Freelance IT Engineer: What is Site Reliability Engineering (SRE)? Annual income and demand, company work details


Regarding Site Reliability Engineering (SRE), we will explain reliability such as system operation. Demand for this position has increased in recent years, along with data scientists. Site Reliability Engineering is a highly anticipated job and one that more and more people are likely to pursue in the future. Is there a demand for freelance site reliability engineering?

What is Site Rylai Voybility Engineering?

Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) refers to “system operation management methodology and the role of engineers” advocated by Google. The outline of the goal is for the team in charge to focus on improving the reliability of software, cloud, websites and services, and to automate and streamline data by engineering the manual work associated with system operation monitoring in business. Job duties will be carried out based on the concept of “going forward”. Human resources are required to facilitate performance through an organizational support approach.

What kind of work is involved?

The job description and definition of Site Reliability Engineer includes the following details: Unlike software developers, it is not necessary to have a high level of knowledge of coding techniques, but members are asked to make various requests regarding project operation strategies, operational initiatives, configurations, and settings. On the other hand, if you have time depending on your purpose, you will learn internally, solve problems, and provide high quality solutions. Availability is required.

Stabilization of operation

Site Reliability Engineers do not directly handle the operational work itself, implementation, or additions, but their job is to analyze and share operational methods, improve efficiency, and ensure stability without the effects of errors. My job is to start new updates in the construction and maintenance of servers, and to stabilize the specific performance of security middleware technology. By doing these things, the aim is to prevent the occurrence of problems commensurate with the indicators.

Business efficiency tools

Site reliability engineers generally support the development team. My job is to support the development team because it is their task to maintain and prepare tools and environments that have value and can be implemented and operated autonomously. Tasks include monitoring tools and automating document creation and log acquisition. While compromising the needs of users on the development and operation sides, we also implement processes and ideas to avoid alerts and accelerate the release of products.


In general development, site reliability engineers are usually required to take responsibility for eliminating these possibilities in advance so that there is no need to worry about them after the service is released. If a problem occurs, your job is to think of ways to minimize the scale of the problem. My job involves predicting and measuring procedures and abnormalities that may cause failures at an early stage, and then promptly evaluating and resolving them. The key point is whether large-scale process issues can be appropriately promoted and implemented through action.

Annual income of Site Ril Liliary Engineering

The annual income of the site Ryliri -vile engineer, but not so much recruitment. However, in recent years, job openings have been released, mainly for regular employment employment, and the market has begun to appear with an annual income of around 5 to 6 million. If you don’t look ahead yet, it’s difficult to get the average value, but the current situation is calm in such a place.

Skills required for site Rylai Voybility Engineering

We will specifically introduce the skills and knowledge required for site reliability engineers. As a way of thinking, there is always a strong need for stability and effectiveness in all life cycles of platforms and systems. Of course, it is important to build a system that will operate continuously over a long period of time. Although it depends on the field, efforts are required to deepen awareness and knowledge.

Infrastructure knowledge

The infrastructure, which is the base of IT, is an indispensable part for development and operation. Site Ril Lily Voybility Engineering also requires these experiences and skills because it is involved in improving the infrastructure environment.

Knowledge of system development

Site Rylori -vile engineers have important application development and operation skills. Siterilimiability engineers need to eliminate problems by coding and determine unnecessary functions.

Security knowledge

Site Rylori -vile engineers have few opportunities to directly touch security, but they also need to understand security. It will be important to know security to use the API safely.

Certificates required for site reiraiability engineering

There is no qualification required to become a site ririlingiability engineer. However, it is said that having the following qualifications is advantageous.

DevOps Professional

“DevOps Professional”, which has been certified by EXIN, has been compatible with Japanese since 2018. In the DevOps Professional exam, you will be asked about the basic concept of DevOps, remote measurement, automatic communication, hypothesum drive development, A/B test, information security, etc.


“Linuc” is a three -stage certification, and it is possible to prove the construction and operation of the Linux server and the design and construction of system networks. Siteriliriability engineers will also be asked about this Linux knowledge.

Cisco Certified DevNet Associate

Cisco engineer certification is basically divided into five levels. Cisco Certified DevNet Association is a lower qualification, but issues on understanding and utilization of APIs, application development, security knowledge, automation, etc. are issued.

Freelance demand

Siteriliriability engineers have not yet been so many years ago, and there are not many jobs. If you are a full -time employee, you will find a job, and you can aim up to around 6 million a year, but if you are freelance, you can aim up to about 7 million. Since the recruitment is gradually coming out, we recommend that you register as a freelance agent. As long as you register, you can get a notification at the time of the job of the site ririling engineer.