Freelance IT engineer: Is Tech Stock dangerous? Features, projects, reviews and reputation Advantages and disadvantages Experiences

Tech Stock is an IT freelance agent. Tech Stock is known to be one of the highest paying agents, with significantly higher compensation compared to its peers. In addition, the number of registrants is increasing and it is expected that the number of registrants will increase further.

Freelance IT engineer: Is the engineer route dangerous? Features, projects, reviews and reputation Experiences Benefits explanation

Engineer Route is an agent specializing in IT, and introduces jobs to programmers, system engineers, and even infrastructure engineers. And since this agent introduces the designer's work, it will be an agent that can be recommended not only for engineers but also for designers.

Freelance IT Engineer: IT Job Navigation Is freelancing dangerous? Features, projects, reviews and reputation Experiences

IT Job Navi Freelance is a project site specializing in freelance IT/Web engineers operated by Acrovision Co., Ltd. This agent is not only for Tokyo, but also for 7 regions nationwide: Sapporo, Sendai, Kanto, Aichi, Kansai, Hiroshima, and Fukuoka. Become a company.

Freelance IT Engineer: Is Engineer Factory dangerous? Features, projects, reviews and reputation Experiences Thorough explanation

Engineer Factory will be an IT agent company specializing in freelance. The average monthly fee for introduced projects is 760,000 yen, which indicates that the unit price is quite high. There are more than 3,000 undisclosed projects, which is quite large, and it is possible to apply from a wide variety of job openings.

Freelance IT Engineer: Is IT Pro Partners dangerous? Features, projects, reviews and reputation

IT Pro Partners is an agent that can realize a fairly flexible work style. At IT Pro Partners, you can find a job that suits your desired work style from a wide variety of projects such as remote work and work only on Saturdays and Sundays. As a side job, I recommend IT Pro Partners.

Freelance IT engineer: Is futurism dangerous? Features, projects, reviews and reputation

Futurism is an IT engineer site operated by Port Co., Ltd. The operating company is a company listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange Mothers, so you will feel more secure than other small and medium-sized agents. There are quite a few registrants, and we are introducing mainly system development projects.

Freelance IT engineer agent: Is BTC agent dangerous? Features, projects, reviews and reputation

BTC Agent is a freelance agent that introduces jobs and projects for freelance engineers and consultants. If you register with this agent, technicians will introduce you to high-paying jobs, so I highly recommend it. BTC Agent publishes freelance jobs and projects that you can participate in at a high unit price.

Freelance IT engineer: Flow from agent registration to employment Career plan and skill sheet

Freelance IT agency companies can register for free. However, there are many people who do not understand the flow from registration to employment. In that case, I hope you can refer to this article. I will explain the flow up to employment.

For freelance IT engineers: Latest version List of 24 recommended agent companies Recruitment introductions, job introductions

Since the 2000s, Japan has become more diversified. The 1900s was an era when the pressure to conform was extremely strong. However, now we live in an era where you can work while starting a business, or you can work while holding multiple jobs as a freelancer. This blog was written by an engineer who actually works as a freelancer. If you are looking for a freelance engineer, please check it out.