Freelance IT Engineer: Is Retirement Agency All Support Recommended? Reviews and good reputation Benefits explanation


Retirement Agency All Support is a retirement agency service that thoroughly supports retirement under the supervision of a lawyer. Free LINE consultations are available 24 hours a day, so you can consult even late at night after work. There is also a two-month follow-up service.

Features of Retirement Agency All Support

At Retirement Agency All Support, we are a law firm under the supervision of a lawyer, so we provide a retirement agency service that thoroughly supports your retirement. It even includes after-sales follow-up. If you contact us when you quit, the company will immediately begin the process for you. It may actually be over in as little as 10 minutes. No need to call the company at all. We can help with overtime claims, business handovers, claims for unpaid wages, human relations, labor issues, and even important support afterwards.

Company NameLLC SHL
address4-18-1 Shiba, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Corresponding areaNationwide
Response time365 days/24 hours
Consultation methodLINE free consultation
usage fee29,800 yen
method of paymentCredit card/bank transfer
Dealing with negotiations with the workplacePossible

2 months follow-up

With this service, you can receive after-sales follow-up for two months after leaving your job, and the service also includes support for obtaining separation forms and withholding tax, as well as job change support. It is your responsibility to choose a place of employment, but if you are unsure, the first thing you should do is use after-sales support. We will personally introduce you to many job openings that match your desires.

Job change support

We will support you until you change jobs after quitting your job, so if you are worried about what will happen after you quit your job, you can rest assured. This company is highly recommended for those who want to entrust their work to us, as they will introduce you to new jobs. If you have experience as a full-time employee, you will be able to make a smooth decision.

Immediate retirement

With this service, people who want to retire on the same day, or those who want to retire after they have used up all their paid time, will be provided with support tailored to their individual circumstances. The official website states that the operating company’s main business is the retirement agency business, and they have many achievements. If you are suffering from mental pain, try using it. Users are more likely to leave because of trust. The success rate is said to be high and there are very few failures.

Free consultation

Consultation can be done through LINE, and you can feel free to consult even if you are still thinking about retiring. By the way, there are no consultation fees, so you can get support for free. If you are forced to work at a black company and honestly cannot afford it, if you are worried or anxious, or if you cannot even get various withholding tax certificates, please consult us first. It’s helpful because you can handle the process without having to meet me.

Reputation and word of mouth

Unfortunately, there are not many ratings and reviews. It doesn’t have many users, largely because the company itself was recently founded.

How to apply for retirement agency all support

You can apply for retirement agency all support from the link below.

deposit the fee

Once you have made arrangements with the person in charge, you will receive the payment. At this time, it is often specified, so please complete the payment using the specified method. As soon as you make a payment, we will start working on it, so all you have to do is leave the rest to us.

Submit your resignation letter

When the person in charge of leaving the company informs the company of the resignation, a resignation letter is submitted. You do not have to come to the office in person to submit your resignation letter. You can submit it by mail, so don’t worry. Also, there is no problem if you return items lent by the company by mail.

Completed retirement

After you retire, your company will send documents such as a letter of separation from employment and an employment insurance card to your home. You don’t have to go to the company to receive it, but don’t forget to pick it up and keep it when it arrives.