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Free Engineer Office

Free Engineer Office is a freelance engineer agency. We will explain the reputation, reviews, margins, advantages, disadvantages, and recommendations. Free Engineer Office is an agent for engineers operated by Computer Planetex Co., Ltd. There are jobs that you can apply for even if you have little work experience, so even inexperienced people or engineers with little work experience may be able to get a job.

Free Engineer Office Company Profile

Since many free engineer offices have direct dealings with companies, the intermediate margin generated in most projects is low. Hundreds of new deals are updated daily on this agent, making it easy to find high cost deals.

Operating companyComputer Planex Co., Ltd.
Date of establishment1995
Corresponding areaTokyo, Saitama, Kanagawa, Chiba
Corresponding occupationProgrammer, system engineer, infrastructure engineer, designer
payment siteprivate
payment marginprivate
Number of trading companies500~
stay-at-home project
Inexperienced project
avarege price500,000 to 700,000
Number of open casesprivate
Maximum unit price2 million yen

long-established company

The operating company, Computer Planex, has been in business for over 30 years, and we know that this agent has been operating very stably. Therefore, it is possible for lantern holders to search for jobs with peace of mind.

Inexperienced project

Since there is a theme of supporting the career advancement of freelance engineers, there are projects for inexperienced people and engineers with little practical experience. But there aren’t that many.

Over 300 new deals every day

The free engineer office is updated with a large number of new projects every day. Because there are so many projects and a lot of new information, it becomes easier to find projects that match your specialties, skills, and desired conditions.


If you register with this agent, you will be supported by a two-person system of a sales representative and a sales assistant, making it easier to introduce projects smoothly. You will be entrusted with troublesome procedures such as searching for projects, adjusting schedules, and negotiating unit prices.

Payment site keeps margin information private

The official website does not disclose the payment site or margin rate. So we don’t really know what’s going on.

remote case

The Freelance Engineer Office also has fully remote projects. However, depending on your skills and experience, you may not be introduced.

What are the characteristics of the project?

The projects introduced by the Free Engineer Office have the following characteristics. If you are considering free registration from now on, I hope you can refer to it.

only metropolitan area

This agent introduces projects only in the real metropolitan area, and in the suburbs of Tokyo. There are almost no projects in Chiba or Saitama. The registration condition for this agent is that you must live in the metropolitan area and be able to commute to the metropolitan area.

Specialized in IT and web-related recruitment

This agent is an introduction site that specializes in IT engineers, so it specializes in recruiting for engineers. However, there are also some projects for web designers.

There are also high unit price projects

This agent also has high unit price projects. However, in the case of high unit price projects, the requirements for skills will be quite large, so you need to be careful.

Older engineers OK

This agent has many registered engineers who are middle-aged or older. I highly recommend this agency as the age of freelance engineers is increasing rapidly.

When will the payment site be available?

The payment site is private. This means that the payment period will change depending on the work, so it will depend on the work. If you are unsure, it is safer to use as many agent companies as possible.

How do I proceed with registration?

To register with the Free Engineer Office, please apply below.


When you submit the form on the web, we will conduct a condition hearing with Levatech staff. Please let us know your working conditions.

Project introduction

Based on the contents of the counseling, the job introduction begins. If you want to apply, tell the coordinator and the selection will start.


You will have a client interview. The number of interviews depends on the project. Once a decision is made, a business consignment contract will be signed.

Start working

Work will start on the specified date. If you have any concerns, please contact Levatech support.

What kind of reviews and reputation are there?

I tried to gather reviews and ratings online. There are opinions like the following, but there is little information because the agent is not so famous.

Dissemination of agent information

This agent is sending out project information on Twitter himself. Therefore, you can get the latest information of the project at any time.

Support career advancement

The free engineer office provides career support. Therefore, even engineers with little practical experience can receive project introductions.

Author’s experience

From here, I will write about the experience of the author who actually uses this agent and the actual introduction situation, so I hope that those who are considering registration can refer to it.

Registration interview

Interviews at the time of registration with agents can be web interviews and face-to-face interviews. This can be selected by the applicant. For web interviews, please prepare Zoom or Microsoft Teams. For face-to-face meetings, plain clothes are fine. The interview time will be about 30 minutes to 1 hour, and you will need to bring a skill sheet. First of all, I explained my skills, grasped the desired conditions, introduced the company and projects, and received an explanation about employment. You will now be able to receive a referral. At this point you will know your dedicated coordinator.

Project introduction

Across agents, unit prices are finicky and there aren’t that many high-paying jobs. There are not many presentations of projects. I only come a few times a week. There are also projects for inexperienced people and projects for engineers with little practical experience. Therefore, there are opportunities for engineers with a short career, but the amount of work is small, so it may take some time to find a job. It also covers a wide range of occupations, including designer jobs.

client interview

There are often one or two client meetings. The interview format will be a web interview or face-to-face. In any case, plain clothes are NG. Wear a suit as much as possible. The content of the interview will be confirmation of skills, confirmation of career, business explanation, and questions. It takes about 30 minutes to 1 hour. Results can be obtained on the same day at the earliest, or within a week at the latest. There are rare cases where no results are obtained, but this is often decided by the client side with other candidates, so it is wise to give up.

After follow

Basically, the contract tends to be in the form of a trial period for the first month and then a 3-month renewal. After-sales follow-up can be received by e-mail or telephone. If you have any troubles at work place, etc., please consult with the coordinator and they will solve it for you. This agent also provides tax return support, so please feel free to contact us if you are unsure.