Freelance IT engineer: Surprisingly manageable without work Solution


Is it possible for freelancers to aim for something depending on their skills? It is said that. Unlike full-time employees, freelancers are not guaranteed their status, so they are responsible in many ways. Many people think that if they lose their freelance work, they will be left on the street, but surprisingly, things can be done somehow.

Challenges faced by new freelancers

If you are just starting out as a freelancer, you may be particularly worried about the following issues: When you look at the websites of people who earn money through blogging, you get the impression that they are living an elegant life, and it is easy to imagine that they have a lot of income and money. However, when you become independent, you don’t receive many requests from companies. Therefore, it is necessary to endure even the lowest unit price and build up a track record. When providing services, we will share important things before starting a side job.

lack of business

This tends to be a problem, especially for beginning freelancers. Many freelance beginners have few connections, so they have to do business. However, in the case of IT engineers, there are freelance agents, etc., so they can do business on your behalf. If you are in trouble, you should definitely use multiple agents. Freelance agents will send you job information just by registering, so you don’t have to cut your own time.

Insufficient track record

A common problem for new freelancers is lack of track record. If you don’t have a track record, you may not be able to get a job in the first place. In such a case, you have no choice but to appeal your experience as a full-time employee or a part-time job to get a job. Also, at first, it is important to accumulate achievements anyway, so I recommend that you work anyway even if you don’t like it. Eventually, the results will increase, so you won’t have to worry about worrying about it.

Lack of trust

A common problem for new freelancers is that they are not trusted by their clients. First of all, it is important to work and produce results. By delivering results, customers will gradually come to rely on you. If this happens, the client may gradually give priority to you for work, so you can build a connection.

Unable to prepare for taxes

One area that is surprisingly hidden is tax planning. If you were an office worker, you didn’t have to think about it because the year-end adjustment was done for you. An increasing number of freelancers who have started earning money consult a tax accountant after becoming independent. There are a certain number of people who regret it because they have to pay for insurance etc. Then there will always be people who get jobs. If you are not prepared, you will go bankrupt before you can make any money. Please consider carefully before opening or signing a contract.

Reasons and countermeasures for not doing well in freelancing

The truth is that freelancing can be achieved through action. In any case, it is important to move your hands and feet to find a business partner. Most people who don’t succeed in freelancing have the following reasons: If you decide to become independent, first check your savings. If it’s difficult to calculate, you should continue working as an office worker for a little longer. If it’s OK, there is no problem as long as you continue working in each field that interests you.

lack of action

80% of the reasons why you don’t succeed as a freelancer is due to lack of action. Work doesn’t just come to you without doing anything. If you think that being a freelancer means you can work at your own pace, you need to realize that you also have responsibilities towards yourself. Even though it’s a freelance job, you can’t take advantage of the best. The hurdles are high, but let’s do some research, take action, and directly receive orders for the work we are good at. In the future, connections will matter.

no immediate results

It is common for beginner freelancers to think that they will see results right away and end up giving up. Freelancing is essentially like starting a business. It doesn’t work out for everyone at first. Only those who can accumulate even if it takes several years will be successful. After submitting your work on time and completing multiple tasks, you will be able to receive income smoothly. This is common in any profession. Basically, be proactive and seize opportunities.

Health management

Managing your health is essential to succeed as a freelancer. If you are someone who only eats fast food, is sleep deprived, or whose days and nights are reversed, please start by reviewing your environment. If your health is not good, you won’t even be able to apply for a job at Crowdworks. Being in good physical condition is an essential requirement for a sole proprietor. It is also a socially unstable status, so take precautions in advance.

useless waste

Some beginner freelancers waste money unnecessarily. Freelancers have to pay rent, food, utilities, internet fees, insurance, etc. Luxury and extravagance can go a long way in relieving stress, but do so in moderation. Once a self-employed business owner retires, it is difficult to pass a loan screening, and it is difficult to get a credit card. You have to make a balance between your own living expenses and the compensation you receive.

You can manage without specialized skills

There are many freelance IT engineers who can manage without skills. If you think you lack expertise, just make the following efforts and the situation will change.

have a connection

It is the lifeline of freelancers, and the presence or absence of connections is very important. It really depends on whether you have a client who can give you work when you’re in trouble or not. We encourage you to get out and socialize as much as possible. Many people aim to earn money through crowdsourcing on the web, but the more connections you have, the higher the unit price will be.

Try to do a job that you are not good at

If you are a beginner freelancer, you may not be able to get many orders for work. Even if a job comes along that you don’t feel like doing, I recommend you give it a try. There are many cases where trying something will lead to your next job. Trying to do something important, even if you don’t like it, can lead to securing and continuing your next job, which makes a big difference. The trick is to try at least a little.

learn the latest technology

This is essential whether you are a freelancer or not, but learning the latest technology is still required. Please try to collect information and acquire skills, whether it is on the internet or from magazines. It’s tough, but if the business goes well, you can manage and live freely. There are tax returns, but now more and more people are making money through business.

I should go back to being a company employee

Even if you can’t get a job and it’s difficult to live as a freelancer, in the worst case, you can go back to being an office worker. Life doesn’t end just because you’re back in business. In a few years, all you have to do is try freelancing. Having a variety of options can give you peace of mind.

You can improve your skills by changing jobs

By the way, even if you fail at freelancing, you can change jobs and aim to become a freelancer again. The important thing is to accumulate knowledge and create a stable working environment. There are many things to think about to achieve this, but if conditions improve, it is possible to increase your income.

Studying is essential

Studying is a necessary skill for freelancing. There are many jobs such as designer, writer, programmer, video editor, etc., but of course, skills and knowledge are absolutely necessary to do the job well. It may be difficult if you suddenly have no experience, but as a guideline, if you have a few years of work experience, you should be able to do it as a freelancer.