Freelance IT engineer: Features of retirement agency CLEAR Reviews and reputation Thorough explanation of benefits


CLEAR, a retirement agency service, is operated by a legally compliant labor union. We will explain the actual reviews and reputation in the article. It is now possible to use it with confidence. CLEAR Retirement Agency Service provides retirement agency services at the lowest prices in the industry. Therefore, you can order it at a very low price.

Features of Retirement Agency CLEAR

Retirement agency CLEAR can also be requested to negotiate retirement conditions that cannot be handled by private companies. This is because the retirement agency CLEAR is run by a labor union. It will also be possible to use paid wages and negotiate unpaid wages. If a user is having trouble leaving the company due to a job change, they can simply contact their boss and the system will take care of the formalities. If you are struggling every day, are tired of the heavy workload due to long working hours, are physically exhausted, or are not doing well and are not feeling fulfilled, please ask for advice. Get rid of your mental pain now.

Union nameJapan Labor Standards Union
address3-2-11 Kanda Surugadai, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo Federation Hall
Corresponding areaNationwide
Response time365 days/24 hours
Consultation methodLINE/email free consultation
usage fee18,000 yen
method of paymentCredit card/bank transfer
Dealing with negotiations with the workplacePossible

run by trade unions

This retirement agency service is operated by the Japan Labor Standards Union, a legally compliant union certified by the Tokyo Labor Commission. Union fees are included in the cost of retirement agency services. By law, the company cannot punish you for joining the Japan Labor Standards Union, so you can use it with confidence. We will ensure that the procedures are followed regardless of whether you are a part-time worker, part-time worker, or full-time employee. We have a proven track record, so if you are feeling mentally unwell or dissatisfied, please consult the official website. There is a money-back guarantee, so it is a very good service compared to others.

negotiate as agent

This retirement service is operated by the Japan Labor Standards Union, so it is possible to act as an agent. Even if you quit using this retirement agency service, your retirement benefits will not disappear and you will be able to request paid leave. There is no legal difference between resigning through a retirement agent and resigning through negotiations on your own. We recommend researching and confirming the number of paid vacation days you have left, and then expressing your intention to resign. You can resign even if there is a handover of your duties or whether you are involved with the company.

About fees

The fees for this retirement service are extremely low. The flat rate is 18,000 yen, which is probably the cheapest. You can rest assured that there are no additional charges or charges. You can have an unlimited number of consultations, and if you wish, please feel free to call the management company for details. The conversation goes smoothly. It’s okay because it’s not illegal. The person in question will always respond quickly if you explain the details and make a request. In case something goes wrong, there is a money back guarantee.

100% retirement success rate

This retirement service continues to maintain a 100% retirement success rate. So basically, if you make a request, it will come true. Clearance is fully guaranteed. We recommend seeking counseling when you are being scolded every day, when you are tired of the pain, when you are being criticized for everything, when you are fed up with the amount of work you have to do, or when you cannot even get paid as much as you expected. Our correspondence begins from the day we meet.

word of mouth and reputation

I have summarized the opinions of users who used the retirement agency CLEAR, so I hope you can refer to it.

Consultation reception

The service not only handles retirement mechanically, but also provides consultation. You can also ask if you have any concerns or worries.

Same-day work refusal

Retirement agency CLEAR will respond on the same day, so if you leave it to us, you will be able to refuse to come to work on the same day.

How to apply for retirement agent CLEAR

You can apply for Retirement Agency CLEAR from the link below. I recommend it because it has been successful in many cases. If there is anything you are really concerned about, you can discuss it with us. We also have the right to collective bargaining, so we have a high sense of trust. If you register, the costs will be lower and cheaper than other companies, and we will even help you get paid. Depending on the situation, we will respond firmly to illegal activities.

deposit the fee

The process is to pay the fee after you have finished making arrangements with the person in charge. In this case, you will often be selected or specified, so please complete the deposit using the specified method. Once the payment is made, we will begin responding immediately, so all you have to do is leave it to us. Let’s consult together and relieve stress.

Submit your resignation letter

When the person in charge of leaving the company informs the company of the resignation, a resignation letter is submitted. You do not have to come to the office in person to submit your resignation letter. You can submit it by mail, so don’t worry. Also, there is no problem if you return items lent by the company by mail.

Completed retirement

After you retire, your company will send documents such as a letter of separation from employment and an employment insurance card to your home. You don’t have to go to the company to receive it, but don’t forget to pick it up and keep it when it arrives.