Freelance IT Engineer: Reasons and what to do when you don’t know programming


This article introduces how to learn and what to do if you don’t know how to program. Regardless of whether a programmer is a beginner or an expert, there are many cases in which programmers struggle when they don’t understand something. Worrying can lead to frustration. When you don’t know what to do, you have to solve the problem and get on with your work.

Introducing the causes and solutions for not knowing programming

There are various reasons why you don’t know programming. Let’s pick them up one by one. There are many different cases, and the solutions will vary accordingly. Even if you have time to study, there are often things you don’t understand. There are actually many easy ways to deal with things you don’t understand, such as asking questions, going to school, or self-studying on the web. If you want to become a development engineer, try various methods to solve the problem.

I don’t know the whole

When programming for work, there are cases where existing code is reused. In that case, it starts with understanding the existing code rather than programming. Since there is a huge amount of code, you need to understand the whole code from a big perspective. First of all, programmers need to understand what is going on from input to output and behavior. If you don’t understand a part of it now, ask the active programmers around you. When you don’t even know what the problem is, if you have a problem, ask.

i don’t know the program code

There are many cases where it is not possible to understand local parts of the program code. Program code samples are available on the internet, so we recommend typing the command statement for the process you don’t understand into Google search. You should now understand the details of the process, how to set the arguments, etc. The answer can be found by applying the contents to the actual program code. If you have no experience, the important thing is to imagine and understand the whole thing. If you know even one thing and solve it, you will be able to play an active role in the future.

I don’t understand the terminology

This is the wall that you will encounter when you are new to programming or when you start working in a certain industry for the first time. You will have a hard time if your specifications are full of industry-specific terminology. If you don’t know the technical terminology, you may need to try searching Google one by one. If you do not understand the terminology, you may not be able to understand the contents of the specifications, which is dangerous. Prioritize understanding before moving on. Code is like English, so you can use it if you have language skills. Look up terminology in study materials and apps.

no solution for error

People who have just started programming after getting a job are likely to fall into this trap. If you don’t know how to deal with errors, you’ll get stuck there. If you cannot solve the problem on your own, your only option is to consult someone else. There is no shame in asking for advice. In fact, it is dangerous because the risk is that the business will stop due to not asking anything. Learning from others will help you and make you smarter. Let’s check it little by little and remember it. It is also possible to start creating by self-taught such as ruby and html.

I don’t understand the process flow

This also tends to happen. Especially when you have a large amount of code, it can be difficult to know where it starts and ends. In this case, you should try running a test first. By setting breakpoints at several points, you will be able to see which process will run first. By doing it in parts, it will take some time, but you will gradually be able to understand the situation in your head.

i don’t know the specs

It is common for beginners to not understand the specifications. They may not understand the terminology or the explanation of the process. In this case, it will be difficult if you don’t start by understanding it before programming. If you do it randomly, you will waste man-hours, and if you do it poorly, the program will become strange. When in doubt, start by understanding the specifications. If you can’t figure it out even if you think about it on your own, your only option is to ask someone around you to explain the details. At first, it doesn’t make sense to anyone. Learn the things you are not good at one step at a time.

Program code too long

There are also cases where the program code is too long to understand. I think this is especially true for those who are working at a business level for the first time. However, no matter how long the process is, it must be subroutined to some extent and processed in blocks. By comparing the process with the specifications and operating it, your understanding will gradually improve. The mechanism is probably the part you don’t understand the most, so read it thoroughly. After that, as your understanding improves and you become able to use it, you will be able to make decisions on your own and use it efficiently.

i don’t know the technique

In C language, there are pointers and structures, and in C++, there are classes. These are language-specific processes, so if this is your first time, start by looking it up on Google and learning the concepts. These concepts are probably used quite a lot in your code, so if you don’t know them, you won’t be able to modify them. If there is an official reference for the language, you might want to take a look at it. It is difficult, but once you can write it, the task becomes easier. There should be some sort of pattern.

Programmers accumulate experience, skills, and knowledge

For programmers, experience and skill are everything. You will grow by stepping on various occasions. If you want to gain experience in a variety of fields, freelancing is recommended over full-time employment. This is because they can introduce you to a variety of job openings, not just in a specific industry. There’s a lot to learn in this industry, but we live in an era where you can learn online by watching videos. You can do as much as you want depending on your motivation.

Job change environment

I’ve just changed jobs and often hit a wall when learning new skills. Since most of the people around me don’t know me, I find it difficult to listen to them. However, many companies actually have books, tools, and internet sites that you can study for free. Therefore, the environment for acquiring basic knowledge may already be in place. This is important because you can often find clear answers to difficult questions by researching them. Once you are able to do this, you will be able to accomplish many things.

While dealing with the basics

Programmers work by researching and dealing with the basics, remembering the basics, and working towards the goals of the work. If you can maintain your motivation through app development, etc., you will be more proactive about researching it. It’s a good idea to get used to this. It becomes a habit. Write down what you are curious about in a text editor. Of course I’ll do some research in my free time. You can learn it in the shortest possible time.

It’s important to be interested

Interest is important when it comes to studying. There are a lot of things like javascript, python, CSS, etc., but by learning the functions and types, you will find it rewarding. It takes time, but by asking questions and solving them when they arise, you will be able to learn more efficiently and effectively. You can put this into practice even while working, and you will eventually be able to find concrete solutions. Let’s learn about the grammar of programming languages.