Freelance IT engineer: Are R language programmers Old? Demand and future prospects Annual income of the job Introduction explanation


Although the R language is a programming language, engineers can be active in machine learning, big data, and statistics. We will explain the demand and future prospects. The R language is quite niche among programming languages. R is an open source programming language specialized in statistics and data analysis, so it is often used in the field of statistical analysis. In terms of profession, I am in the world of data scientist.

History of the R language

R language is pretty minor among programming languages. Developed in 1995 by scientists Ross Ihaka and Robert Gentleman, it was completely out of the spotlight at the time, and when it comes to statistical analysis SAS is clearly the better name. However, R has advantages over SAS. that it is free software. Unlike SAS, which requires an expensive license fee, R can be used for free, so demand will continue to rise.

In its early days, the R language was a niche language used only in academic and research fields. However, in the 2000s, R began to be used in the fields of marketing and data analysis, and the R language was upgraded, making it possible to handle large-scale big data. has become widely adopted in the field of For this reason, although this language was only used by some researchers until now, it is now being used in the IT industry as well.

What are the features and main functions of the R language?

The R language has the following characteristics. Since it is positioned as an analytical language, it is more in the field of statistical processing such as AI and machine learning than development. The functions are easy to use, even for web development engineers, and you can easily build an environment. It is used for processing in a variety of services, and is not in as much demand as Java or PHP, but if you learn and master the algorithms and techniques, it will be useful because you will be able to utilize specialized knowledge in the future.

Statistical analysis

The R language is specialized for statistical analysis work for major financial and insurance purposes. The R language is recommended for beginners as it allows advanced statistical analysis. On the other hand, the R language is a programming language that is based on statistical analysis, so it does not allow flexible development like general programming languages (C#, VBA, Swift, C language, Cobol, C++, Kotlin, etc.). As explained below, there is also a visualization function.

graph creation

The basic R language can operate and create graphs of aggregated data. Newly analyzed data can be visualized as bar graphs, pie charts, histograms, etc. The graphs created by running it are compatible with the most suitable file formats such as PNG, JPEG, BMP, and PDF, making it a versatile language. It is very convenient because it can be downloaded.

machine learning

The R language is also used in machine learning. Artificial intelligence is attracting attention in machine learning, and it is possible to perform various machine learning using the R language library. Master the tools. If you are interested, take a look at the reference content available on the internet when you have time. Contains descriptions of functions and variables.

Average Annual Salary of R Language Programmers

Let’s take a look at the yearly salary of a programmer company employee. In fact, the average annual income is about 4 million, which is quite small. There are surprisingly few programmers, but I know that if this becomes a freelancer, the annual income will rise considerably.

Source : 求人ボックス

The unit price of the R language of the freelance agent introduced on this blog is over 600,000. If you do simple calculations, it is possible to maintain a high annual income of 7 million yen or more. However, this is limited to freelancers with extensive practical experience. This is because inexperienced workers run the risk of losing their jobs. Also, in the case of the R language, the demand is higher than in SAS, but the workload is not so large, so it is necessary to have a certain number of connections.

Skills required for R language programmer

What skills does an R language programmer need? Generally, the following experience is required: Please refer to it if you want to start a side job. Unlike other languages, there are no examples of it being used in games or apps, so many people don’t know about it.

SAS, Python skills

It is quite difficult to get by with just the R language alone. That’s because the amount of work is not that much. If you only use the R language, you can only work at research institutions. However, if you learn SAS and Python, you will not have to worry about your work. Python in particular is in high demand. Furthermore, it is advantageous for employment conditions if you can process data and write code in Javascript, Scala, PHP, and SQL.

Basics of statistics

In the case of the R language, it is difficult to do it “only” as a programmer. This is because the R language itself is a field of data science. When this happens, you will need basic statistical knowledge. Therefore, you will need at least a second-level statistical test level of knowledge. Statistical test level 2 requires university graduate level knowledge. Many people study through books and schools, and some even obtain qualifications.


This has nothing to do with skills, but a world like the R language has become data science, and this world has a lot of connections among academics. In other words, it is much more advantageous to have various connections than to find a job on your own. Statistics jobs often require consultant-like abilities, so you should also do some sales work.

IT skills

In the case of the R language, statistics are most important, but it is obviously more convenient to have IT skills as well. Having knowledge of databases, operating systems, frameworks, and even another programming language will be quite useful. It will be very useful if you have a basic knowledge and track record of system development, application, and package development work.

The future of the R language

The R language has a certain demand, so the future is bright, but the problem is the amount of work. The data science field doesn’t have a lot of work. Jobs such as data engineers and data analysts are the main occupations, but there are few job openings, so it may be difficult to find a job. However, on the other hand, companies are also struggling to secure human resources, so if you match, you can expect long-term employment in many cases, so you can secure a stable income.

Demand for R language programmers

There is a demand for R language programmers, but they need skills that can be used not only as programmers but also as data scientists. In addition, there is a risk that jobs will be interrupted because there are few job openings in the field of data science. We encourage you to register with as many freelance agents as possible. However, on the other hand, companies are also struggling to secure human resources, so the unit price tends to be quite high, and this tends to be a higher annual income than programmers in other languages, so it is an opportunity.

Orders can be placed as a freelance agent

Once you can actually use R, you will be able to register as a freelance agent and receive orders. Below is a list of the main agents, but the average unit price for a full-time job is around 600,000 yen to 800,000 yen. If you only do it on weekends as a side job, the average price will be a daily rate. If you are interested, please register first.

レバテックフリーランス       10%~20% 60000レバテックフリーランス
ギークスジョブ10%~20%4000geechs job(ギークスジョブ)
Tech Stock10%~15%8000求人サイト
Strategy Consultant Bank20%~30%500フリーコンサル独立支援【Strategy Consultant Bank】
エクストリームフリーランス       10%~25%6000【エクストリームフリーランス】
IT求人ナビ フリーランス?200IT求人ナビフリーランス
Free Engineer Office?300Free Engineer Office|フリーランスエンジニア向け求人サイト
ハイパフォーマーコンサルタント         ?5500ハイパフォーマーコンサルタント