Freelance IT engineer: Are seminars suspicious? No benefits?


It is a seminar that those who want to become freelance engineers from now on and those who have already become must be careful. Seminars are often advertised as being able to study, but there are so many scams and rip-offs that they have become a social problem.

Freelance seminars are rapidly increasing

There is a background that the number of freelancers has increased significantly in recent years, and the number of suspicious seminars targeting these freelancers, especially beginners, is increasing rapidly. There are many people who are introduced to expensive information products at seminars or introduced to programming schools and are deceived. In order for those who want to start a business or become a freelancer to avoid being caught in a fraudulent expensive seminar, we will introduce examples of seminar fraud.

What are the characteristics of malicious seminars?

For some reason, some people are charged a large amount of money or are threatened when they go to a seminar. If you find a suspicious seminar, contact the police. Or maybe I should just go home. Be wary of any malicious seminars like the ones below. Web seminars that are offered for free use the pretext of being able to earn a side job for individuals, pressure people to register for the service, and search for people with the pretext of teaching even if they have no skills. The purpose of the operation is to collect and earn money after registration. Nowadays, more people are advertising on blogs and SNS.

Seminars where the identity of the organizer/instructor is unknown

Seminars where you don’t know the background of the organizers or instructors of the management company are very dangerous. This depends on the category, but in most cases the other instructor has done something negligent, and there is a high possibility that most of them are involved in crime. I can’t reveal my identity because I feel guilty. Please also check the location of the company. This is also definitely black unless specified otherwise. I will definitely run away from now on. It would be better to use crowdsourcing etc. to search for requests.

Invitation to programming school

There are many seminars that invite you to join programming schools. Programming schools basically have nothing but risks. As introduced in the article below, even if a first-time participant registers as a member, the instructor’s profile is excellent, but the level is low, the level will not improve even if you take the course, and there is no way you can find a job. . You can easily participate freely, but there are many disadvantages and it costs a lot of money. Honestly, what’s important is work experience. In the end, make a firm decision.

Sales of information products

There are also scammers who sell programming materials and tools at high prices. Even if you actually purchase a book, the content is often the same or lower than the book you bought at a local bookstore, and in most cases they sell it to you at a rip-off price. In the first place, there are many seminars that attract people because they want to sell information products rather than seminars. If you are interested in whether there is support or guarantee, please do a little research first before considering attending the seminar. You don’t need anything that isn’t useful for your work.

Earn easily, Earn quickly, Earn easily

Seminars that repeat these phrases are very dangerous, so try to stay away from them as much as possible. Engineers are craftsmen, so they don’t fit into any of these categories. Any business that offers easy money comes with fraud. If you don’t do it right, you could become involved in a crime. It’s dangerous if the rewards are too high or if there are too many videos that focus on making money.

A lecturer who appeals to rich people

A seminar that appeals that the organizers and lecturers are extremely rich is very dangerous. This is because most of the teachers who write “I earn 1 million yen a month” are lying or are earning by committing criminal acts. The number of “monthly income” and “annual income” that the lecturer self-reports is not at all. It is also very dangerous if you are promoting a wad of money or a luxury car.

Seminar for non-engineers

Seminars that are aimed at engineers but are taught by non-engineers are not worth going to. In order to become an engineer, know-how and experience are important, but there is absolutely no value in going to a lecturer’s seminar that does not have these elements.

Freelance agent recommended for job search

Most of the people who participate in seminars like the above tend to participate in those who have not even found a job in the first place. If you’re going to go to a strange seminar, it’s better to start looking for a job right away. Agents act as sales representatives, so they look for jobs on your behalf.