Freelance IT engineer: Are programmers lazy? The right person and the three great virtues are like cats.


Who is suitable for being a programmer? There is a saying that programming jobs are best suited for lazy and impatient people. When it comes to programmers, it is said that there are many people who are very careful, serious, and diligent because they have to program with 100% accuracy without causing any defects, but at the field level Well, actually that’s not the case. Surprisingly, programmers are often lazy.

Are programmers lazy? What characteristics does it have?

Are programmers lazy? It is said that. This is because programmers should be able to complete the code and create a working system, and all they have to do is fix bugs. So it’s not like I keep moving my hands 24 hours a day.

Remote work increases laziness

Due to the influence of the coronavirus, the number of remote work jobs has increased considerably for both office workers and freelancers. They do their job well, but once they’ve done what they have to do, programmers get bored. Programmers are automating their daily work, so they also have free time. What do you do when that happens?

  • Internet surfing
  • playing a game
  • watching youtube
  • reading comics
  • taking a nap

This is actually growing rapidly. It’s a remote work, so there’s no one around me to monitor myself. The reality is that the more people who can work alone to some extent, the more this happens. The work is easy and many people are lazy.

lazy as skilled

If you are a novice programmer, you will get a lot of errors, and there are many cases where you do not know how to operate. However, once you become an expert, you will create an environment where you can easily process your daily work using self-made automatic tools, so efficiency will improve and man-hours will tend to be shorter than planned. The more skilled you are, the more free time you have.

programmers are weird

Also, many programmers have different personalities. There are many programmers who would never work in the hospitality industry or restaurant staff. Blood type B is very common, personality is lazy, short-tempered, and even arrogant intentions are common. It is said that this is the three great virtues of a programmer.

The first virtue is laziness

A temperament that spares no effort to reduce the overall effort.
People with this temperament write useful programs to make everyone’s life easier,
Write documents so you don’t have to answer the same questions over and over again.
Hence, it is the first virtue of a programmer.

The second virtue is “impatient”

The anger you feel when your computer is lazy. Owners of this anger write programs that anticipate problems that may arise in the future, rather than just programs that address existing problems. At least try to do so. Hence the second virtue of the programmer.

The third virtue is arrogance

Excessive self-esteem to the point of divine punishment.
Or write a program that is not embarrassing to people,
Also, the temperament of trying to maintain.
Hence the third virtue of the programmer.

Source : larry wall

Serious people get mentally ill

Serious people are more likely to become mentally ill. Programmers are a profession with an extremely high rate of mental illness. The more serious a person is, the more nervous they become, and they get sick and quit. As a result, the more skilled people are, the more lazy and sloppy people will remain. Therefore, a person who has all the laziness, impatience, and arrogance mentioned above becomes an expert.

I have a tendency to change jobs

Programmers are in high demand in every country, so there are many people who study a little and then move on to other jobs. Some people want to change jobs because they’re tired of the job interviews or find it too troublesome. If you study and make an effort, you can easily change jobs as a programmer. Hiring is easy if you have the required skills. With one action, you can become an engineer who is strong in many industries. Therefore, many people tend to change jobs.

just like a cat

With the above background, there are more lazy people than skilled programmers. I once heard from a colleague that their personality is like that of a cat. Cats only look at one point when they are concentrating, but when they lose focus they lose interest and sleep most of the time. Domestic cats spend two-thirds of their life asleep, making them mostly sleeping animals.

This is exactly the nature of programmers. Programmers are incredibly focused at work. However, once the work is over, it doesn’t matter, and the reality is that there are so many people who are just playing around. Some people are so busy that they don’t know how to spend their working hours.

Programmers can play while working

A freelance agent is recommended for programmers who like to be lazy and lazy. If you wish, I can tell you that I can work remotely, so I can spend time watching YouTube after doing my work, surfing the net, and doing indoor training, so I recommend it.