to use Excel? And is programming knowledge required?

Network engineer who can’t excel

Engineers who can’t excel are probably expected to have a lot of trouble in their work. There are so many opportunities to use Excel even if you are not an engineer. Scheduling, macro tools, and even simple calculations are all commonly done in Excel. It depends on the content of the work, but if you can’t do simple operations, there are many problems. Therefore, if you can’t use Excel at the moment, you must be able to do basic operations before VBA, or you will have trouble in your work. Of course, the same can be said for Word, Outlook, and Powerpoint.

Also used for construction and design work

Excel is essential for network engineers, even if they have no experience in the design, operation, configuration, maintenance, and construction work they normally do. This is because Excel is often used in corporate work to make small memos and detailed flow diagrams. Excel is not something that can be called a technology, so it is not as difficult as acquiring development technology. In addition to knowing server OS such as Linux and Windows, you should also be able to use office.

Skills needed regardless of industry

Excel is a good skill to have regardless of industry. Excel is used quite frequently in office work within the company. By being able to utilize it within your company, you can also be active in other fields. Office software skills that can be used even if you change jobs are essential and highly valued. Let’s learn how to use it, even if it’s just a function. After that, you will use the functions in work such as management, so it would be better to be able to do it in any job, whether it’s a service or manufacturer. I always select the specified cell and perform operations. It’s easier than cloud, network equipment, web, servers, programs, CISCO certification, CCNA.

Network engineer who can’t program

There are usually network engineers who can’t program. You don’t need programming to become a network engineer. Therefore, it is not considered a required skill. It will be more important to have a solid knowledge of the basics of networking. However, if you acquire some skills, VBA is fine, so it is better to be able to use simple tools. It is better to be able to program in order to create and modify tools used on business. This can also make your job easier.

Bonus: Why it’s better to be able to program

On a separate note, network engineers are not programmers, so no programming skills are required. However, it is better to have programming skills for the following reasons. I often do simple programming on a PC, such as in the education of projects in a corporation’s business.

Business efficiency

If you can use VBA etc., you can improve your work efficiency. Automatic tallying with the touch of a button clearly simplifies simple daily work routines. There is a high possibility that tasks that are performed regularly in daily work can be performed more efficiently through programming. Generally speaking, there will be someone in charge of improving efficiency at work, but there will always be demand, so be prepared to respond. You may be offered a job with good conditions.

network automation

Network automation is also attracting attention as networks become larger and more complex. This will usher in an era in which network engineers will be required to come up with ways to automate things through programming. There are many benefits to automation, such as reducing human error, saving time, and simplifying processes. To give a concrete example, even if you manually enter data to create and edit materials, it is more accurate and easier to automate repetitive tasks.


CCNP can be said to be a required qualification for network engineers. This is a matter of qualification preparation, but the CCNP exam range includes questions that test knowledge of scripting languages such as Python. It is essential knowledge in the field of communication environments, and is well known in the software industry.

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