Freelance IT Engineer: Why System Engineers and Programmers Are Unpopular


Most system engineers and programmers don’t have a girlfriend, and most of them have no dating experience. It’s also overwhelming. Actually, it’s not a joke, it’s a true story. But why are engineers so unpopular with women? I tried to find out why.

Why System Engineers and Programmers Are Unpopular Without Her

Most system engineers and programmers have never dated, never had a girlfriend, and have never been married. It is common for freelance programmers to earn more than 10 million yen per year, but why are they not popular? The reasons for this are as follows. There aren’t as many engineers as I thought. Even though I’m a programming professional, I’m not a love professional. Many people don’t have anyone they like because they don’t meet many people at work.

The content of the story is boring

The woman’s opinion is that the story is boring. The reason for this is that programmers, especially, get so hung up on details that they make things boring. Programmers are particularly specialized professions, so if you don’t pay attention to the details, you won’t get a job. The habit of this work is reflected in the conversation. Women can’t enjoy conversation.

have no fashion sense

Engineers are extraordinarily particular about the content of their work, but some may not be clean or have a fatal sense of fashion. Therefore, engineers are unpopular. From a woman’s point of view, it’s impossible to walk side by side with someone whose fashion is disappointing. Because her face turns bright red and she becomes embarrassed. Engineers should also take care of her casual clothes.

Only men on site

Workplaces for programmers and system engineers are overwhelmingly male. One or two women would be nice. Perhaps because of that, it is the system type jobs that you do not have the opportunity to meet in the first place. The reality is that many of these occupations are registered with marriage counseling agencies. However, marriage agencies waste money, and the success rate is only 10%.

professional conversation

Programmers and system engineers have a habit of talking endlessly about programming code technology at work, but the reality is that if you do this in front of women, people will back down. Women will only get into trouble if you talk like a maniac, so they will run away. Most engineers have work habits that show up unconsciously, but they don’t realize it. Instead of getting angry, women need to be a little more attentive.

no socializing

Programmers and system engineers often stay home and work on their PCs even on their days off. And they often don’t even have friends. As a result, there are no women to introduce to them, and since they don’t go out, they don’t have the opportunity to meet women. If this happens, it’s obvious, but you should understand that there is no way you can be popular. System engineers are always working hard and trying to acquire skills. That’s why there are no serious and good encounters.

hard work

Programmers and system engineers often work hard. In the past, staying overnight and working on holidays were commonplace. It’s natural when you’re busy at work, but you don’t have time for dates at all, so you can’t date. This is how engineers age and most of them miss their marriage. Of course, since I work all the time, even though I have some knowledge, I don’t have any topics to talk about with women. Some women find talking unattractive.

scared of women

Some programmers and system engineers are afraid of women. In fact, there are many engineers who are not used to the opposite sex. There are many naive engineers who react like children. In fact, engineers are the ones who are running away from women themselves. This will make it impossible to even create an opportunity to meet someone. Men really like talking about games, but they tend to have a hard time with women, and as a result, they just don’t get along.

disgusting way of speaking

Programmers and system engineers sometimes have an unpleasant way of speaking. Most of the time, the person doesn’t realize that they are talking like a creepy nerd. However, from a woman’s point of view, it is just disgusting, so I refrain from doing so. Also, many engineers tend to be theoretical, and there are many people who tend to enter into denial and have changed their minds, so they are not well received. There are also types of people who have trouble focusing their eyes.

How to be popular as an engineer?

In order for engineers to become popular in the future, it is necessary to change their behavioral patterns. The following article is for a girlfriend who has an engineer boyfriend, but you should refer to it.

I go outside

First of all, there are only engineers who stay at home even on holidays. To meet you, you have to go outside. Whether it’s taking a walk every day or going to a party, it’s important to try something new. If you can’t do this, you can’t even meet in the first place, so nothing will start.

talk to women

Most of the engineers don’t even have love experience. I don’t have the opportunity to talk to girls on my own initiative, and I often flirt with male friends who have the same hobby. Start by talking to the opposite sex. This can be an exchange meeting or a community, so it’s important to start by chatting when you find someone of the opposite sex.

matching app

Most of the engineers have no female experience. If you find it difficult to talk to a woman, there is a matching app. Most engineers are reluctant to go to town parties and conventions, so it’s a good idea to try picking them up on the internet. This will be the least resistance activity and is highly recommended.