Freelance IT Engineer: Characteristics of people who fail at being independent – Explaining precautionary measures


This article introduces and explains the characteristics of people who fail as freelancers and what to do in advance. Freelance engineers are known for their high-paying jobs. However, we live in a world where it is common for people to be fired for certain reasons. What could be the reason? Let me explain the pattern.

Reasons why freelance engineers get fired

There are many cases of freelance engineers getting fired. This is actually not a rare case, but a common occurrence, so you need to be careful. I hope that engineers who want to work in the future will find this helpful. So what is the actual cause? There are things that you may not have known about when acquiring the project, and there are reasons that can occur even if you are an office worker.

due to budget cuts

There’s a reason they say it’s because of budget cuts. Freelance engineers are only hired. Project budgets are often cut. The result of this is that staff reduction measures will be taken. In the case of personnel deletion, there is an aspect that it is easy to cut off the status like a freelance. As a result, the freelance engineer will be in a pattern that the contract will not be renewed and will end as it is. Even engineers cannot take any countermeasures against this pattern, so there is nothing we can do about it.

lack of skills

The lack of skills pattern is a common pattern for engineers with little practical experience. This is a case where an engineer cannot do the work that was intended to be entrusted to a certain job, and the resources of other engineers are also allocated, causing a delay in the work. This can lead the project manager to seek out other resources and terminate the contract of the incompetent engineer. This is a job site that emphasizes individual performance, and if the people around you have overwhelming skills, the comparison target may not be in proportion to your own ability, so it is easy to get fired.

bullying and power harassment

If an engineer commits bullying, power harassment, or sexual harassment, there are many cases where the contract will be terminated even during the middle of the contract. Examples like this are rare, but you may see them occasionally. In the IT field, there is a lot of insidious bullying, and there is a lot of harassment that causes psychological pain. In this case, the offending person tends to be expelled. A project that is completely unmanaged is dangerous. This also tends to happen with busy projects where managers don’t even have time. These things can cause problems in your daily life.

Termination of contract due to termination of project

This is a pattern in which the engineer’s contract ends when the project itself ends. This pattern won’t get you fired, so don’t worry about it too much. You will receive a notification shortly before or after the end. For this reason, companies end contracts starting with jobs that are no longer needed due to service termination. If you are worried about your salary stopping, we recommend that you seek career counseling behind the scenes or get a side job. If you have multiple jobs yourself, it won’t be such a problem. If you have a proven track record, your next participation will be decided as soon as you open the business.

If there is a problem with poor behavior or attendance

If you have problems with your attendance and are frequently late or absent, or if you continue to cause trouble to your colleagues, you are at risk of having your contract terminated. Be careful if there are any passages that come to your mind. If you are unable to show stable performance until the development deadline, you will lose trust and will not be able to continue working with you. If you know ahead of time, you should at least use your connections to prepare for the next step. It will be difficult to continue.

Why is there a skill mismatch?

There is something called lack of skills as a cause of being fired. This is caused by the following reasons. Engineers who are considering working as a freelancer from now on are recommended to take measures.

What happens when you work remotely

When working remotely, there is a risk of delays in progress due to lack of communication. Even if people are showing good performance, there are cases where communication is not good. Problems such as accepting a job that doesn’t go well, not being able to do the job you want, or not getting any requests will start to occur. Having support will be important. There seems to be this pattern when undertaking work through crowdsourcing etc. It seems that there are cases where the service is canceled without payment.

false declaration

This is the first pattern of false declarations by engineers. For example, we assert that we can do things that we really can’t, or we pretend that we have experienced things that we have never experienced. It is a pattern of deceiving the client by overfilling the skill sheet. This pattern is only a development that engineers suffer after entering the field. As for skills, engineers must honestly declare. Mismatches can cause delays not only for yourself, but also for those around you.

interview problem

It also raises the issue of meeting with the client. This is a rare example of a sloppy manager who doesn’t listen to the applicant’s skills and ignores it, or throws personnel into a project without thinking about hiring them for the time being. It is. In addition to that, there is also a pattern that the part of the skill that is essential for work is not confirmed in the interview. This kind of pattern is problematic on the client side.

the interviewer knows nothing

There is nothing that can be done about this from the applicant’s perspective, but there are cases where the client’s representative who will be interviewing the applicant does not understand the nature of the work at the field level, so they will hire the applicant anyway. Then, after starting work, various mismatches occur. This kind of pattern has a problem on the client side. Even though the work is specialized and difficult, the remuneration is lower than the market rate, and this is a constant source of worry. Discrepancies occur due to differences in consciousness and perception of the environment.

It’s important to change your mind

Engineers don’t need to be depressed even if they get fired. Nowadays, there is a huge shortage of IT engineers. If you don’t pick and choose, you can find a job quickly, so it’s important to switch your feelings. However, root cause analysis is required. Analyze whether there is a problem with your skills, whether there is a problem with the agent company, or with the client, and make use of it next time. Even if I get fired, more than half of the reason is “luck”, so I can’t control it. It can’t be helped if it drags on forever.

Looking for your next job

Nothing will happen if you dwell on it. It would be better to change your mind quickly and start looking for another job. There are plenty of jobs in the IT industry if you don’t choose one, so don’t worry, there are always plenty of opportunities. There are also agents who communicate with you every month. Participate actively and communicate. In many cases, they contact me as soon as they find a job through sales activities.

Enhancing one’s health

Many IT engineers have one or more health problems. In that case, get treatment first. Even though the work is outsourced, if the client is worried, the job will not be decided. Let’s get back to working in the market. Beginners are especially slow to recover. In order to be able to work for a long time, physical and mental stability is the first priority. It’s fine if you find a place that understands you, but if you have a serious illness, people will think that you have a health problem, and there will be no place for you to be active. If your abilities are not outstanding, your image will be poor and people will not do business with you.

change coordinator

If the job you were fired from was decided through a freelance agent, we recommend that you try changing the agent’s coordinator. This is because the mismatch may be caused not by a lack of skill, but by a lack of coordination between the two parties. In the case of a skill mismatch, it is a client problem and a coordinator problem. If you can do at least one of java, php, or ruby, you will usually get a lot of job information. It is possible that they are not responding. Also, if you are not good at being a coordinator, you should change it.

Try to get re-employed

If you were fired due to lack of ability, you can try to get a new job or change jobs to acquire new skills and knowledge. Even with python and javascript, you can really work as a freelancer if you have no experience, so work hard for a few years to acquire the know-how. Participate in communities and use them to gather information. After improving your skills again, you can secure a job and earn a high annual income, and if you work with a high degree of freedom, you will be able to live a fulfilling life as a self-employed businessman in the future. If you build relationships of trust one by one without too much effort, you will eventually become more stable as a freelancer.

Continue to acquire skills

Continue to acquire skills. This is the most important. Since it is seen in advance as a ready-to-use ability, it is necessary to improve it by learning a lot. If you learn and make connections, there are cases where those connections develop into jobs. It’s a tough world out there, but even if you start over from scratch, you can always rebuild. Even if you lead an irregular life due to studying when you are just starting out, if you have the mindset to improve, you will be able to get recognition, and you will be able to enjoy your private life with more leeway. If you don’t have a desire to learn, I recommend finding a job. It would be unstable, so being an office worker would be more stable.

Register with another agent

If you are dissatisfied with your current agent, one option is of course to try changing the agent you register with. Although you will be charged a commission, there is a possibility that things will work out better if you register and work with a different agent, so let’s register and start working. There are a variety of agents that offer a variety of services such as seminars, welfare benefits, and tax returns, so we recommend doing some research. You can easily receive introductions by registering. I have a lot of work, and I also have a job as a designer.