Freelance IT engineer: Can programmers be mentally damaged? Why depression is common


Programming is a job where many people are mentally challenged, so I will explain it. Programmers are notorious for having a high rate of mental illness. Mental health is said to be a must for programmers. Why is this? This time I will explain why programmers become depressed.

What are the characteristics of people who get sick from programming?

Programmers are said to be a profession that is prone to depression. However, this is due to the following reasons. Even though this is a job where you can build a career by making use of your skills and knowledge, there are a number of reasons why you can end up having a mental breakdown. Some people work without any support or support, and in such an environment there is always the potential for project depression. Many people find it difficult to continue with their daily tasks and end up feeling tired.

100% accuracy required

For amateurs who don’t know programming, it’s natural for a system created by a programmer to operate 100%. This puts a heavy burden on programmers. Is there a bug somewhere? Is there really no problem? Many programmers worry about such things, and eventually become nervous.

not evaluated

It is natural for programmers to create systems that work 100%. Since this is the reference point for evaluation, there are many cases where it is not evaluated. For that reason, the point that it is natural to be able to do it has become the standard, so if there is a problem, it will only be a negative evaluation. It’s not good for you mentally.

sitting posture

It is said that jobs that require a sitting position are more likely to lead to depression. This really refers to programmers. Many people find themselves in a cramped position for long periods of time. It is necessary to respond by introducing new stretching techniques. Many people in the industry are sedentary, so it’s important to make time to relieve stress.

serious and responsible

Some programmers are serious and have a strong sense of responsibility. However, if you don’t rely on or consult others, you won’t be able to get through your work. It is impossible to complete a task perfectly on your own. Therefore, if you do not rely on others when all else fails, you will become more and more mentally cornered. When the deadline is approaching, I have to force myself to do it. If it fails, the development department will be blamed.

do not raise alerts

A characteristic of programmers is that many of them are very quiet, and many people have no idea what they are thinking on the surface. As a result, some people may drive normally on the surface, but on the inside they are mentally cornered. There are many cases of self-destruction due to not raising an alert. While writing programs, I gradually become ill. The more difficult it is for people to open up about their worries, the more they suffer every day. An immediate solution is required.

hard-to-consult environment

As a novice programmer, it is difficult to work alone. However, the programmers around me are looking at screens all day long, so it’s hard to talk to them. Even if you dare to call out to them, there are cases where they just say, “You should look into it yourself,” and you are gradually pushed into a corner. Many programmers tend to be anxious, and it is said that this makes it difficult for them to seek advice. Of course, it’s not good to create an environment where it’s difficult to talk to your boss.

Tips for mental care when working as a programmer

The tips for mental care are actually simple. That means being lazy. It is also introduced in the article below. Instead of thinking only about the customer, you may need to try changing your behavior a little.

programmers are lazy

Are programmers lazy? It is said that. This is because programmers should be able to complete the code and create a working system, and all they have to do is fix bugs. So it’s not like I keep moving my hands 24 hours a day.

strong spirit

In fact, programmers who have been active for many years have a strong spirit. People who have a positive mindset that they don’t care if something goes wrong, or that they will have as many jobs as possible even if they are fired, will be able to work longer. The more sensitive a person is, the more likely they are to get hit.

be like a cat

People who are mentally damaged should learn from cats. The cat is always sleeping and yawning. In a situation where the spirit is always tense, it is not strange to be mentally damaged at any time. Those who are depraved like cats will eventually live longer.