Freelance IT engineer: Programmers are sitting down risk of back pain


Programmers, especially freelance engineers, often suffer from back pain because they spend a lot of time sitting at work. Programmers are known to be sedentary. People tend to think that sitting work puts less stress on the body than standing work. But this is very bad for your health. In some cases, there is a risk of developing back pain.

Do programmers easily hurt their backs?

Starting with programmers, clerical staff, accounting, and administrative staff are among the jobs that require constant sitting. Low back pain is common among people who tend to work long hours while sitting. Sitting at a computer or study desk for a long time often causes eyestrain and lower back pain. In other words, sitting all the time poses a health risk.

desk work

Programmers work at a desk, so they face the same problems as office workers. Since we work with the same attitude and feeling, we will face the same problems. Since we have the same attitude at work every day, we also face the same risk of contracting illness. Even if the industry is different, the work content at the company is the same, so you will end up having problems.

The common point is the same posture

The fact that programmers, system engineers, office workers, etc. sit in the same posture all the time is harmful to their health. Continuing in the same posture causes the blood in the whole body to stagnate and causes fatigue. This can result in back pain.

health risk

People who sit too much have shorter life spans, higher obesity rates, and shorter life spans. The fact that the prevalence rate is so high is terrifying.

People who have a regular exercise program at health promotion facilities, but who are sedentary in their lives, are associated with shorter life spans, higher levels of obesity, and type 2 diabetes than those who are not sedentary. It has been reported to have high prevalence and heart disease morbidity.

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How to improve sitting too much?

Even if you change jobs, programmers tend to become sedentary. In order to improve the problem of sitting too much, at least the current situation is no good. We will introduce countermeasures, so let’s try the following. Personally, taking it in will of course help prevent illness. Sitting for 8 hours repeatedly is harmful to the body. It may also increase the possibility of diabetes, so if you have daily worries, try it even if it’s a little difficult.

Eliminate lack of exercise

In recent years, due to the influence of the coronavirus, there have been more and more opportunities to spend all your time sitting in a chair at home. Most people sit still and don’t even move. Therefore, the good thing is that we need to eliminate the lack of exercise. Try walking for just 30 minutes a day. This is because aerobic exercise is said to be the appropriate response. Nothing will change if you just sit at your desk and browse the web.


Staying in the same position for long periods of time while programming is quite dangerous. Blood flow also stops, indicating a condition in which circulation is considerably poor. For example, after working for 2 hours, take a 10-minute break and stretch. In any case, it is impossible and risky to keep applying stress to the same body parts by holding the same posture. If you feel stiff shoulders for a long time, stretching is the easiest and most effective way to do it. Some companies have also adopted an environment where employees can stretch.

Feel refreshed

It’s also good to refresh yourself mentally. Development tends to make you hunched over, and working in the same position all the time looking at a screen can be mentally exhausting. Human concentration is not something that can last for 10 or 20 hours, so it is essential to take regular breaks. Try relaxing your back muscles and changing your posture. Muscles become tired and worsen, making it harder to work. If you feel stressed while working, the key is to try at least a little bit.

What measures can be taken to prevent depression?

You may want to read the following articles at the same time. In terms of occupations, programmers spend long periods of time concentrating, and the incidence of depression is very high. Therefore, measures to prevent depression are also necessary. Moderate exercise and recreational walking are very effective ways to prevent depression. Sitting all the time can only be bad for your mental health. Be sure to take adequate breaks.