Freelance IT Engineer: Explanation of Strategy Consultant Bank’s reputation, reviews, features, projects, and payment site

Strategy Consultant Bank

Strategy Consultant Bank is a free consulting matching consultant service. We will thoroughly explain the project characteristics, unit price, word of mouth, and reputation. Strategy Consultant Bank is known as a referral matching service and for freelance consulting. This is an agency that introduces work in the planning side, such as management and sales, rather than for engineers, with some high-value projects of more than 1.5 million yen per month.

Strategy Consultant Bank Company Profile

The operating company, Strategy Consultant Bank, is a freelance agent for consultants, not engineers. The main types of projects involve planning strategies and flexibly improving and adjusting operations. Comparatively speaking, we do a lot of support and proposal work for businesses such as specialized consulting firms, and we have a lot of track record of new projects, and we get contracts through our own route more than other companies, so we have a high utilization rate, so we recommend using it when looking for a job. Sho. If you express your wishes to the management, you will be introduced to jobs with high pay.

Operating company株式会社Groovement
Target occupationBPR/BPO、PM/PMO
Corresponding industryAll industries
Job openingsnot clear
monthly unit pricefrom 1 million
Annual income market10 million or more
Number of registrantsnot clear
usage feefree
Corresponding areaCenter of metropolitan area
Margin rateprivate
payment siteDepends on project
Welfarenothing special
user age20s to 40s
平均150万円/月以上のコンサル案件多数【Strategy Consultant Bank】

high cost

One of the characteristics of this agent is that the official website has many high-priced, high-quality major projects. There are many jobs that pay more than 1 million yen per month. Corporate representatives often ask about your experience as a consultant. You can build your career and be active, and the pay is high, so if you have the background and needs, you can make it happen. Depending on the human resources, there are many better conditions for becoming independent than changing jobs to the marketing or web industry. When I researched it, I found out that it covers a wide range of areas and is well versed in multiple industries.

support system

This agent was founded by a former consulting firm and provides comprehensive support. Since we provide support from experienced people, we have created an environment where users can consult with peace of mind. This is attractive because they spend a lot of time screening candidates over a wide range of areas before they decide to participate, analyze the issues, and sell them to you. We also provide generous support if needed, so there are fewer mismatches. Management experience is an added advantage.

Inexperienced person

As a general trend, there are not many procurement jobs for inexperienced people. Additionally, those with little work experience may have a harder time finding work. It may be difficult to introduce someone for the first time. When looking for a site, the site is currently geared toward freelance consultants, rather than developers or designers, so the work required often involves management, negotiation, and resolution. There are also advertisements in the media that startups can receive 1 million yen in compensation.

Jobs for consultants

As I explained above, most of the job openings are for freelance consulting agents and professional consultants, so they are not suitable for engineers specializing in technology such as software programmers. It’s better to use another agent. We will contact you regularly and introduce you to many carefully selected job openings. You can also receive advice depending on the category when making your selection.

member registrant

The registered users are young in their 20s, and the veteran users are in their 40s or older. However, the detailed age distribution is not clear. The number of registrants is not disclosed, so details are unknown. There are many types of jobs ordered by businesses, such as management consultants, so even young people can take them. There is a basic commission, but if you are hired, you can expect a high reward and a 100% increase in income.

Project characteristics

The projects introduced by Strategy Consultant Bank have the following characteristics. If you are considering free registration from now on, I hope you can refer to it.

ハイクラス向けフリーコンサル案件紹介【Strategy Consultant Bank】

full time work

There are a lot of vacancies for full-time jobs. Therefore, most of them work 5 days a week, and it can be said that this agent is not very suitable for those who want to work as a side job from 2 or 3 days a week.

Abundant strategic and operational projects

Strategy Consultant Bank responds to requests from a wide range of industries and industries. Above all, more than 80% of strategic and operational projects are upstream.

payment site

The payment site will be special only for this agent, and the timing will differ depending on the project. Therefore, I can only say that this depends on the job.

work remotely

This agent also handles work-from-home projects. However, there are many things that are not 100% telecommuting, so it depends on the case.

high matching accuracy

This agent tends to be very detailed in their interviews. Perhaps for that reason, it is easy to match because he understands your skill set and selects and introduces suitable projects.

OK for those who have a side job or part-time job

This agency accepts people who have a side job or part-time job. In fact, there are many cases in which registered members are office workers, and there are many jobs that only require working two days a week, so you can register with confidence.

Registration method

To register with Strategy Consultant Bank, please apply below.

ハイクラス向けフリーコンサル案件紹介【Strategy Consultant Bank】


When you submit the form on the web, we will conduct a condition hearing with Levatech staff. Please let us know your working conditions.

Project introduction

Based on the contents of the counseling, the job introduction begins. If you want to apply, tell the coordinator and the selection will start.


You will have a client interview. The number of interviews depends on the project. Once a decision is made, a business consignment contract will be signed.

Start working

Work will start on the specified date. If you have any concerns, please contact Levatech support.

word of mouth and reputation

Strategy Consultant Bank is not a well-known agent. Therefore, even if I searched the net, I couldn’t find much word-of-mouth information. Also, I am not active in this agent because I am a typical technically oriented engineer. It may be better to actually register and use it together with other agents while observing the situation.