Freelance IT Engineer: Can an infrastructure engineer become a communication obstacle?


Infrastructure engineers have the impression that they are more minor than development engineers, but there are cases where former NEETs and ex-withdrawals actually become engineers. This is not limited to infrastructure engineers, but it can be said that it is a trend seen in all IT occupations.

Is communication skill essential in the IT industry?

In the IT industry, communication skills simply mean being able to converse with people around you and work collaboratively. As you can see from the fact that there are many former NEETs and former withdrawals in the IT industry, communication skills are not required to be that high. At the very least, communication skills at the level of customer service and sales staff are not required.

What is communication disorder?

A communication disorder is a communication disorder. The definition of communication disorder refers to a person who cannot communicate well with others. This is due to the fact that people do not respond as expected when talking to them, which leads to situations where interpersonal communication does not go well, and obstacles occur in daily work. There are two types of this disorder.

Downer type communication disorder

He is not good at asserting himself, is quiet and does not stand out, and is a communication disorder who tends to have a hard time reading the atmosphere around him too much. This type is exactly the type that many IT engineers have, and most of them will apply here.

Upper communication disorder

It is a pattern that although they want to stand out and have a strong self-assertion, they cannot read the atmosphere around them and cause problems in communicating with people. Because I am not good at listening carefully, I can only assert myself and I can’t really play catch with my opponent.

Can an infrastructure engineer become a communication obstacle?

From here, it becomes the main subject, but can an infrastructure engineer be a communication obstacle? about it. As explained above, communication skills in the IT industry are not expected to be at a very high level. There is no problem even if you are a taciturn person as long as you can accurately communicate and coordinate the necessary parts. Please keep in mind that the following points are mandatory.


The general style is for many engineers to gather together and form projects and teams. I talk with members of other teams such as the network team, database team, programming team, etc., and work after reconciling each other’s needs. Conversation is required when making this adjustment.

logical thinking

Logical thinking is essential to get the job done. IT work cannot be done based on emotional theory. It is necessary to emphasize rationality and work without waste, and for that reason, discussion and consultation with those around you are also essential.


Leadership does not mean manager. You must demonstrate leadership in your own work. You have to lead the work yourself.

Infrastructure engineers are for shadow characters

Infrastructure engineers are very suitable for knowledge geeks like shadow characters. The areas handled by infrastructure engineers require specialized knowledge such as servers, networks, databases, and cloud environments. Therefore, it is very easy to match with this character. For that reason, it is necessary to have an attitude of “constant learning”, and otaku tend to have the same tendency, so they are very compatible with each other.

Some engineers become freelancers

Engineers with several years of experience tend to become freelancers. This is because freelancers earn significantly more. If you become a freelance infrastructure engineer, you can earn an annual income of 6 million to 7 million, so if you are interested, you should start by registering.