Freelance IT Engineer: Characteristics of Retirement Agency Immediately Discontinued Reviews and Reputation Explanation of important points to note about the service


In this article, we will explain whether you can seriously quit based on reviews and reputation when actually using the retirement agency service Immediate quit. Sokuyame is the industry’s first retirement agency service specializing in deferred payments. You can request payment even if you don’t have any money on hand, as the payment will be made after you have completed your retirement. Since we are a retirement agency that accepts requests 24 hours a day, we can also recommend it to busy people.

Features of retirement agency immediately

The biggest feature of immediate retirement services is the deferred payment system. This is very special and is one of the rare patterns among retirement agency services. They actually negotiate with your boss on your behalf regarding overtime pay and paid vacation. It’s okay because we won’t respond to any demands and will support you until you retire. It is OK to return loaned items by mail. I don’t have any bad reviews because they listen to my concerns and respond quickly.

Company NameNell Support Co., Ltd.
addressEiwa Oike Building 6F, 436 Sasaya-cho, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto
Corresponding areaNationwide
Response time365 days/24 hours
Consultation methodLINE free consultation
usage fee28,000 yen
method of paymentCredit card/bank transfer
Dealing with negotiations with the workplacePossible

Post-retirement payment service

The biggest feature of this agency is that it offers a deferred payment service. Unlike retirement agencies that use a pay-in-advance system, we use a fully deferred payment system, so you can pay your expenses even after you are able to retire with peace of mind. You can feel safe, unlike unscrupulous companies who lose contact with you after paying the fee. The success rate is relatively high, and there are some people who are grateful that they have a good reputation.

Trade union involvement

Not only the operating company, Nellsapo, but also the workers’ union are involved in the operation, so they have the right to negotiate. If you have the right to negotiate, you can also request for paid wages, unpaid wages, and severance pay. However, although the official website states that it is “run by a labor union,” it does not provide details such as the name of the labor union. Users can communicate their intentions and someone from the company will negotiate the procedure over the phone. I feel relieved that negotiations often end without incident.

Compatible with speed

One of the features of retirement agency is that we can respond quickly and there is no stress. Retirement agency immediate termination allows you to resign immediately by communicating your intentions on the same day you consult with us. According to the official website, they will notify you of your resignation in “at least 10 minutes,” which is surprising. If you have any worries or concerns, we offer free consultation on LINE. If there is anything you don’t understand, you can ask for a hearing. The contract period is until retirement.

No need to come to work or contact the company

Sokuyame will take care of contacting the company, so there is no need to come to the office or contact the company at all. Then, what should I do with the items lent by the company? Since they can be sent by mail, there is no problem. If you are exhausted due to long working hours, are constantly being yelled at with intimidating and abusive language, or have a sense of distrust, you can rest assured that there is no need to contact us when quitting. You can feel free to leave it to us if you wish. Regardless of whether you are employed as a full-time employee, we can accommodate part-time or outsourced work.

What kind of reviews and reputation are there?

I have summarized the opinions of users who have used Retirement Agent Sokuyame, so I hope you find it useful. However, there are not many reviews. Article 14 of the official terms and conditions states that there is a possibility of a money-back guarantee even in the unlikely event of an emergency. It seems that there is a track record. Depending on the business situation, uniforms and other items may also be returned by mail. They seem to be able to smoothly negotiate unpaid salaries and other issues. We will always consult with you personally online.

Deferred payment possible

This retirement service can be paid in arrears. You will be able to pay after actually using it and checking the results, so it is very safe.

reputation is weak

Looking at reviews by other bloggers, there are many cases where this retirement service is treated delicately.

How to apply for retirement agency immediately

You can apply for immediate termination on behalf of your retirement from the link below. Currently, they respond more quickly than other companies. If you are worried about whether you can receive support for the first time, you can also consult with us. If it is accepted, we will move at a low price.

Submit your resignation letter

The process is that once the retirement representative informs the company of his/her resignation, he/she will submit a notice of resignation. There is no need to come to work in person to submit your resignation letter. You can submit your application by mail, so feel free to submit it. Additionally, there is no problem if you return any additional items lent to you by the company after you joined the company, such as by mail. At the very least, we will negotiate for unpaid wages and the acquisition of paid wages.

Completed retirement

After you retire, your company will send documents such as a letter of separation from employment and an employment insurance card to your home. You don’t have to go to the company to receive it, but don’t forget to pick it up and keep it when it arrives.

deposit the fee

Once I have completed my retirement, I will deposit the expenses. In this case, you will often be specified, so please complete the deposit using the specified method. The probability of success is high and there are many examples. If you have any concerns or questions about power harassment, please consult with us regarding your work. It will definitely solve the problem. If you fail, there is a money-back guarantee.