Freelance IT Engineer: How NEETs can become programmers Can you program?


We will explain how NEETs can get a job as programmers or return to society on their own. NEET refers to people who tend to live a reclusive life and are lazy and do not look for jobs. It is quite difficult for NEETs to become full-time employees because they basically have no work experience. However, it is possible to become a freelancer if you hone your skills.

NEET aims to become a freelance engineer

It is quite possible for NEETs to aim to become freelance engineers. However, it is 100% impossible to suddenly become a freelancer. Because they don’t have the skills. First of all, you need to acquire skills and gain practical experience by working part-time. So what steps do NEETs actually need to take to become freelancers? I will explain. If you are a NEET, you should keep in mind that the route to becoming a full-time employee is difficult. It’s a specialized job, so you can work online, and your annual income will be high.


The first thing NEETs have to start with is acquiring skills. Programming is highly recommended. You can learn programming for free. There is so much information on the internet that it is possible to collect it. If you have a Windows PC, you can do VBScript, and if you have Chrome, you can study Javascipt. It is necessary to study for at least half a year and bring it to a level where you can create simple applications and tools on your own.

Start a part-time job

The next thing NEETs should do is to have a part-time job. Full-time employment is impossible, so you should give up. What have you been doing in the case of full-time employment? I’m often asked about it and I’m not hiring. Compared to this, part-time workers and part-time workers have relatively low hurdles to hiring, so it is easy to get a job even if you are unemployed. Work hard at a part-time job for at least a few years. Getting experience is the most important thing.

Aim to become a freelancer

You should aim to become a freelancer because you can work as a part-time or part-time worker and have a track record after a few years. If you register with an agent company, you will be introduced to freelancers without permission, so if you are interested, you should apply more and more. Freelance programmers can earn more than 500,000 yen per month, so income will be uneven. There are many former NEETs among freelance programmers, so don’t worry. Especially at first, it’s a good idea to start with the language that you’re good at.

If it’s difficult, aim for a job.

If you are at a dead end, try looking for a job for the time being. Career change sites and agents are free to use, so they can not only help you with questions and consultation, but also provide support and assistance. If you don’t have a job after graduating, there are plenty of jobs available in the IT industry. Create your portfolio and profile and look for program jobs. The agent will also support you regarding conditions and search methods. After joining the company, you should spend several years acquiring skills. After that, you can try freelancing again.

Why programmers are recommended for NEETs

Actually, I’m also a programmer, and NEETs are very compatible with programmers. Why? You may think so, but there are several reasons why you might think so. This is an awareness and skill that programmers learn when running a business, and it will be extremely useful. It can be said that it is advantageous because you are not required to communicate, which NEETs are not good at. If you are aiming to do something now, it will benefit your future.

No communication skills required

Most NEETs have problems with communication skills. However, in the case of programmers, it is not a profession that requires conversational skills. Since it is a job based on skills, even NEETs may be able to adapt to it.

introverted personality

Most NEETs tend to be withdrawn and closed minded, and programmers tend to do the same. Many programmers are not good at self-expression and tend to be introverted. Both are very similar in personality. It can be said that NEETs are suitable for programmers even considering their personality.

Many former NEETs

There are a lot of former NEETs in the job of programmer. There are many former NEETs because it is easy for NEETs to enter and earn money due to the nature of their occupation. Personality is also compatible, and communication skills are not required much, so it is considered to be a very adaptable occupation.

Possible to stay at home completely

A programmer’s job is to create source code, so there is not much need to commute to work. Perhaps because of that, it is an environment that is very easy for NEETs to adapt to. If you are completely at home, you will not be seen by others, so you can work in a safe environment, so it is highly recommended for NEETs.

Regardless of educational background, work history, or background

The job of a programmer is not very detailed in terms of educational background and work history. Freelancing basically allows you to work as long as you have the skills. In the case of full-time employees, it is often a comprehensive evaluation, so NEETs are at a disadvantage. As a client, we have a stance of “anything is OK as long as it produces results”, so there is an environment where even NEETs can take on challenges.

Utilize freelance agents

If you want to do freelance programming work, it may be a good idea to first try to measure your own market value. We recommend registering with a freelance agent. If there is a job introduced after registering, there is no problem, but if nothing is introduced, it may be due to lack of ability or skills. If you are interested, please register as a freelance agent first.

I do not recommend changing jobs or getting a new job.

In the case of NEETs, many companies dislike them because they question why they were withdrawn in the first place. Therefore, it is dangerous to only look for a job change or employment. It will take a long time, so try to acquire connections in the industry while studying on your own or attending school. There is also learning content for active engineers, and there are also web study sessions. Take courses with high content and become independent by your 30s or 40s. Programming school takes time to learn, but we also provide job placement services.

There is a shortage of manpower, so there are opportunities.

If you want to become a freelancer, you will also need sales services. Instead of interviewing, sell yourself to the company. There is a shortage of manpower, so there are opportunities for people in their 20s and 30s with no experience as part-time workers. Development requires knowledge, so it is not something that anyone can do. If you pursue skills and are motivated, there will be opportunities. Of course, let’s get the qualifications as well.

Let’s suppress trending technology

Let’s learn while keeping up with the current trends in programming languages such as ruby, java, and php. If the genre is in demand in the market, there are opportunities even if you have no experience. If you learn and put in the effort, you will be successful in finding a job. In some cases, even if there is no job available, there are workplaces that accept beginners as non-regular employees. By gaining experience and improving your skills, you can aim for a full-time job or even become a freelancer.