Freelance IT engineer: Don’t go to programming school. A thorough explanation of the darkness of reality.


In this article, we will explain the reasons why people say not to go to programming school and the dark side. Many people who want to become freelance IT engineers attend programming schools without studying on their own. However, this is very dangerous as you will only lose money and in many cases you will not be able to actually become a freelancer.

Don’t go to programming school

There are several reasons why people tell you not to go to programming school. Schools, which are said to be the dark side of the industry, have various tricks, and the result is that users have no future, are unable to build a career, and are at a loss. On the other hand, there are some people who can become freelance programmers without going to school. Recently, there are many people who are studying for free in the community or at home, so it is better to use other tools. There are so many questions like this. There is no guarantee that you will receive a job offer even if you use the service system.

Can’t become a freelancer after graduation

Programming school is just a place to study, and there is no opportunity to gain actual practical experience. There is no opportunity to gain experience at programming school, so even after graduating, you will have zero practical experience. Even if you try to become a freelancer from this point on, if you have zero practical experience, there is a high possibility that you will be refused registration by an agent. It just means you wasted your money. College students often enter without doing any research and end up getting scammed.

high tuition

Programming school tuition fees are too high. The tuition fee for programming schools is approximately 300,000 to 600,000 yen, and some schools are even more expensive. It would be great if they could acquire skills that would easily lead to a job, but there are many cases where this is not the case. The problem is the teaching materials, and the reality is that there are many people who do not acquire knowledge even if they study using poorly produced text formats, and the success rate is actually low. Although there are many students who enroll in advance with their peers, it is said that the chances of them signing a contract or getting a job are extremely low.

low teacher level

This is an opinion often expressed by engineers who have actually graduated from schools, but the instructors that appear at programming schools are often not effective in the field, or are only good enough to have been expelled from the program. If you are an excellent engineer, there is no need to teach at a programming school in the first place. Having a third-rate coach will not help students improve. There is no strong support, and the teaching materials provided are also poor.

Can be learned by self-study

In fact, programming skills can be learned without going to school. Programming skills do not require attending school. Programming schools have a well-structured curriculum, but none of the curriculum is necessary for the money, so you often end up wasting your money by continuing to waste money. . Employment, which is the condition and goal setting for success, is far away, and overall the level of graduates is not much different from that of self-study. Obtaining qualifications and education is also possible through self-study efforts.

No-code/low-code era

As you will understand if you experience it, today’s programming is entering the era of no-code and low-code. The no-code/low-code era means building systems without using programming languages. As you can see from Power BI, etc., there is a possibility that a future will come where systems can be created without programmers. With the rise of AI, the fields in which you can make money are limited. It depends on how you choose, but be sure to consider carefully when spending money. If you have any questions, it is best to seek advice rather than deciding on your own.

person who is frustrated

It’s the same with any type of learning, but if you compare the numbers, there are a certain number of people who enroll, but end up giving up mid-way due to concerns about the different class styles and desired fields. It is difficult for amateurs to understand, so there may not be a system in place to teach it. This may apply to you. In that case, your money will be wasted. There are a variety of options after that, including employment in a different industry and part-time employment. The important thing is to decide on a period and pay the tuition fee. It’s not cheap as it’s always an expensive plan.

Because it’s an affiliate advertisement.

When you search for programming schools online, most of the time you will only find websites created by affiliates. Affiliates only want to make money through side jobs, so they only say things that are convenient for them. For this reason, most sites only tell you about the benefits, so many beginners get fooled. Even after graduation, many black companies such as SES provide employment opportunities. When I listen to the voices of the school, I hear nothing but dissatisfaction. There are very few good spots.

Programming school profit structure

The income structure of a programming school is as follows. There are some companies that provide employment support for companies, but if you don’t thoroughly research their track record, you may end up making a mistake in choosing one. Class lessons are often more expensive than the market price, and there are many cases where you won’t be able to acquire specific practical-level skills. Even if you take a course in a classroom, it is not efficient and many people lose motivation and end up regretting it and failing. Of course, there are some who are truly successful, but they are a minority.

Tuition fees from students

Programming schools basically operate by receiving tuition fees from students. This is the most stable income. Therefore, programming schools have the intention of attracting students by having affiliates advertise a lot. However, as mentioned above, the curriculum is not worth paying for, and the books you can find around here are sufficient. There are a lot of development materials available on the web, and if you have time, you can learn on your own. If you use it, you’ll gain a wealth of skills and it won’t cost you anything.

No money back guarantee

The dark side of programming schools is that in many cases there is no money-back guarantee. You will be assigned to the company after counseling on the official website, etc., but each engineer who is currently unable to work provides one-on-one guidance, and the quality of the teaching materials is low, and many people quit due to lack of motivation, but refunds are not available. There are many cases where they don’t give it to me. This allows the school to reduce the risk of losing revenue. Although mentors are provided, it has already been factored in that students will not achieve results.

Recruitment fee

Programming schools receive referral fees by introducing graduated students to some IT company and getting them a job. There is also a lot of darkness in this. There are a large number of black companies in IT, and there are many cases where we are introduced to companies that are clearly engaged in illegal activities. Even after learning programming, many people end up getting jobs at questionable companies and end up suffering from depression. There are many schools that offer job change support, but don’t rely on them for referral fees.

Recommendations for free self-study

In this day and age, the Internet is so developed that there are many important sites where you can learn for free, which is attractive. In such an environment, it is not worth going to an expensive and useless programming school. There are many free study sites online, so try using the sites below. If you don’t know, be sure to ask in the community. If you keep up the pace of learning, you will grow. Specifically, by continuing to complete tasks, you will be able to acquire the selected skill.

ProgateYou can acquire practical skills because you can study while actually making products.URL
UdemyWe have industry-leading instructors and offer online video courses.URL
SchooAn online learning site that deals with various categories such as programming and web design.URL

Safety is from employment to freelance

The safest thing to do is get a job first, get a few years of experience, and then become a freelancer. In a company, it is common for employees to learn basic programming knowledge in training immediately after joining the company, and to proceed with their work while receiving guidance from senior employees even after being assigned to the site. It is also possible to acquire projects from companies you know by making use of the knowledge you have acquired in your daily work, which is a very stable route.

Employment is the safest course

One thing to keep in mind is that if you are a first-time freelancer, you will not be targeted and will not receive any work, and you will receive fewer job introductions. Job hunting will give you more experience as a member of society and will help you appeal. If you are currently not getting satisfactory results even after preparing in advance, you should proactively change jobs first. It’s not too late to become independent a year or two later. It is recommended that you study on your own rather than attending a cram school or school. This is because I was like this.

Veteran class in a few years

If you are hired and work, you will become a veteran in a few years. Even if you have a problem, you can solve it by talking to your colleagues. We grow by repeating our work in-house. As a result, you will be able to work freely and even be able to work remotely. You will have more leeway and be able to do a wide range of work, which will be advantageous. Of course, it will also be easier to find a job.

From self-study to freelance

It’s not easy, but it’s possible to go from self-learning to freelancing. However, since I have zero actual combat experience, I recommend registering as an agent as many times as you can. At first, you will probably only get monotonous and easy tasks, but gradually you will gain experience and see the next steps.

An era of enriched content

The Internet is developing and websites are full of content. We are now in an era where almost individuals can create and evaluate applications on their computers. There is no point in going to school and paying a high price. Once you acquire the skills, you will be able to create a part of your portfolio, and if you show that you are willing to look for a job, you will get clear results. There are many job postings online. If you do a job in your profession, you will learn skills many times faster.

Do one kind of programming to earn money

If you have some interest in python, java, ruby, css, or html, try something that suits you. If you concentrate on studying through textbooks and do it for an average of six months to a year, you will tend to acquire a certain level of ability. If you secure the technology, you will be able to speak the next language and earn money. You may feel anxious at first, but gradually you will become more satisfied with your work. We live in an era where there is a major shortage of engineers, so we are living in an era where you can study and work from anywhere.

In the end, it depends on your motivation

Whether you study on your own or at a school, your positive attitude will ultimately determine your success. No matter how much preparation you do at the beginning, no matter how much training you do, if you are not motivated, you will naturally not acquire the appropriate skills. It is useless in a situation where you are forced to do something. Basically, even if you go to university, you will be in a difficult situation. The person’s overall consciousness determines everything. There are successful people even in their 30s and 40s. You can acquire skills on your own by efficiently investigating how the program works.