Freelance IT Engineer: How to Survive Without Skills Solution


This article explains the lack of skills among freelance engineers. For freelance IT engineers who are not at the level required to be introduced, a lack of skills is quite fatal. The most important thing for an IT engineer is not age or appearance, but skill. It goes without saying that if you don’t have this skill, it will be difficult to maintain your income, but there are ways to make ends meet, so I hope this helps.

Problems faced by skill shortages

If freelance engineers lack skills, the following problems will occur, so we have summarized them. If you don’t set aside study time to improve your important skills and level up while working, your life will become unstable and your chances of getting jobs will become unstable. If skills are not resolved, you will not be able to handle your daily duties and tasks, and you will not be able to accumulate results. If you are in a situation where you need support, it will be difficult to aim for freelance work, which requires high skills. You will need to take supplementary lessons at web schools etc. to match your level.

low paying jobs

Without up-to-date skills, engineers are forced to do monotonous and menial tasks. There are few companies looking for unskilled freelance engineers, and even if they do find work, the unit price is often very low. As a result, they may end up working for less than half the pay of a reasonably skilled engineer. Depending on the type of job, the income is low and you may be forced to look for a side job. You can’t even build your own career. Learn even just the basics on your own to avoid losing your job to AI.

unstable income

If your skills are lacking, your chances of being offered a stable job will be reduced. In addition, because the amount of work that is introduced to you decreases, it becomes more likely that you will have to wait between jobs, and you will not be able to negotiate and your income will become unstable. As an engineer, it becomes difficult to provide services to clients and it becomes difficult to participate in projects. There is a way to temporarily return to being an office worker by using a free job change site. If you have the ability to learn, you can become independent as many times as you like and increase your annual income.

long working hours

Without skills, engineers are forced to do monotonous and easy work. And in the case of such jobs, there is a tendency for many cases to require long working hours. The more monotonous and easy the work, the shorter the delivery time and the tighter the schedule. If you are a beginner and always have a heavy workload, you may need to seek advice on how to work online, such as remote work. It can also cause trouble for the team. You need to catch up by improving your average ability by studying separately.

How to survive without skills

Of course, even if you lack skills, that doesn’t mean there are no ways to survive. Although it is still difficult, there is a great possibility that the problem can be resolved by taking the following measures. Specifically, we recommend registering with multiple agents to build connections, conditions, and increase your annual income. It takes time to sign a contract and participate, but as the number of referrals increases, you will be able to choose from a variety of environments.

Register with multiple agents

Insufficient skills are difficult to get jobs because their value in the market is very low in the first place. In that case, you have no choice but to hit the numbers and find the hit. For that reason, we recommend that you register with an agent who will act on your behalf. If possible, it is important to register with about 10 companies and receive job introductions anyway. Just by doing this, you can break out of the situation where you are in trouble due to lack of work.

Take on difficult tasks

If you register with an agent like the one above, there are occasional job introductions from clients who will accept you even if you are not ready to work immediately. Please try to accept such job proposals as much as possible. If you only accept orders for easy jobs, your skills will stagnate. If they are hired with the expectation of growth, they will be challenged in the field, so they will gradually acquire skills. A job that is more difficult for you is also an opportunity.

attend a seminar

There are seminars and study sessions as a way to make up for the lack of skills. These meetings provide a wealth of useful information. By interacting with other people, you can share information that interests you, so you can broaden your knowledge and knowledge. Interacting with others can also motivate them to take on new challenges. And you can grow from it.

job hunting

If none of the above work, you have no choice but to get a job. Work as a company employee and hone your skills. In the case of a company employee, unlike a freelancer, you can secure a stable income, so you will be able to study in a mentally stable state. And it is also very good to try freelancing again in a few years.

Different industry job change

If you think that you are not suitable as an engineer in the first place, there is also a means of changing jobs to a different industry. IT is not the only job in the world. There are many jobs available, such as retail stores, convenience stores, factories, and even delivery and taxi drivers, so there are many options. If it’s not suitable for you, there’s no point in continuing your current job until you force yourself to do it.

starting a business

If you don’t want to be hired, you have the option of starting a business. Starting a business isn’t easy, but if you really don’t want to be hired, you might end up starting a company. Of course, most companies go out of business within three years, but there are still many people who are willing to take on the challenge, so if you have the money to spare, you should try it.

Why is there a skills shortage?

Why is there a lack of skills in the first place? That being said, there are many cases where the following areas are lacking. It goes without saying that you have a feeling, but when you decide to start a sole proprietorship, you also need a certain amount of strength to get it up and running. If you don’t make the effort to look for it yourself, you’ll end up in a vicious cycle. Make sure to study basic languages such as html, php, python, swift, c#, and javascript.

I became independent due to lack of skills.

First of all, in the case of freelancers, a certain amount of experience is definitely required. If you become a freelancer with little or no experience, you will often get stuck. You can still do it as a freelancer, but if you have any concerns, it’s better to work hard as a company employee for a few years before going independent. Members must continue to practice learning in advance and privately until they reach a level of confidence.

unable to acquire new technology

There are many people who have been able to do this up until now, but if they are left behind in the flow of the world, they will inevitably lack the skills. Since IT is a world of technology, it is difficult to get by without learning about cutting-edge technology. Even if it was sufficient in the past, we cannot survive unless it matches our current needs. An example of this is when you don’t have the opportunity to learn from someone. In order to earn money even as a full-time employee, you need to understand the skills required to meet the demands of the business.

programming skills

One of the failures in freelancing is that many active engineers fail because they cannot learn programming. Programming skills are essential for development, but the same cannot be said for infrastructure. In this case, it may be important to change your field and try again. Members must have the appropriate ability to match the market price. Try getting some counseling on your own and get a basic evaluation done.