Freelance IT engineer: Programmers don’t use mice?


If you use your PC all the time, don’t you often think that the mouse is a hindrance? I think this tendency is more pronounced especially in occupations such as programmers, who are constantly staring at the screen. Do programmers actually use mice?

Don’t programmers use mice?

Most programmers don’t use mice. This is a trend and I cannot say that it is 100% true, but in many cases the majority do not like mice. The biggest reason for this is that the mouse is a nuisance. A mouse has a long cord and is in the way, and there is a mouse-sized object next to the PC, so many people dislike it.

shortcut key

So how do programmers operate? They use shortcut keys. Shortcut key operations that are often used in programming work are as follows.

Windows key + d

When multiple windows are open, all windows can be minimized.

Windows key + arrow key

The screen size can be enlarged or reduced by pressing the arrow keys.


A list of multiple open screens is displayed, so you can select the screen you want to see.


Closes open pages, files, etc. and exits the program.


Open the print page.


Move to the top of the website.


Go to the bottom of the website.

Isn’t it inconvenient without a mouse?

For people who usually use a mouse, isn’t it inconvenient without a mouse? There are also many indications. But this is customary. If you are a beginner in programming, you may not understand what is what, but after a year or two of programming, you will gradually be able to read the code diagonally and decipher it. It is the same.

key position

However, those who rely on keyboard operation may need to pay attention to the position of the keyboard keys. This is because there are many cases where the key positions are different depending on the manufacturer, model number, and even between desktops and notebooks. It can be a struggle until you get used to it.

It doesn’t matter if you are competent or not

People who don’t know much about work often argue whether they are competent or not based on whether they use a mouse or not, but this has nothing to do with it. The presence or absence of a mouse has absolutely nothing to do with work ability. Programmers only need to have programming skills.


Programmers are said to be good and smart, but that’s not true. Programming ability is important for programmers, and the difference in academic ability is irrelevant. As described in the article below. Those who are interested should take a look.