Freelance IT Engineer: Can a freelance programmer be used at work? Reason and Reality


This article explains the reasons and characteristics that freelance engineers cannot use at work. Many agents are saying that there is a shortage of available human resources. The number of freelance programmers has been rapidly increasing in recent years. Japan is said to be a black society, and many IT companies are illegal, so fewer workers want to work, making it easier for freelancers to enter the industry. However, there are pitfalls, and an increasing number of programmers are unable to find work.

Characteristics of programmers that cannot be used at work

In recent years, the number of programmers who are unable to find work has increased. This is related to the fact that the number of freelancers themselves is increasing, and there are many people who become independent from company employees without sufficient skills, or become freelancers without getting a job in the first place. What are the trends among programmers who are unable to do their jobs? In order to register for a freelance agent service and obtain and utilize a large number of projects, please be careful of the following points. Please refer to it if you want to work with support and assistance.

do not meet deadlines

System development work basically has a deadline. This is the same whether you are a full-time employee or a freeter. Moreover, in the case of freelancers, the evaluation of results is very severe. Because you will receive a very high reward, you will not be trusted if you cause delays. Adherence to deadlines is essential.

I can’t manage my physical condition

This is not good for any form of employment. Playing around with women until late at night, overeating and drinking, and lack of exercise can affect your work. Physical condition management is the foundation of your life, so if you can’t do this, you won’t be able to live independently.

i don’t know the order of priority

In the case of programmers, it is not always possible to do only one project. When proceeding with multiple tasks in parallel, it is necessary to decide which one to do first, taking into account the deadline and urgency. If you get this priority wrong, you’ll end up with delays, and you’ll lose credibility. Freelancers have to decide everything for themselves.

no continuity

When you’re a freelancer, you have to build your career alone. You have to decide whether to become a specialized engineer or an all-rounder. Engineering is a profession that relies on skills, so if you lose your strengths, you won’t have a job. If you only gain half-hearted experience, you will eventually not be able to get a job. The whole thing is going in a very bad direction. Let’s start building skills again from something that interests us. Generally speaking, if you don’t have attractive skills, clients won’t be able to hire you.

lack of skills

A typical example of a programmer being unemployable is a lack of skills. This is a problem that is particularly often pointed out to engineers in their 20s, and the reason why they are said to be that they don’t have any particular strengths. From now on, you should use your greatest strengths as much as possible. Otherwise, it will be difficult to survive. It’s tough to be a programmer if you can’t program. If you don’t have the strength, it would be better to get a job and work hard for about 3 years. If this happens, your market value will increase, so you can try freelancing again.

Background of increasing number of unusable engineers

Freelancing has been rapidly increasing in recent years, and the reality is that more and more people are taking on the challenge of freelancing. Why are the number of unusable freelancers increasing? There are many cases in which those who have registered lack personal skills, and an increasing number of them are unable to get used to being able to work immediately. An increasing number of workplaces are struggling to manage their operations, as they are unable to secure enough human resources and have limited schedules, resulting in an increasing number of jobs that cannot be completed in time.

Labor shortage

Japan’s IT companies employ multiple temporary workers, and many of them are illegal companies, so people are reluctant to find work and the population is decreasing. This has resulted in a serious labor shortage, which is why the number of people who want to become freelancers is increasing. Looking at the information on the web, there are many side jobs that start once a week, but there are surprisingly few people who are successful due to lack of specialized skills. The point is that this is not an easy job, even if there is a shortage of manpower, as it is a specialized job.

Increase in beginner level

This is related to the above background, but the number of inexperienced freelance engineers is increasing rapidly. In particular, there are many freelance engineers with no experience up to 1 year. The number of freelancers with low skill levels is increasing, which means that the number of unusable programmers is also increasing. If someone lacks a proven track record, their annual income won’t increase and they won’t last long. There are many cases where beginners who seek the unit price end up in trouble. Only skilled engineers with requests can earn money and work. There are many cases where even if you study thoroughly at schools, study groups, and seminars, it doesn’t work. There are many people who cannot find it even if they desperately search for it on cloudworks etc.

IT=tough image

The IT industry had a very bad impression and was synonymous with hard work that you couldn’t go home from. At least according to the data, until the early 2000s, the environment was in such poor condition that people did not come here. Although this is something that the IT industry has done for itself, it has resulted in a large influx of unemployable programmers. The image of a difficult and harsh environment in which one cannot expect much from IT has become established. Currently, the working hours are long, so even if I concentrate on my work, I don’t have the physical strength to do so, and my work is interrupted.

An engineer who lacks self-control while working remotely

Remote work orders have become popular due to social circumstances and client requests, but working from home offers a lot of freedom and temptations, and many people end up playing around with it. There are many people who self-study and instead of improving their skills in education and job performance, they become degraded. As a result, the work becomes sloppy and the quality suffers. You won’t be able to accumulate knowledge and your evaluation will be cut at the worst. Be especially careful when taking on a new contract. If you lose your credit, you will generally lose your job and make less money.

Lack of matching due to age restriction

Age restrictions in the IT industry have become quite relaxed, but there is a tendency to exclude people in their 50s and above, and this is strangling the industry. An increasing number of companies are hiring unmatched candidates because they can’t find them. There are cases in which people such as marketing, designers, and database personnel who do not know programming languages are appointed to development work. If you don’t know javascript, python, ruby, php, etc., you won’t be able to work as a sole proprietor. Engineers are always required to actively aim for the top class.

freelance agent recommendations

Of course, if you are unsure about your skills, we recommend using a free freelance agent. The agent will bring you new jobs that suit you, so you can work comfortably. Furthermore, we handle sales for you, so you don’t have to waste time. Participate in the project and get it up and running. If you do practical work, you will become more active, and your income will become faster and more stable, increasing your value. The margin is around 10% to 20%, so it is small. Some agents also offer generous welfare benefits.

Proposing solutions and consulting

By registering with a freelance agency, you can also consult with a specialized coordinator. You can purchase information on industry mechanisms, needs, market trends, etc. It will tell you which areas you are weak in and suggest solutions. It will also show you the details of the job openings, allowing you to understand which programming languages and skills are lacking in each job.

Follow-up and agency work

Freelance agents provide full follow-up and can even negotiate terms on your behalf. We will negotiate with the client’s boss to adjust the amount of work, and will also negotiate terms and conditions for the desired amount on your behalf. We will also give you a hearing, so please contact us if you have any concerns.