Freelance IT Engineer: What is a Project Management Office (PMO)? Difference between PM and role Job description


The project management office is called PMO. In this article, we will explain the meaning, role and benefits of the job content. This is one of the positions that has been increasing in demand in recent years, and is a supporting role for project leaders and managers. Is it possible to do these jobs as a freelancer?

What is a project management office?

The project management office is called a PMO and its role is to support project management. The main role is to improve the quality of project management through support, so it is not a job that requires technical ability, but is expected to contribute to improving overall quality. The main focus will be managing project members, making important decisions, and supporting the organization, so it is not suitable for those who like to proceed with development. In order to succeed in the field, it is important to have a desire to improve, such as by acquiring qualifications.

What kind of work is involved?

The project management office has the following tasks: With the aim of developing specialized human resources, you will assume the position of a person in charge and develop the business in cooperation with the service department depending on the system scale and situation. Communication with various departments is generally emphasized. It is important to smoothly coordinate and implement a wide range of resources, progress, etc. I’m not a specialist. We will introduce and utilize tools and other functions to greatly improve work efficiency.

Project standardization

Basics If you have multiple projects, consider standardizing the projects based on your judgment. By doing this, the purpose is to prevent each project from becoming individualized and to enable generalization. We will create an environment where engineers with a certain level of skill can do their jobs. We also provide in-house education such as free seminars and training, and have our employees participate in order to improve and promote the quality of the basic skills of our human resources. A lot of my work involves understanding and thinking about the situation.

quality management

We also contribute to improving the quality of data in actual projects in order to achieve results. We will raise the level of practice by sharing necessary project coordination, meeting facilitation, administrative work such as creating various materials, progress status and cost management, and problem discovery and verification. It is similar to a business strategy for planning and decision making. We will use methods to analyze and improve in a positive direction. We may also request or consult with external parties to resolve tasks.

Difference between PMO and PM

PM refers to project manager. The PMO can be said to be the staff that stands around and behind it. PMs require leadership and communication skills. The support ability of the PMO will be tested. Every career is different, and you will play a role in a different structure. The field in which each individual plays an active role and the performance required are different.

Average annual income of project management office

The average annual income of project management offices is about 6 to 7 million regular employees. This job has not yet been recruited, but demand will increase in the future. In addition, the larger projects, the demand for this occupation. The giant project, the more you can’t see the whole project with the project manager alone. If you become a freelancer, your annual income will increase a little more.

Project management office required skills

To become a project management office worker, you will need the following skills: This position will be the person in charge of securing man-hours and managing relationships within the organization. Schedule management, risk management, attendance management, etc. will also be required.

Wide knowledge

PMO is in a position to supervise projects, so it is necessary to have a wide range of knowledge about the IT industry. You have to understand your knowledge about the project you are in charge of.

Communication skills

The PMO will be responsible for supporting the PM. The PMO looks after the entire team and manages and coordinates project schedules. Communication ability is an essential skill. In general, rather than know-how, it is important to successfully manage development projects and project teams.

Project management office job type

Due to the huge amount and scope of work currently being carried out, jobs are classified into three types within the PMO. In any case, we will introduce management tools in the office to strengthen human resources. From a manager’s perspective, we strive to significantly improve productivity by creating appropriate work styles and environments, and by providing useful opinions. This is a negotiation job as we also manage progress with stakeholders, customers, etc.

PMO Adminatic

As a supporting role in PM, PMO human resources who are in charge of clerical work such as creating, progress and information management, etc. are called “PMO Administ Reaf”. The PMO Administ Retreats will run multiple teams smoothly by working, complicated office work, management and coordination.

PMO expert

“PMO experts” are responsible for standardizing quality, such as creating environments and establishing rules for multiple projects. We standardize the processes and materials necessary for project management, reduce variations between projects, and stabilize quality. As part of the implementation, we will also collect information and identify any deficiencies in the operation to ensure effectiveness.

PMO manager

A PMO manager is not only a support role for the PM, but also an IT project manager who oversees multiple projects, including strategy formulation, budget management, and personnel management. This is a position that requires experience, as it often stands between a company’s management and PM. On an individual basis, we aim to reduce the burden on specific individuals and help them break away from dependence.

Freelance demand

The demand for freelancers in project management offices is gradually increasing, but the number of job openings is not so large. Therefore, it is better to register with as many agents as possible and wait for the recruitment to come. If you have skills, you can aim for nearly 10 million annual income.