Freelance IT Engineer: Can programmers not touch blindly? Is typing a necessary skill for programming?


Programmers don’t know how to practice typing, and some of them can’t do fast blind touches. I will explain this in this article to improve the performance. System engineers and programmers are often said to be extremely fast at typing and very accurate. However, the reality is that there are many engineers who do not. Are there actually such engineers?

An engineer who can’t touch type

Touch typing, also known as blind touching, refers to typing smoothly without looking at the positions of the keys on the keyboard. One would think that it would be natural for system engineers and programmers to be able to do this, but surprisingly, there are people all around us who don’t know their home position or can’t type numbers quickly. What kind of person is that? There are many people who don’t remember it consciously and don’t know a good way to do it.


People who don’t do much programming will have fewer opportunities to use the keyboard. System engineers are more prone to this tendency than programmers. These types of people tend to have trouble moving their hands. In my free time, I concentrate on playing basic games and learning python and php on my computer, so I don’t worry about speed.

system sales manager

If you are in sales or manager class, you will have fewer opportunities to use your hands. If anything, these people are likely to be constantly thinking about things such as calculating the most efficient way to use money and allocating personnel. Those who are not part of the actual hands-on team will inevitably have fewer opportunities to touch things, so the more beginners you are, the more likely you are to be unable to do blind touches, and it will be slower. If I want to speed up the blind touch, I’ll try a programming language.

System industry inexperienced person

Young people who have just graduated and entered the workforce, and even those who have studied at school and have changed jobs and joined the development industry of an IT company from a completely different field, tend not to be able to engage in blind touch. Many young people are probably accustomed to using PCs, but in the case of career changers, depending on their field, they may not even touch a PC in the first place, so as a result, there will be many cases where they are unable to do so. Some people have trouble just looking at a screen and typing words.

Engineer’s average typing speed

There are individual differences in the typing speed of active engineers, but in terms of occupation, programmers and part-time data entry workers tend to be faster. The average speed is about 200-300 per minute, and he can get an e-typing A even if he’s not very fast. Therefore, compared to other occupations, it is true that there are many people who are overwhelmingly fast.

There’s no problem even if it’s late

Blind touch speeds can be slow. Blind Touch is not knowledge or experience gained through study, but simply writing, and once you get used to it, anyone can quickly become faster at it. Programmers aren’t competing to write the fastest code. What matters is logic and quality.

No problem even if it’s late

Even if the speed of blind touch is slow or the time is slow, business will not be delayed. This is because moving your fingers faster and practicing doesn’t mean your work will become faster. It’s easy to remember and you can learn it quickly by studying online. If you keep repeating it, your skills will definitely improve. It is more important to study things like javascript, html, and css.

More important than typing speed

In the case of engineers, there are more important things than Blind Touch South. It’s practical ability. Regardless of the type of job, the following skills will be required: These things are 100 times more important than typing speed.


For programmers, imagination is required. Programmers are in some ways similar to composers and lyricists. Without the power to imagine and assemble, it is almost impossible to create a system.

Ability to materialize

Especially for programmers, programming is more like putting together a puzzle. When implementing a certain function, think about what kind of processing is necessary, create a program for each piece, and connect the whole. The next step is to do this, the next step is to do this, and the ability to embody is important. Of course, this is also a required ability for system engineers who are involved in design.

logical thinking

Logical thinking ability is an essential requirement for all IT occupations. If you don’t have the ability to think logically and think without emotion, you can’t do your job in the first place. A system, for better or worse, works only as you make it. Therefore, the system will not be completed unless it is a person who can make a solid logic. The ability to analyze and solve whether conditional branching is not going well or loop processing is not going well is required.

no touch typing

For engineers, there are more important things than blind touching. That’s practical ability. Regardless of the type of job, the following practical skills are required. These things are 100 times more important than typing speed. If you think about whether you will get many jobs from companies, you will naturally realize the need to acquire skills such as Ruby.