Freelance IT Engineer: Average annual salary and demand for network engineers, is there a future? Explanation of the cloud environment


This article explains the demand and future prospects for network engineers, job content, required skills, technology, and knowledge. Network engineers are classified as infrastructure engineers, and their workload is relatively stable. Is it possible for a network engineer to work independently as a freelancer? And how many cases are there?

Network Engineer Average Annual Salary

According to the freelance agent Midworks, the average annual income of a network engineer is about 4.5 million yen, which is higher than the average annual income, but relatively low among engineers. I’m here. If you look at the network engineer projects of freelance agents, there are many jobs with a monthly income of about 500,000 to 600,000, so a simple calculation can easily exceed 4.5 million, but this depends on the skill. Because it changes, it changes from person to person.

Completely inexperienced

A network engineer with no practical experience will probably start with a job with a monthly income of around 200,000 yen. Since the basic operations required for the project are not yet mastered, it is necessary to gain practical experience first. Once you get used to the work, know the details of how to operate the equipment, learn how to manage it while receiving consultation and support, and become able to do things like programming, you will become a person who can advance your career. Learn the role and be able to utilize technology to provide services.

1 year work experience

After one year of work experience, you will be able to complete your work by not only monitoring but also getting support from those around you as you learn. Once you reach this level, you can expect a high monthly income of around 300,000 yen. As you learn AWS etc., you will be able to be entrusted with support for communication operations. The number of stages where you can play an active role in business will increase. Furthermore, if you can gradually develop your skills, the demand will increase even more, and you will be able to search for jobs on job search sites.

3 years or more work experience

Currently, if you have 3 years or more of practical experience as a network engineer, you will be able to apply for jobs with a monthly income of 400,000 yen or more, and you will be expected to be able to work immediately. Depending on the company, you may also be given managerial positions, which will likely increase your remuneration. It would be a good idea to improve not only your professional skills but also your management abilities. The market value will increase and you will be able to find a career as a web consultant or developer. If you can learn programming languages, it will be easier to change jobs and increase your annual income than with traditional skills.

5 years or more work experience

If you have more than 5 years of work experience, you will be recognized as a veteran in comparison, so you can easily earn more than 500,000 yen per month. Your work will become more stable and uninterrupted. Because they have all the experience as an engineer and understand how to work in a highly efficient manner, they can be paid much higher than expected as an office worker. If you’re interested, try self-studying yourself to learn useful skills that will have an impact on your future.

Demand for network engineers

Network engineers are in high demand. If you register with the freelance agent introduced on this blog, you will definitely be introduced to work. Most engineers are registered with 3 to 5 companies, and the amount of work is so large that even if the project ends, the next job will come soon. However, as explained above, if you are an inexperienced or inexperienced engineer, you will not be able to receive job introductions easily, so you will need to register more than 10 companies.

Required Skills for Network Engineers

In order to make a living as a network engineer, you must acquire at least the following skills. If you can define requirements, etc., your chances of getting hired will increase, and you will be able to make suggestions rather than just doing the work, which will expand your options for moving forward. Let’s learn the latest technology and succeed.

Network knowledge

Network engineers are required to have extensive knowledge of networks. A network engineer’s job is to listen to the client’s needs and build the optimal network. To do this, you cannot do the job without knowledge of networks. If you can build important system infrastructure, you will be able to expand your advantageous skills by becoming involved with databases.

communication skills

Network engineers are required to have high communication skills. Network engineers need the skills to understand exactly what the client wants and to design a network. To do this, we must be able to meet the needs of our clients. In general, there are many tasks in IT infrastructure that can be completed without direct communication. Even if you are not good at speaking, you can work efficiently on site.

logical thinking ability

Logical thinking ability is required not only for network engineers but for any engineer. The ability to plan things out and think logically is essential for all engineers. Logical thinking ability will be required in various situations. This is an essential ability to communicate concretely with specialized members.

Network engineer freelance project

Network engineer freelance projects include: However, although all of them are common, the disadvantage is that there are very few remote projects. There are almost no full-remote projects because we also have to deal with system failures. Work locations are often concentrated in urban areas, and I have to say that it is very difficult for people living in rural areas.

Network design project

There are many network design projects. Most of these projects involve system maintenance and troubleshooting during weekends and holidays. As a result, there is less flexibility, and you may be required to respond on weekends or at night. Design projects are often done in teams, and there is a shortage of human resources, so by honing your specialized knowledge and building a track record, you will have a rich career plan.

Network construction project

Network environment construction projects often have a high unit price, and most of them are around 500,000 to 700,000. Remuneration will increase if construction projects include the creation of design documents and operation manuals. However, once it is built, it is over, so there are so many short-term things.

Network security project

Security construction projects are very high unit price, and there are many projects of 600,000 or more. Not only network design, security-related technology is also questioned, but it is also worthwhile.

Future prospects for network engineers

Will network engineers be able to find enough jobs in the future? Managers not only learn IT technology and analysis, but also work in groups, so teamwork is also important, as the work can be accomplished by supporting and receiving support from other members. Social skills are also important, so comprehensive skills are important. Become an indispensable resource yourself. If you have any concerns or concerns, you may need to consult with a consultant.

The future is high

The job of a network engineer is to build, operate, and maintain the company’s network. However, in recent years, with the spread of cloud services, an increasing number of companies are building and operating networks in cloud environments instead of on-premises environments. Moving to the cloud will become an essential requirement in the future, but if you can adapt to this, it is unlikely that your job as a network engineer will be taken away. Demand will neither expand nor contract, and a constant amount of work will continue to occur. Try to acquire knowledge and skills in areas related to the cloud.

career path

Possible career paths include changing to a different industry, becoming a manager, or becoming a specialist. These are the main career paths, but if you want to change jobs in a different industry, you can also get a job as an in-house system engineer. If we can build the infrastructure, there will be great demand in the internal systems department. Alternatively, there is also a way to make a living as an engineer specializing in cloud computing.

Network engineer qualification

There are certain qualifications that are recommended to become a network engineer. Consider acquiring the following qualifications. Take the test to improve your skills in security measures and troubleshooting. If you utilize your qualifications, your market value will increase.

Cisco Technician Certification

This qualification is provided by Cisco, a major American network equipment industry company. CCNP is the most famous, but there are also others such as CCT, CCENT, and CCIE. The Cisco Engineer Certification is well-known in the network industry around the world, so it is a qualification that can be used in any country.

Network specialist exam

The Network Specialist Examination is a national examination sponsored by the Information-technology Promotion Agency, an independent administrative agency under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry. The test is assumed to be at a practical level in the network field, and the test content is quite practical, so it is a little difficult.


LPIC is divided into levels such as PIC Essentials, LPIC-1 to LPIC-3. Knowledge of Linux is essential for network engineers. LPIC is a qualification that is also useful for cloud computing, so it is a qualification that you should definitely obtain.


LinuC is made for the Japanese market and is different from LPIC. LinuC has levels 1 to 3, and level 1 requires basic knowledge of Linux server construction and operation. Level 2 tests applied knowledge about Linux system design and network construction, and Level 3 tests all knowledge of Linux.

Project manager

The project manager exam is a national exam that tests knowledge of IT project management. The difficulty level is quite high, so it is better to take it after gaining some practical experience. If you want to become a project manager, you should take this course.