Freelance IT Engineer: Why are so many programmers crazy?


Rumor has it that many programmers are crazy. Unfortunately that is the case. Many programmers are strange people by nature, so they often take unexpected actions in unexpected places, and people say that they are crazy.

Why are programmers considered crazy?

Below is a brief summary of the reasons why programmers are said to be crazy. Many programmers, even beginners, are eccentric, and this often shows in their behavior. Does programming and gaining knowledge make you crazy? Do you think about code all the time and that makes you go crazy? When I look at programmers who have changed jobs during their career, I sometimes encounter problems that I don’t quite understand.

Many people have a nerdy temperament

Programmers are very geeky. Because I’m a coder who specializes in my field, I’m always studying. That’s why I have a very high inquisitiveness, and I will investigate everywhere. People with a nerdy temperament tend to have a wide range of interests, so they are more likely to be thought crazy by others. That’s why many people avoid it. Because we are so focused on technology, we sometimes forget what is necessary.

don’t apologize for mistakes

Some programmers don’t apologize when they do something wrong. However, it is natural that there are bugs in the program, so I do not apologize for the bugs. Therefore, it can be said that the programmer knows the program well, for better or worse. However, from the outside, it can be seen as insane.

angry programmer

Some programmers get angry easily. This is especially common when programmers unknowingly set requirements and specifications that they can’t even implement. Other than that, there are cases where a messed up schedule has been created by a third party without permission. Even if the specifications are normal, it cannot be done if there is a strict schedule.

likes to use jargon

Programmers are also professionals, so they know a lot about things that other people don’t know. Even in normal conversations, I like to use technical terms, so there are cases where I can’t have a conversation with others. As a result, people around you often think you’re crazy. I tend to speak very quickly when I talk to someone who is at a good level.

do not report

There are programmers who do not report. This is often done for self-preservation. There are cases where the implementation work is not going well and they are trying to buy time somehow. For this reason, I often struggle to move forward with my work without reporting much at progress meetings. However, if you look at it from the side, no matter how you look at it, it will be an act that annoys the surroundings.

pretend to understand

There are programmers who pretend to understand. Even if you receive an explanation, you will pretend to understand even though you do not actually understand it. I do this because I don’t want to be seen as embarrassing as a programmer with high self-esteem. This type tends to ask the same question over and over again, making them look crazy to the outside.

poor communication skills

I don’t talk to anyone as an image of the profession as a programmer. This is true, and I often find myself working completely blank all day. If communication does not go well, there is a high possibility that people will think, “Is this person crazy?” Recently, there are many corporate system engineers who are not good at communication.


Programmers are asked to think logically due to their professional nature. Even when communicating with others, they tend to be strict about using the wrong words or making ambiguous statements. As a result, they become enraged and are often thought to be crazy. It seems that some people get irritated all the time and feel stressed when talking at work. This is also influenced by the environment in which we have lived.

Freelance agents are recommended for capable programmers.

Many people become freelancers after gaining several years of experience in the IT industry. Freelancing is highly recommended as it pays well. If you are suffering from low pay, it would be a good idea to register once. Programmers who can work with just a PC generally have no trouble finding work, so independence is recommended. You will also receive support from the management, so you will be able to work while learning how to deal with it.

make use of one’s abilities

Programmers, who tend to be eccentric, are capable, so if you can do practical work, you can become a freelancer where you can make use of your practical skills, and you can avoid things like communication, which you are not good at. If you are a company employee, you will inevitably have to negotiate with people at the company. If communication is difficult, you can freelance and do what you like.

can concentrate on learning

Programmers, who are often eccentric, have a strong geeky personality and love learning. As a countermeasure or solution, freelancing allows you to study more easily by yourself than by talking to people. Recommended for those who want to achieve results with techniques rather than words. Depending on the category, the efficiency of acquiring skills will also increase. Freelancing is recommended unless you are incompetent.

Can build a career

Many programmers want to specialize in programming skills. If you’re an office worker, you’re a pawn in the organization, so you can’t necessarily get the job you want. If you want to avoid bad companies, avoid them and become a freelancer. If you are an excellent person and not inexperienced, there is no need to get a job. Recommended for people who want to judge the answer by themselves rather than by their boss. There are freelancers even in their 20s.