Freelance IT Engineer: Is it really tough to be an IT engineer? Isn’t it actually sweet? Actual situation, reality


This article introduces and explains the harsh reality, advantages, disadvantages, and characteristics of freelance engineers. There is a difference between a freelancer and a full-time employee. Freelancers don’t have the same guarantees as full-time employees. What is the reality and actual situation of freelance engineers? It is often said that living as a freelancer is basically not easy.

How difficult is the reality of freelancing?

It is a fact that some freelance engineers are earning but not earning. This is because freelancers have to acquire work and earn money with their own skills and abilities. Unlike a company employee, a freelancer who obtains work on a merit-based basis requires a minimum of business etiquette as well as skills and experience that match the project in order to earn money. Therefore, the reality is that the income of a freelancer fluctuates considerably depending on the person.

Are there actually freelance engineers who can’t make money?

I have summarized the following reasons why freelance engineers cannot make money. Although I am free to do my work and choose the location as I like, I feel that there are some people who are in trouble. However, there is a solution to each of these, and you can do it for free, so please give it a try. Just doing one thing can make a huge difference in your results and situation. Some people are not very good at even one aspect of their work. If you are under a lot of stress, try to change yourself by seeking counseling.

bad at sales

If you work independently as a freelance engineer and run your own business, I think you will have a hard time. The reason is that you are not well known as an engineer. The key to getting a job is how well you can sell yourself to companies and highlight your skills, but there are probably people who are not good at sales and are lacking in sales. In that case, it is very easy to register with an agent who will act on your behalf, as they will send you job information without permission. Let’s try using it. The margin rate can be between 10% and 20%.

unable to self-manage

Freelancers who can’t manage themselves are 100% sure to fail. Freelance is not suitable for those who spend only nights or have a day-night reversal life. If you reduce your rest and sleep time, your work condition will become unstable and it will interfere with your work. If you can’t manage yourself, your work won’t progress well and will eventually affect the delivery date. In this case, it is better to give up freelancing and get a job. If you can’t manage yourself, you have no choice but to have someone manage it.

no sense of responsibility

When you work as an employee at a company, even if you do something wrong, your boss will eventually take responsibility, but if you do freelance with the same feeling, you may lose credibility. not. Freelancing is directly linked to your credibility, which will affect your work. Therefore, if you don’t have a sense of responsibility, you may not be very good at freelancing. You should face your personality and aim for re-employment if you can’t.

I don’t want stable income

If you are a freelancer, there is always the chance that you will run out of work. Especially for engineers, the biggest bottleneck is between projects. During this time, I will always have no income. If you want a stable income, a full-time employee is better. Alternatively, by registering a lot of agents as explained above, you will be able to receive a large amount of job information, and you will be able to eliminate gaps. As a freelancer, you have to act on your own.

low paying job

It’s tough for people who only do things with low remuneration. This is exactly the pattern for those who are looking for work in cloud services, etc., or those who lack skills. If you don’t have enough skills, either get a new job and hone your skills, or build up your skills through self-study. If you are using a cheap service, registering with the agents listed above will give you many high-paying jobs, so there is a high possibility that this will solve your problem. No matter how rewarding your work is, being cheap makes it difficult. If you continue to do only easy jobs, your annual income will never increase.

unable to move on their own

Freelancing is not suitable for people who are unable to move on their own. Now, if you think that work will come to you on your own, you are wrong, and if you think like this, a full-time job has more benefits and is suitable for you. When working as a freelancer, it is important to always feel anxious, acquire knowledge, and move to get work. If you constantly sow some seeds, the opportunity to bloom will come someday and you will be successful. It is important to always be active. You need to be willing to take the time to grow your business.

Aren’t freelance engineers naive?

Freelance engineers are not sweet, the perspective will change depending on the person’s posture and skills. In any case, if the above problems are solved, the world of freelancing will not be so harsh. It is to say that the future will not be so harsh if you change your consciousness and attitude. However, please note the following disadvantages.

difficult to be socially trusted

Unlike company employees, freelancers are business owners, but they are only sole proprietors. Unlike office workers who are employed by a company and have a guaranteed income, freelancers do not know when they will be without income. Partly because of this background, it has become easier to pass pre-purchase loan applications for real estate, and applications for credit cards and rental contracts may also be rejected if you are a freelancer. Even if you are not good at interpersonal relationships, you must hone your sales skills and be successful. Of course, there is no guarantee of pay or support.

Insurance is to be paid in full

Depending on your income, freelance engineers pay higher taxes and insurance premiums than company employees. Additionally, if there is no dependent system for National Health Insurance or National Pension, and you have a family, you will need to pay insurance premiums for each person. In addition to paying high taxes and insurance premiums, you run the risk of not having any benefits. Depending on the case, you will also need funds to prepare, which will be costly. If you are concerned about your health, your insurance premiums will be higher.

All at your own risk

Freelance engineers must take full responsibility for their work. If you are an employee, your company will take care of everything for you, but if you are a freelancer, this is not the case. I don’t have any co-workers to follow me up if I have a problem. The conditions are always high, and there is no guarantee that you will earn money or that you will be able to continue working. We must conduct sales activities in order to continue receiving orders. You must also respond to changes in the market.

Absorption of new technology

Freelance engineers need to develop new technical skills. If you are satisfied with your current environment, you will be left behind. We must pursue the needs of our clients. Web development is at its peak, but even as you get older, you still need to build up a track record. Even a side job can become a career. Technical skill development is always necessary. Let’s get some difficult qualifications. Thorough study and preparation are required.

Tough for beginners

Being a freelance engineer is especially difficult for beginners. Some people fail and find employment because they lack the know-how. Basically, it never becomes fulfilling, and after several years of unstable life, it gradually stabilizes. As we grow, we receive more orders and increase the amount of work, which leads to stability. It’s a system that allows people who are able to find work to be able to find work.

Is the company employee safe?

On the other hand, are office workers as safe as they say? there will be a problem. The status of office workers has clearly declined with the downfall of Japan. It is clear to everyone that the old era of lifetime employment is over. In that sense, I don’t think there is much difference between a company employee and a freelancer. After all, even if employees say they have a guarantee, if the company itself goes bankrupt, there will be no guarantee. It’s not the time to sanctify office workers, so I think there are plenty of freelancers out there.

An office worker’s income alone is unstable.

In reality, we live in a world where wars are occurring, so anything can happen at any time. The possibility that Japan will also be invaded by China or Russia is increasing. In times like these, the important thing is to keep trying things that interest you. There are many people who take up the challenge even if they have no experience. Human resources do not only refer to company employees. There are many people who aim to become freelancers and achieve double income through both office work and side jobs.

Engineers who are still active even after middle age

There are many engineers who are still active even after middle age. In the past, it was said that the retirement age was 35, but this is no longer the case, and there are people in their 40s, 50s, and even 60s who are still active as freelancers. Since the company can be expected to operate for a long time, the benefits of working as an engineer as a company employee are diminishing. We live in an era where you can work in an online network through crowdsourcing if you master the technology.

If you have connections, the story will spread.

There are also various types of freelancers, such as freelance engineers and designers, and if you expand your network, your business will expand. If you only work at work, you may end up feeling lonely and struggling with the company’s problems, but if you have other tasks to do, you will be able to communicate and have a change of pace. If you have many business partners, you will be able to choose to quit the company and become independent if you wish. The important thing is not to shut yourself up at home, but to open yourself up to a variety of possibilities.

More and more companies are allowing side jobs.

The reality is that more and more companies are allowing side jobs. Filing tax returns is a hassle, but some people take full advantage of it and earn money. If you learn python, ruby, go, php, swift, c#, java, etc., you can immediately earn not only a salary but also side income. The biggest appeal of being a freelance engineer is that you can work fully remotely. Overall, there are few engineers, so you can choose your job. Now is the time when you can negotiate and get a higher salary if you can work proactively on your own.