Freelance IT Engineer: Why are programmers’ annual salaries, levels, and status low in Japan?


It is said that IT engineers in Japan, especially programmers, have a low status, but why is that? They are being treated poorly by companies. Programmers tend to have relatively low status, level, and annual income in Japan. This is a trend seen only in Japan, but not in America or Europe. So why is this happening?

Why are programmers paid so little?

The average annual salary for programmers in Japan is approximately 4.22 million yen. This is considered to be quite low among developed countries. Corporate managers are becoming misers, and the problem of not getting money to workers is becoming more serious. Even if you register on a job change site using a web app, etc., the annual salary of a developer is often as follows. Even if you obtain a qualification, the average annual income is as follows. This level of evaluation is problematic.

Source : 求人ボックス

However, in the developed countries of the world, the salary of engineers is quite good. The following is converted into dollars, but in the United States, which is ranked first, if the Japanese yen is 1 dollar = 140 yen, it will be about 15 million yen. This means that they are receiving many times more than the Japanese. Switzerland, Israel, and Denmark, which are in second place and below, also have fairly high salaries.

1. United States$110,140
2. Switzerland$97,518
3. Israel$71,559
4. Denmark$63,680
5. Canada$61,680
6. Norway$57,013
7. Australia$55,640
8. United Kingdom$55,275
9. Germany$52,275
10. Sweden$50,437
Source : codesubmit

Then, the reason why the annual income of Japanese programmers is low is that the multiple dispatch structure has a considerable impact. As I wrote in the article below, there are too many exploitative companies that make money from brokerage fees. Japan is a country where workers themselves cannot earn for some reason.

The reason why the level (technical ability) of programmers is low

Next, there is a reason why programmers are said to have the lowest technical skills in the world. The biggest reason, as explained above, is that it has a multi-contracting structure. The recognition that the IT industry = black is firmly penetrated by decent people, and they are not going to the IT industry. Since excellent human resources are choosing other industries, it is not possible to improve the level of programmers.

Salary also matters

Additionally, wages are also involved. IT in Japan is structurally illegal and has a system where workers exist, so talented people go to Europe and America. Since the salary is higher if you work in Europe or America, there is no benefit to going to the trouble of working in Japan, which is an illegal zone. It has been frequently reported in the news recently. Even on recruitment sites, programmers are poorly paid. In the business world, you will not be treated better even if you are successful.

Low status in the project

Even in development projects, we have the impression that programmers are the work of young people. Younger employees receive lower salaries and rewards, so the status of programmers is relatively lower. There are few managers who understand this, and Japan’s IT industry is in decline. Even major companies do not have a culture of investing in programmer talent. Engineers who can write competent code are not properly evaluated.

Reasons for the low status of programmers

Japanese programmers are said to have a very low status compared to Western countries. Japanese programmers tend to be perceived as subordinate to system engineers. There is a reason for this. Most Japanese programmers do not have specialized education at university. Therefore, there are many liberal arts programmers who have not graduated from specialized schools. Also, the fact that managers in the IT industry believe that programming is an easy task that anyone can do is probably one of the reasons why their status is declining.

On the other hand, in the case of Europe and the United States, if you have not graduated from a science university in the first place, you are not even eligible to apply for a programmer. In other words, we live in a society with a strict educational background, where anyone who has not graduated from a science university cannot even become a programmer. This point makes a crucial difference.

a skilled programmer

Programmers with technical skills tend not to find employment. As explained above, the industry is becoming illegal, so there is a growing tendency for programmers to become freelancers instead of hiring full-time employees. If you become a freelancer, you can choose your work, and your salary will not be cut off by a strange company, so you can work under very favorable conditions. Although self-employed, the reality is that self-proclaimed IT dispatch companies are struggling to secure human resources.