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Freelance engineers are asked this question when they are interviewed for a project. I will explain it in the article so that you can get it without falling. In order to actually receive work as a freelancer, you must meet with clients. The questions that are asked are fixed to some extent, and since I have a lot of interview experience, I have compiled a list of questions that are often asked during interviews.

Flow from agent registration to employment

When you register with a freelance agency, the process begins with an interview, job search, interview, and employment. The general flow of the process is described in the article below, so please refer to it. Agent services are provided not only to engineers but also to designers. If you have time, prepare and apply. It’s a good idea to be aware of your appeal points, work style, career plans, etc.

Is there anything I need to prepare for the interview?

The following items should be prepared for the interview: Interviews for outsourcing jobs are often flat, so they are somewhat casual. This will vary considerably depending on the industry. Since this is your first time, please plan your schedule carefully. Also, show your communication skills so that they understand that you can speak clearly. Next, as you proceed with the conversation, think about the team and ask them to confirm. Steps are important before being hired.

Do I need a work history?

You must bring your work history with you on the day. Your work history becomes your face and is your main point of appeal. For this reason, there are many cases in which you write about your experience in outsourcing work, such as java, php, html, ruby, python, swift, javascript, etc., so let’s appeal to the person in charge by answering this. What you need to be careful about is not just giving an explanation, but also showing that you are interested in the project. During the selection process, it is important to highlight your success in practical experience. If you are evaluated, you may be hired without any difficulty. You may also receive support from the management company’s agents.

What should I do about clothes?

Casual clothing is fine. There’s no need to wear a suit if you don’t mind. In formal industries, suits are acceptable, and in the web industry, plain clothes are often acceptable, so please be aware that it really depends on the industry and job type. When meeting with an agent, it is important to fill out the interview sheet and communicate your desired unit price and other information before signing a contract. If you are working remotely, you may be able to wear casual clothes, but be careful to wear something plain.

Is there a chance it will fall?

There is a possibility that you will fail when interviewing with a client. If you don’t have enough skills in design, development, or functionality, you may not be a good fit, or your job position may not be a good fit, or you might ask a bad question by unintentionally asking the wrong question, or if you don’t introduce yourself properly as a freelancer. The chances of passing the exam decrease. Basically, it is important to proactively take measures and appeal. For some reason, when things go smoothly, everything is fixed and the operation begins.

Questions frequently asked in interviews

I would like to explain in detail some of the questions that are often asked during interviews. If you are about to have an interview, it is best to carefully prepare answers to each question in advance. If you are unable to answer questions while working and give ambiguous answers, there is a high possibility that you will fail to receive the order. Also, the interview with the person in charge is not a full-time career recruitment process, so if you go in the same way, you may end up with a slightly different way of thinking, which may make you feel uncomfortable.

Please tell us about the scale of the project you recently participated in.

This wants to hear what scale of work you’ve been doing most recently. And what I want to ask with this question is what kind of role you played in the organization. And listening to this, I’m trying to determine if I can be entrusted with a similar role in my client’s work.

Please tell us about the development environment you recently participated in.

This is asking about your experience with your skill. Especially for development engineers, not only programming languages but also databases, OS, and even frameworks are important. From the client’s point of view, we try to secure human resources with matching skills as much as possible. If there is even one that matches, it is easy to make a good impression.

Please tell us about your experience in development

Unlike the waterfall method, in which each process of system development proceeds in order, the agile method proceeds in a short span from planning to implementation and testing. It would be nice if you had experience with both, but in the field of web service and application development, there is a tendency to emphasize the ability to respond flexibly rather than faithfully following a set process.

Do you have industry experience

Many industries are systematized, so depending on the project, it may be the insurance industry or the distribution industry. If you have business knowledge, it will make a good impression, but even if you don’t have experience, it’s better to answer honestly. If you answer that there is something you are not good at, you may suddenly enter the upstream process such as requirements definition. It’s pretty tough if you don’t have business knowledge.

What kind of system have you built so far?

It wants to know your industry experience, system experience, programming language, etc. By listening to this, I’m trying to find out if it matches the development environment that the client currently has. It would be a good idea to describe your role and contribution to the job.

Do you have experience in upstream processes?

This question tends to be asked in both development and infrastructure. We are asked whether we participate in the project while understanding the development phase, and whether we can drop it from the requirements definition. You should be honest about your experience with this question.

Do you have more experience in new development or existing?

This is a question often asked by programmers. In the case of modifying existing sources, the ability to read other people’s source code is cultivated, and in the case of new development, it is judged that there is a reasonable implementation ability. In both cases, it is better to give a positive answer.

How did you solve a difficult situation on your project?

Projects often don’t work as expected. It’s clear that we’re going to face some sort of difficulty, and I’m asking how an engineer can deal with such a situation. It is important to clearly explain how you came up with a solution, made a proposal, and put it into practice.

Do you have experience working from home

This is often asked if the project is home-based. When you’re at home, it’s easy to be heedless of communication. Be sure to explain how you communicated in your own way in a situation where it is difficult to communicate directly, and that working from home is okay.

Do you have review experience?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions in system development. This is someone else’s code review, and I’m asking if you have experience doing spec reviews because you’ve actually had the opportunity to do them. Of course you should answer honestly.

Do you have experience negotiating with customers?

This is a common question for project managers or interviewers who are expected to be leaders. Negotiations with customers are very important, and it is important to be able to understand the needs of the other party. If this is sloppy, the downstream process will go up in flames.

Do you have foreign language experience

I personally have a lot of experience working with foreign companies, and I am often asked this question. We often get questions about whether meetings are held in foreign languages and specifications are written in foreign languages. Whether you are comfortable with documents written in foreign languages and whether you have a certain level of reading comprehension are being asked.

The reason why the project was completed in a short period of time

If there is a project that was completed in a short period of time in the most recent work, it may be heard. For companies, the history of changing deals in a short period of time is a cause for concern. I’m asking because I’m worried that if there’s something I don’t like, I’ll run away. Create a positive reason to speak up.

Can you come to the office for actual machine testing and maintenance?

Development testers may conduct tests using actual equipment, and infrastructure engineers may perform maintenance on-site. There are many cases where it is assumed that you will be able to come to work when necessary, so it is better to tell them that you can handle it as much as possible. If you say NG, the story will generally end.

Are there any techniques that are self-learning?

This is a question that is often asked in projects for young engineers. In the case of engineers, it is important to improve their skills, so self-growth is important, so I am often asked questions. In this case, please answer that you are studying something, even if it is bluffing. If you don’t have anything, you will be judged to be unmotivated.