Freelance IT engineer: A person who was not able to program Future career


There are not only cases in the world where things go well, such as people who set out to become programmers but failed, or people who quit programming because they didn’t grow at all. I will introduce what kind of cases there are when you quit programming even though you started programming.

What are the characteristics of people who can’t program?

People who have never been able to program will realize that they are unable to do it in various situations. And the timing is up to the individual, but in what ways do they fail? If you are a beginner, do the following apply to you? Please have a look at this.

can’t program

The most fatal example is someone who can’t program themselves. Despite trying hard for years, many of the reasons are that I can’t assemble the structure of a program properly, I can’t imagine what kind of processing is required, and I just don’t have any interest in programming. In this case, many people move on to become infrastructure engineers or server engineers. It’s also difficult for people who can’t understand it in the first place. Some people don’t understand even if they acquire knowledge in advance.

inferiority complex

When there are people around me who can do better than me, and who can achieve 10 or 20 times my performance, I suffer from an inferiority complex. If there are many programmers with great skills around them and they don’t feel like they can win at all, they will inevitably lose their motivation, and many people will lose their motivation to study and quit. If you see someone who is talented, you will not want to work for them.


As with anything, continuation leads to growth. However, no matter what you do, people who throw in the middle can’t grow. It’s not just about programming. If this happens, it will be difficult to work in a technical field, so it will be realistic to change jobs to other occupations such as sales or clerical work that are likely to be available immediately. Even if you have the time, if you don’t have the motivation, you won’t gain experience. Even if you go to school, you won’t improve.

can’t study by myself

Some people say they can’t teach themselves. This is the type that cannot self-study. The type that can’t remember unless someone teaches it is tough. This means that active learning is not possible, which is fatal for engineers. Engineers are tough unless they can move on their own. It is necessary to change the environment, such as making friends and learning together. There are many other ways to learn for free.

unable to communicate

If you can program but cannot communicate, it is not suitable for group work. Even if you are not good at communication, if you can program, you can also become a freelancer. This kind of type is often self-contained, and is very suitable for people who like to do everything by themselves. Companies require high communication skills. Learning the basics and being taught will improve your skills, but if you can’t speak, it will be difficult to get hired.

Poor logical thinking

I have to say that IT jobs in general are difficult for people who are not good at logical thinking. If you are not good at logical thinking, you are probably in the wrong job category in the first place, so it would probably be better for you to change jobs and do a completely different job. Of course, even if you learn through experience, if you end up having problems and you feel like it’s really impossible, it’s important to give up. Writing and developing code is not the only job. Let’s change our goals.

i hate studying

It’s also tough for people who don’t like studying. Programming isn’t just about doing the same thing over and over again, and technology changes with the times. If you don’t like studying, even if you were to become a programmer, it would be unlikely that you would succeed, so it would be better to find another job. If you can’t maintain your motivation and condition, it will be difficult to carry out your work as a person in charge. You will be unable to do even simple tasks.

can’t assemble

The important thing in programming is the composition of processing. What kind of processing is necessary after a certain processing? I have to say that those who can’t think about it are pretty tough. Programmers are tough, so you should try another job.

Future careers for people who are not suited to programming

As mentioned above, if you find programming difficult in the first place, you will need to reconsider your future career. What career paths are possible? There is a way to utilize your power in another world. Depending on the content, it is easy to learn skills, so it may not be suitable for you. In addition to finding a job, there are other detailed routes as well, so let’s think about which field you can play an active role in.

Another IT occupation

If you are not good at programming, you have the option to challenge another occupation. This means choosing another IT career, such as becoming an infrastructure engineer or becoming a data scientist. There are some people who have succeeded in doing this, so I think it’s worth the challenge. The skills required for each job are also different.

change the industry

If the IT industry is difficult in the first place, such as those who do not have the ability to think logically, it is necessary to go to another occupation that is completely inexperienced. In this case, all careers will have to start over from scratch, so the risk is high, but it is still an option.

entrepreneurship, independence

There are cases in which people who hate their employees and want to start their own business start a business and become independent. However, in this case, there are many cases where funds are required, and it costs money anyway, so it is better to start with a business that does not require much money. Also, in this case, there is no guarantee when the business will succeed. You’ll be doing it while looking for some other source of income.