Freelance IT engineer: Is sales in the IT industry tough? Reasons why people say you should stop, explanation of future prospects


The reality is that sales jobs in the IT industry are tough and have no future prospects, so I would like to explain this for those who are thinking of changing jobs. When we talk about the IT industry, we often refer to programmers and system engineers. Although it often refers to technical positions, the IT industry is also filled with salespeople. However, we are told that we should absolutely stop doing business. Why?

What are the reasons why IT sales are so difficult?

There are several reasons why IT sales are tough: He has a side that programmers and system engineers cannot understand. In sales, the focus is not on technology but on proposing services and products for companies, and skill is not the point. For sales jobs, specialized knowledge is not important. It is important for successful people to have an approach, issues and problem-solving methods. If you are interested in the fields and careers of sales and sales, there are many things to think about, so please read this as it explains it.

too much paperwork

The tough part about IT sales is that there are so many documents to create and manage. It’s full of documents, including materials, estimates, order forms, invoices, and delivery notes. These documents are handled for each project and contract, so it can be quite difficult until you get used to it. When it comes to sales, there are many people who are not good at clerical work, so many people find the job even more demanding. Of course, we must produce results as a whole, and if we fail, we will be criticized. Some people find it difficult to handle various tasks without support.

a lot of customer service

In recent years, IT sales has involved a lot of customer support in teams. Since I work in sales, I am often the point of contact with the other party, so when I receive a phone call, I have to respond with top priority, so I get the impression that I am busy. Additionally, since we receive a large number of calls outside of work, there are many cases where we are forced to respond outside of work hours. You may find yourself caught in the middle, and in order to continue working in the future, you will need to be able to provide optimal and helpful follow-up toward your goals, as well as the ability to listen, receive advice, make decisions, and resolve issues.

receive a complaint

The tough part of IT sales is receiving complaints from the other side. The IT sales person also acts as a point of contact, so you can express your dissatisfaction to the other party. If the product you sell is defective or your company’s system engineer makes a mistake, the sales person will have to apologize from now on. In some cases, you may even have to apologize to the client. Many people find it too difficult and quit. In order to develop relationships with clients, you will have to bow down to many things.

sales quota

In IT sales, there are often quotas. Quota hurdles themselves vary depending on the company. Therefore, if the hurdle of quota is high, you will be pushed into a mental corner, which is very difficult. If we cannot achieve this, we will be forced to push back within our company. If you succeed, incentives are attractive, but if you fail, you may be fired. Behind the scenes, some people change jobs by acquiring even one qualification, know-how, or skill that they are interested in.

Tough emergency response

IT sales is not just about sales, it also involves emergency response, although it is rare. If a customer’s business system environment suddenly stops or hardware malfunctions, it can cause damage. In this case, you may receive a call even at night. If there is an emergency, engineers may also be required to respond to the work. You will be required to provide support, and you will also be required to find solutions based on the latest situation. I am often asked whether this is okay during interviews.

often remember

IT sales doesn’t require any technical knowledge, but if you don’t know the different terms, you won’t be able to have a successful conversation. Basically, it’s better to have some knowledge, and if you don’t know it, you often won’t be able to proceed with business negotiations. If you have no experience in the IT industry, please study hard even after changing jobs. Let’s directly analyze and investigate existing trends and movements. You also need to show enthusiasm. Nowadays, people are required to be more than just salespeople, but also marketers. In order to increase your value, you need to acquire strengths and gain an advantage.

What is it like to work in IT sales?

Job content includes BtoB for business for corporations and BtoC for business for individuals. What we are dealing with may be software, or it may be people. Most of the self-proclaimed IT companies are temporary staffing companies, so there are many cases where they are people. Dealing with people can be troublesome, and it is often necessary to take care of the person’s mental health. Engineers also have a higher incidence of mental illness. The job content will be in charge of the company’s window, such as customer service, document preparation, business negotiations, and inquiries, so it will be an attribute similar to the customer center.

Working hours for IT sales

Working hours vary depending on the department, but most are day shifts. Generally speaking, the call is from around 9:00 to 18:00, but if an emergency response is required, they often serve as the company’s point of contact or advisor, so they often receive calls even outside of working hours. At that time, you cannot ignore it, so you will be forced to respond. It can be said that there are different difficulties than being an engineer. As a result, my monthly overtime work is sometimes around 30 hours, and sometimes around 10 hours. Problem-solving skills are also required.

IT business holidays

Like engineers, IT sales workers have weekends off, paid holidays, and even summer vacation and year-end and New Year holidays. There are around 120 days off per year, so it will be about the same amount of time off as you would get from regular office work. Unlike engineers, it’s easier to take time off in sales. This is because they don’t have to respond to emergencies on-site like infrastructure engineers, and they don’t have deadlines like programmers or system engineers. Since we are driven by sales, there is no need to learn difficult things such as IT technology.

hearing, adjustment

In the case of IT sales, it is important for the person in charge to listen to the customer’s requests, appropriately research market marketing information, and understand the customer’s needs. Measures will be taken on how to make proposals to customers by adjusting and communicating within the company. It is important to receive even partial evaluations that are better than those of other companies. If we receive a request and need a new function for the system, we will need to communicate, negotiate, and negotiate with the development department, so interpersonal relationships are also important. Schedule management is also required.

Can be used even in your 20s

You can be active even in your 20s. This is because no skill is required. You can do anything if you put your mind to it. If you can produce new results in general, you can be active even at a young age. You can do it if you plan, manage, clearly understand the problems, and understand the business models of IT companies and manufacturers. There are many skill development and career paths available. If you have a strong desire to work, you may be a new graduate or a second-year graduate. It’s a tough world with a lot of changes in the industry, but there is no need for engineers to take care of things like delivery.

After-sales follow-up

Once you are able to provide after-sales follow-up, you will be trusted and appreciated by customer representatives, and it will be easier to improve your skills and reach your sales goals. If you have the ability, even if you are young, you can easily make a lot of profit and improve your sales skills. By achieving results, you can be promoted and have a rich career path. Their roles will increase and expectations will increase. There are very pros and cons. You may also be able to make new connections and develop new business through your work. Usually there is stress, hardship, and pain, but it is suitable for people who want to build bridges and find solutions.

Recommended by freelance agents

Many people become freelancers after gaining several years of experience in the IT industry. Freelancing is highly recommended as it pays well. If you are suffering from low pay, it would be a good idea to register once. You can also become a freelancer in sales. IT is tough if you have no experience, but in sales, there are job openings for those with experience in different industries, so it’s a great opportunity. Since it is not a specialty, job openings are always offered, so please consider it.

What should I do if I have no experience as a consultant?

By the way, if you don’t have experience as a consultant, you can check using a free career change site for general sales jobs. Just for reference, there are a lot of competing sites on the web these days, such as Mynavi, BizReach, and Rikunavi, so let’s start job hunting. What’s more, there are many people who are OK with no experience, so the hurdles to getting hired are not too high. After a few years, it is possible to become an independent IT consultant. It would be a good idea to get a job and get some qualifications. There are many solutions. There are opportunities for growth even if you have no IT experience.

Can consulting become freelance?

It is possible to be independent even in sales. Sales jobs are involved in requirements definition and planning, so the remuneration conditions are high. Solution sales require interaction with customers, but no technical skills are required. There are many options, and you can also change your industry and do freelance work. This is a job with less anxiety compared to other jobs. There are some cases that can be done online without stress and without a visit. There are also people with high market value who continue to work as freelancers. Freelance agents also have private projects, so please register and take a look.

Is there a quota? Are you chased by numbers?

There are opportunities in IT sales even if you have no experience, but the important thing is that some projects are driven by numbers. There is no problem if you have a little knowledge of programming etc., but there is real pressure to sell products. There are some workplaces where your opinions aren’t really heard, and you have to produce results even in such situations. If you would like a consultant, you can also get advice from your agent, so please refer to it.