Freelance IT Engineer: Being permanently stationed at a customer site is full of risks Explanation of advantages and disadvantages of temporary contract with SES


We will explain about SES, which is a company’s permanent presence at customer sites. There are no benefits to IT engineer dispatch contracts, work, or development work styles. The number of people working as freelance engineers has increased rapidly in recent years. Freelancers have the right to choose various ways of working, but the most dangerous of these is being permanently stationed at a client’s location. Please note that you may be introduced to a permanent customer service if you are using a freelance agent.

What is permanent customer service? Difference between dispatch contract and direct contract

Permanently stationed at a customer site is a contract type in which the engineer is permanently stationed at the company where he or she works. There are three types of contracts for permanent staff at the customer site: If you use a freelance agent to receive job referrals, you may be able to proceed with one of the following: Responses will be carried out in accordance with instructions from the company to which you are dispatched, using various systems, and in the context of many human relationships. If you have experience with this, you have seen it before, and you will understand that the existence of a permanent customer service is evil in itself. Even if the required skills are there, there is no benefit to the workers.

SES contract

SES is an abbreviation for System Engineering Services, and is one of the contract types for IT engineers to work.In writing, it is a quasi-delegation contract. Engineers are stationed at client sites and provide technical services as IT engineers at the site of system development and software development. In the case of an SES contract, the company that employs you has the right of command. This is used everywhere: web, embedded, finance. People with no experience and no career are often shocked when they walk into a customer’s office.

dispatch contract

A temporary staffing contract is a contract with a freelance agent company, and you go to the project’s permanent location as a temporary employee of the agent company. In the case of a dispatch contract, the client has the right to command and command. If you become a temporary worker, you will be required to enroll in social insurance. Depending on the situation, some agents may even pay for your transportation expenses, which is a great benefit. If you register with a temporary staffing company on a free recruitment site, you will be introduced, and if you are hired, you will be employed.

direct contract

In the case of a direct contract, you do not go through a freelance agent, but use the connections you have made through your own sales work to sign a contract directly with the client, and you will be stationed there full-time. This will result in a business outsourcing contract. The contract will likely have a certain degree of flexibility. Since there is no company in between, the pay is high and it is easy to apply, and many people are successful. There is no support, but the work is specialized, so if you trust us, the number of requests will increase.

Reasons why customers are told not to be stationed

For freelance engineers, working permanently at a customer site is very risky. The reasons for this are as follows. There are only negative factors such as low pay, no training period, the person in charge is from a company you don’t know, you can’t find motivation or fulfillment, and you can’t hope for career advancement. Since there is no future prospects, it becomes a subcontracted job that is only painful and unsettling.

Work environment depends on “customer resident place”

In the case of a permanent customer, the culture is quite different depending on the industry of the permanent residence and the corporate culture of the company. It would be nice if it was a workplace with a high degree of freedom, but there are quite a few that have strict rules. There are some places that have rules such as not allowing you to bring your mobile phone in, and even having uniforms that you have to wear.

Same as company employee

In the case of a company employee who goes to the company to do business and a customer resident, it is the same thing. I will go to the client’s place every morning while being exhausted by the crowded train. What is this freelance for? That’s what it means. There is no point in staying at the customer site because there is no merit.

Commuting time

If you are stationed at the customer’s site, you waste time commuting from home to the client’s site. Since commuting to and from work consumes time every day, it is a considerable disadvantage for freelancers. In addition, transportation costs are also incurred, and this is mostly self-financed, and there is nothing good about it.

I can’t improve my skills

If you are stationed at a customer site, we will cut out part of the work process and assign the work to the personnel. This is a common story in the systems industry, but once you become a tester, you are constantly testing. Depending on the new environment, you will be stressed and you will not be able to acquire new skills. Depending on the department you belong to, the nature of your work and opportunities will depend entirely on your luck.

can’t do housework

If you are stationed at a client location, of course you will be working at the client location, so basically you will not be able to do household chores. If this is remote work, it will be possible to work while doing housework, but if you are stationed permanently, there will be strict restrictions depending on your boss and senior colleagues, which is a big disadvantage. This is what happens to small and medium-sized IT companies that do not have a well-developed system. There’s no way to deal with it, and there’s no way to resolve it, so you’re stuck.

Unable to raise children or take care of parents

If you are stationed at a customer site, you will be working at a major client site, so if you have children or are caring for a parent, you will not be able to take care of them at all. If you work in IT, you’ll have to work a lot of overtime, so you’ll have to come home late, which is risky. Therefore, when summarized, it tends to be difficult to understand. Human resources are no longer able to work smoothly and tend to be constantly in trouble and change jobs in the future.

Depending on the occupation, there is only a resident

Basically, especially for jobs that require on-site work, there may be cases where the only option is to be permanently stationed at the customer site. There is a contradiction in that the employee is a temporary employee even though he is a full-time employee. If you are a programmer, you can get a new job even if you work 100% from home. Therefore, whether or not you can work from home will depend on the type of job. Also, keep in mind that it really depends on the job content.

Composed of members from different companies

If you are permanently stationed at a customer site, you will have a collection of employees from various companies and it will be a contract. As a result, communication is difficult, and interpersonal relationships are strained and difficult to build in the office. Even if a problem arises, it is difficult to talk to them about it, so it is easy to feel isolated. There is no sense of belonging, and it is easy for people to develop disabilities. In addition, the schedule is often chaotic, and you may be asked to submit a work product even though there are few man-hours. It’s an environment where it’s difficult to get a good reputation even if you have the knowledge.

Absolutely no permanent residence at customer site, remote work recommended

When using a freelance agent, it is best to request remote work as much as possible. Being stationed at a customer site is full of risks, so there is no benefit. These agents can choose new jobs themselves. If you have specialized and strong skills, you can earn money efficiently, so we will solve the problem. Overall, there are many options, so you can rest assured that you can search to your advantage. It is important to show a willingness to learn wherever you are. The remuneration paid is also high, so an ideal contract will be realized.